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SEATING ARRANGEMENTS: VIP, Preferred, or General Admission By: Demita Usher

We spend most of our life sitting down; sitting down to dinner, sitting in traffic, sitting in church, sitting in meetings, etc. We get to events early to find the best seats and sometimes save seats for friends and family who are running late. Some times where we sit is chosen for us; the seat number and row tells us where to sit at that sold-out concert, the place card at table 6 at a wedding reception, and at one time in American history AfricanAmericans could only sit at the back of the bus, and if the bus got too crowded, they had to give their rightful seats to a white passenger. In society, sometimes we can sit where we please, sometimes we are told where to sit, but there is one place where we have the right and responsibility to decide where people sit, and that is in our lives. King Arthur created the “Round Table” to eliminate ranking where people sat during meals and meetings; to create a sense of equality among peers so to speak. In books on etiquette and entertaining a guideline for proper seating at dinner is provided. High ranking guests of honor are either seated at the head of the table or the Head Table next to the host or the hostess and remaining guests were seated in succession alternating male and female. Many of us in our lives want to seat every one in our lives “King Arthur Style”, but it would be in our best interest to follow closer to the guidelines of our etiquette experts seating them according to the level of importance and a good host or hostess will be able to make the distinction. As the host or hostess of your life, it is time to put those skills to work. Some may ask, who should “sit” where in my life? This is a good question that only you can answer and although I cannot tell you where to “seat” people, I present what I hope to be a guideline to make it an easier task to tackle. Using one form of seating common to concert arenas this is one way to make clear distinction; General Admission, Preferred, or V.I.P General Admission In this section, people are quite a distance from the stage but they can still enjoy the festivities. The largest number of concert attendees sit here because these are the cheapest seats. Who should sit here? This is for people who are acquaintances you occasionally hang out with. These are people that usually contact you when they need a favor, they talk to you when it is convenient for them, sometimes they may or may not return your calls. They keep you in their Rolodex for easy retrieval. It costs them very little to be in your life. People who were once in preferred or V.I.P can be seated here if they do not value the relationship with you as much as they once did. These are people you want use a long handled spoon to deal with. Personal Example: I had a friend who was dear to me, we hung out, worked on projects and gave each other prayer support, but in the last couple of years she has only contacted me when she needed a document notarized o r costuming for her upcoming projects, so I moved her from Preferred to General. Preferred Seating These people are closer to the stage and their tickets are a little pricier. Because they want to be closer, they pay more. The people who sit in this section are fewer. These are people you want to continue to cultivate and value the role they play in your life.

BCF OCT 2016  


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