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dancer, singer and actor that we all know and love became the father, husband and humanitarian that we all aspire to become. As I listened, I notice Ginuwine’s eyes began to light up as he talked about what he loves, his family. He and his wife Sole’ have a few homes in Kansas City that care for mentally disabled children. With a little government subsidy and a lot of hard work, money and passion from these two, SPRUCE was born. SPRUCE is the acronym for, Special People Requiring Unique Care. It is a home that cares for children with different challenges while teaching them basic life skills. These are homes where they live, thrive and call their own. These unique children learn how to cook, clean, and socialize and are also given the skills it takes to acquire a job best suited for them. I was informed that a person is at their best when allowed to be productive. Having a job or duty in their life can bring a child incredible joy and satisfaction. He started this home two years ago and plans to expand throughout the country. He is planning the second SPRUCE home to be in Washington DC where he and his family live to, “Bring some of the love back home”. I never knew how much time, patience and passion Ginuwine devoted to kids. He and his wife also have a book program where they distribute books to kids and help them learn to read. Being a father gives him the peace we all search for and when he is not working and providing for his own children, he travels the country helping others. “I just wish I had more money. I love kids so much and I want to do so much more.” Further into the interview, I noticed that he began to shift in his seat. He revealed something that he doesn’t often talk about. It is an act of love and kindness that he keeps very private, as to not draw attention from the media. He told me that he loves the holiday season because this is when he gives out presents to children who would not otherwise have any. “There’s only so many cars, clothes and material things you need to have, after that, why not share”. This was a profound statement. I left our interview that night, with a deeper understanding of Ginuwine the man, the husband, the father, the giver and extraordinary human being.

BCF OCT 2016  


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