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The Food Bank of Southern California By: Tashanda Giles-Jones With the help of volunteers, private and corporate donations, the Food Bank of Southern California provides nutritious food for approximately 250,000 people per week and distributes over 6.5 million pounds of fresh produce. This Los Angeles based non-profit organization has been providing food for improvished children, families and seniors since 1975. The Food Bank is the primary food provider to over 700 community-based agencies who help to feed the hungry in Los Angeles County through emergency and non-emergency food programs. This highly efficient food bank is known throughout the U.S. as being the most cost effective at maintaining a small budget that yields an enormous impact. Their mission is to provide basic sustenance and proper nutrition to the community’s hungry citizens and to ensure that no individual go hungry, not even for a single day. This mission is achieved by consistent growth. They continue to expand their distribution services to charitable organizations, not currently in the agency’s network. They sustain and expand their wholesome nutritious food donors and focus on the well-being, health and educational improvement of their recipients. In recent years the Food Bank has fed an unprecedented and growing number of Los Angeles County residents living in poverty. The waning economy and 98% increase in unemployment in Los Angeles County has created an overall increase in the demand for their services. The number of unduplicated people requesting food services in 2008 increased by 42% (from 6,002,125 to 8,520,178), and another 23% increase happened in 2009 (from 8,520,178 to 10,500,420). The rapidly changing economy has put significant additional pressure on the Food Bank’s already tight operating budget. As long as there are hungry children, families and seniors in our community, the Food Bank of Southern California intends to be a major force in the fight against hunger. Members of the community make a significant difference in the lives of hungry people. Whether it is collecting, sorting and repacking food, running special events, or conducting grassroots fund raising projects, volunteers are the daily bread of The Food bank. Volunteers provide time, energy and financial donations that make a lasting impact on the important work of feeding the hungry. If you are unable to donate time or money, please consider an in-kind donation. Goods Needed:  Cardboard boxes for repacking food  Clear Packing Tape  Cleaning supplies (window cleaner, floor cleaner, & all purpose cleaner)  Paper drinking cups  Historical images of building site circa: 1912  High resolution digital camera  Two Flip Video™ Camcorders  High resolution digital scanner  Copy paper 8 1/2 x 11 (white only)  Label maker for index files and folders Services Needed:  

Newsletter and Annual Report graphic design Printing of newsletter, annual report, campaign collateral materials as well as stationary, folders, business cards, and envelopes.  Shipping or freight service  IT Support Visit their website for additional information and the opportunity to see how you can give back, * Information listed in this article was provided by Food Bank of Southern*

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