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This is when we tend to make mistakes and/or attract tragedy in our love lives. Sometimes we will be able to understand why heartbreak has occurred and other times the reasons behind other people’s actions are not so clear. It is during these times that we experience the death of love, a major wound if you will. And quite naturally mourning ensues and that memory, life lesson and pain will never quite fade just as the void and sadness of a lost loved one will never truly subside. I truly believe that God allows us to try things our own way, He then employs consequences or limitations and it is up to us to eventually figure it out and see that we need Him to pull it all together. Some people never get it and spend most of their lives wasting away in bad relationships or worse, living their entire lives without a companion or the experience of true love. It is almost inevitable that most people will go through heartbreak on some level within their lifetime whether they are the offender or the victim. And if one is shrouded with the unfortunate fate of having to be the victim then they must face the experience of being wounded and burned. It is common for victims of heartbreak to mourn. In the worst cases, some nearly lose their minds and a few even contemplate harsh solutions such as suicide. During these times it is important that we understand that the pain and anger will not last always. After the initial blow of heartbreak come progress and the birth and gift of new life. Your forest has burned down, but seeds lie underneath the ashes and are preparing to sprout forth new vegetation. Oh the glory of God Almighty, our Rock, the True Lover of our souls, our Redeemer! If you stay in tune and connected with the Lord, He will add unto you a love of equal or greater value than the one that was lost along the way in the journey of love. In the midst of tragedy hold tight and stay faithful and God will provide new life in some shape, form or fashion to compensate and restore your spirits, trust and love. Think about it this way, if your partner has left you or broken a bond with you then obviously he/she wasn’t “the one” God intended for you to settle with. There is still light and joy to come because “the one” still remains out there in the world somewhere. Just like the cycle of life, the death of love makes room for the rebirth of love. Faith, prayer and time will present you with reward and victory for it has already been promised to you. As long as we live, we will forever teach and be taught about the complexities of love. It is up to us to listen, learn and pass its tests to achieve our degrees from the school of heartbreak!

BCF OCT 2016  


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