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The impact of this news nearly broke the hopeful girlfriend who had loyally waited for her soldier’s return. She was so distraught that she suffered at work, nearly lost her mind and even contemplated suicide. The question then arose during my conversation at this restaurant of, “What do you say to comfort or console someone who is going through heartbreak such as this?” As I initially prepared to ramble off the top of my head, I realized that the depth of this issue far exceeded the sway of poetry or the surface advice of my faulty human bias and emotion. It was then that the teacher in me emerged. And like teachers and professors in school systems, the information and lessons they teach are lessons of history, fact and research. I then took the time to pray to my one-stop shop for history, fact and research…God. Almost in an instant His words filled my heart and His visions filled my mind in the form of a couple of beautiful yet, simple metaphorical examples. These examples should or could help those who have gone through, are going through or will one day face the torture of heartbreak. Sometimes solving/coping with problems is as simple as breaking them down, seeing the bigger picture and considering alternative and reasonable viewpoints. We’ve all heard the old saying that “time heals all wounds”. It isn’t so much that the wounds heal, but they are covered and bandaged, which protects us from infection and further complications. Humans are blemished, imperfect beings. Suffering, bruises and burns is just as much a part of life as is joy, triumph and prosperity. How would we be able to measure good without evil or joy without pain? The beneficial, (yes, I said beneficial) thing about being wounded and surviving is that it serves as a lesson and experience for our future. The blessing of tragedy, especially when it comes to love, is the opportunity to move forward and try again. Let’s compare love to a forest fire if you will. If you have ever seen the aftermath of a forest fire it is devastating. All life and landscape lay burned and in ashes. But not too long after the blaze, new vegetation sprouts forth from the earth to replace the old forest and restore it to a state better than it was before the fire. In relation to heartbreak, we must understand that fires will happen. Mistakes are made, hearts change, lies are told and some people are burned and wrecked because of these experiences. But as factual and automatic as new vegetation sprouts forth from the forest floor, with the love and power of God, He enables the same system of restoration to take place in our lives. Although traces of the blaze will remain for quite some time, the new you that God is raising from the ground up will be bigger and better than who you were before heartbreak occurred. Another relatable point of view of how to analyze and deal with heartbreak came to mind when I grappled over the workings of life. In its raw essence, life has a beginning (birth) and an ending (death). Think about the sadness and voids we carry with us when people close to us pass away (parents, friends, spouses, etc). However, there is a flip side to this cold hard fact of life, think about the antonym of death, which is life. Just as life is taken away, life is given as we experience the birth and joy of our own children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and so on. Heartbreak works pretty much the same way. Until we meet the person God has for us, we may experience bad relationships and bad break-ups from time to time. Things painfully cease to exist, but then become replaced as we stand strong and continue to move toward the light with optimism and our faith in tow. God has relayed a message to mankind that if we seek Him in all that we do, He will add unto us all of our needs (Matthew 6:33). On our quest to find that special someone, if we trust that God will provide and try our best to follow His instruction, eventually when He sees fit, a great and lasting love will be given unto us through His ordainment. Now, if we were perfect beings life would be so simple and our significant other would appear at the command of our yearning as easy as light appears during the day. But we are not perfect, so break-ups and heartbreak are consequences of our mortality just like death is a consequence of sin. We complicate life and love because along the way we tend to allow our own thoughts, desires and ideas to empower our selfish actions.

BCF OCT 2016  


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