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By Evangelist Cheryll Cooks

What does the word free mean to you? Many people characterize this word as receiving an item at a discounted price, or no price at all. But how many women do you know that are living a discounted life by not truly receiving what God has for them? Or, could that person you know, actually be you? My point of reference has always been my faith in God and belief in Jesus Christ. My goal here is not to exclude you because of our differences but instead to share what makes us the same. Throughout my life I have read the Bible from cover to cover and did you know that the word “FREE” is mentioned in it at least 50 times? For me, the Bible has not just been a book, but a beautiful instruction manual that is here to enhance our lives. It’s an incredible point of reference better than the dictionary or a set of reference encyclopedias expressing a wonderful perspective for both Believers and Non-Believers. This simple word “FREE”, when taken in context lets us know that we do not have to be restricted, restrained, or confined. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? One of my favorite scriptures from the Bible is, “Therefore if the Son makes you FREE, you shall be FREE indeed.” ( John 8:36) What this verse says to me, is that we do not have to be slaves to our wrong-doings and we no longer have to be bound by the whispers of our past. You do not need to be a Christian to apply this philosophy to your life. It doesn’t matter how ugly the past might have been. The beautiful thing about the past is that it’s over and should no longer have an affect on your future because you are able to make a choice to change your life for the better. So what if you were a prostitute, a drug addict, an adulterer, a liar, a cheat or a thief, the good news is that Jesus sacrificed his life to free you of the repercussions of those sins and many more. We do not have to accept those ugly labels that are further compounded by the negative forces all around us, nor accept and believe this to be our truth. We no longer have to be subject to shame, guilt and bondage. Without a doubt, it is time to truly live free! I’m reaching out to all the women who are not honestly walking in this type of truth, who may not know him. Do you know any? If so let them know, He will also cover them. Living Free means accepting and believing the fact that you are definitely, fearfully and wonderfully made and in that, there are no shades of gray, doubts or maybes.

BCF OCT 2016  


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