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4 Simple End Of Summer Ideas! By: Kristin Ballard

This year don’t let the summer waste away. All work and no play is can be boring so take some time out to have a little fun. Here are some fun and simple ways to make some amazing end of summer memories. #1: Take a road trip Looking for a fun, simple summer trip? Hit the road with some friends, turn up the music, and go on an adventure letting the road take you where it may. Well maybe not just hit the road…it takes some planning but for the most part it’s fun. If you have the money to spend you can always take a road trip to your nearest casino hot spots, do a spa getaway, or even up to the mountains. Make sure to tailor make your trip on your interests such as, games, relaxation, restaurants, shopping, or even hiking. One place that you can go on your adventure can be the zoo or aquarium. Who doesn’t remember those field trips when they where a kid? It’s really inexpensive and you may learn something you forgot as a child. #2: Volunteer If you really want to work on your community service take some time out to help. One of the first places you could try is a summer camp with your local YMCA to be a role model for younger kids as well as have a little fun. If you enjoy working with your hands, you can always go to Habitat For Humanity and assist in building homes. Another option is finding a summer internship to learn the behind the scenes of a career your interested in while also improving your resume. #3: Go to the park One of the best parts of summer is those lazy days at the park when it’s just you and nature. I love to grab a blanket, have a picnic, relax, and lay back and get lost looking into the sky. Another idea is to bring your friends, laugh take some pictures for Facebook or even gather and have a BBQ. What do you have to lose it’s free! Its always fun to spend time with family, friends, and enjoy good food. #4: Go to the beach/lake It seems to be a given to go to the beach or lake in the summertime. It is your opportunity to go out and get kissed by the sun. Getting a tan is a great look before you go back to school, it looks as if you’ve been on a really amazing vacation and you may have just when down the street. Even in your refreshed look always make sure you use sun block it keep away the sun damage which can age you. An end of summer event is to have a bond fire with friends and family. You can take the time to think of all the fun things you did during the summer. It’s always fun to take your mind out of your everyday situations, clear your head and just enjoy the ride of what summer has in store you!

BCF OCT 2016  


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