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She’s Pretty, but… By: Randy White In a world of “ Celebrity Fit Club”, “The Swan”, “Dance Your Ass Off”, and “Extreme Makeover”, it’s no wonder men today hang on to the superficial idea that thin is in, beauty is above all things, lighter is righter, and big boobs and a small waist are the makings of the perfect woman. So, I propose the networks start producing programs with titles like, “The Biggest Gainer”, “Dance Your Ass On”, “My Thick Natural Body”, or “The Beautiful Black Sheep”, and watch heavier, natural, and darker become cool. Remember, the word is “Tel-a-vision”, not … “Tel-a-truth”, because even reality TV is scripted. But these are the constant images that shape our reality. Ironically, most men who want the slimmer girl, the lighter girl, or the prettier girls are victims of their own hypocrisies. Most of us have at least 20 pounds of undigested food in those sacks we affectionately call beer bellies, guts, or pop bellies. In most cases, we have bald or thinning hair and have not achieved one/tenth of the accomplishments that we set for ourselves, or the ones family members and friends have set for us. So… the passing down of blame derived from our shortcomings and low self-esteem begins. In this misogynistic society, that we live in, it’s no wonder a man’s inadequacies are okay, but women better not falter one iota or the man has an excuse to do whatever he wants, or so society perceives. Truth is, we are only allowed to do and get away with whatever the women we are involved with allow us to do. Women, YOU have the keys to life. From your beginning you have had the ability to control the tempo of all the relationships you have ever been a part of but did not know it. You have the ability to give life, nurture it, and instill the knowledge of beauty and wisdom to all you come in contact with. Not realizing your power until you are in your golden years in-lies the problem. By then, you have suffered through a number of heartbreaks, disappointments, and failed relationships. Respect is given, when respect is demanded. Understanding knowledge of self and your rightful place in God’s creation is the true secret. You must realize you are the closest thing to God’s presence a man will ever encounter. You are the imparters of wisdom, the givers of life, and the writers of the laws of nature. Man is here to plant the seeds of life, and to logically enforce and fulfill the laws of nature. It takes the emotional connection of a woman to nurture and love selflessly. Unfortunately, the roles have been misappropriated to the degree of complete confusion. The roles are constantly at battle or in reverse in a competitive struggle of who is in control, or who will be the leader…man or woman? The key is actually finding the balance that God intended because the perfect balance of wisdom and compassion paired with logic and strength can be an awesome experience! So WOMEN, stand up and RECOGNIZE YOUR POWER, and we will sit down and bask in your presence.

BCF OCT 2016  


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