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Who should sit here? These are people who stay in constant contact with you, they check to see how you are doing, you share meals some laughs and a few tears with them. They are a regular presence in your life and support you when they can. They demonstrate by their actions that your friendship is valuable to them and they have a vested interest in the relationship.

Personal Example: The bulk of my friends are seated here. They are great supports and I am thankful for them and what they contribute to my life in so many ways, I can only hope I have done the same.

V.I.P Seating/Front Row These people are the closest to the stage and have the most expensive tickets. If they did not pay for their tickets, it is because they have a close relationship with the person on stage; they are close friends, family, spouses, significant others, managers and agents. These people many times also have backstage access, a privilege that people in preferred or general seating people do not have. This circle is very small. Who should sit here? Ah, these are the people who have been in the trenches with you. They have faced the enemy head on with you without batting an eye. They have helped you dodge “bullets” and have taken one on occasion in their support of you and vise versa. These are the people in whom you can share your greatest triumphs, greatest defeats, your fear and all of your tears and they love you just the same. They will call your mess, but are there with mop and bucket to help you clean it up. You can call them at 2 in the morning for prayer and they will get on their knees with you right then and there. Treat these people like a rare diamond, they are irreplaceable and are few in number. Personal example: I only have a couple of people here in my life and these people have seen me at my best and my worst, but loved me and supported me just the same. I have called them for 2 am prayer and they have called me at 2am for prayer. My life would not be the same with out them. This seating arrangement is not meant to be one-sided, but it is guide for how people should be “seated “ in your life. As people mature, their seating arrangements can be moved up or down as you see fit. How you are “seated” in the lives of others depends on the involvement and investment you have made in those relationships. Perhaps there are times when you have demonstrated Preferred or VIP status by your actions, but they keep you in General Seating, if that is the case, it is alright because one advantage to General admission is that if you need to leave, you can sneak out and no one will even notice. Then you can go where you are celebrated and not tolerated, seated in a place of honor.

BCF OCT 2016  


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