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Valor Under Fire Consider the words: courage, bravery, spirit, fearlessness, heroism, boldness, honor, and gallantry. Look in any dictionary under the word Valor and these are the synonyms that appear. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be the Editor-In-Chief for Beauty Come Forth. Each month I get to stretch my imagination to come up with wonderful ideas of how to visually and creatively stimulate our readers. But for me, no amount of glossy photographs, flawless coifs, brilliant make-up or sexy clothing can ever account for sewing a seed into a fertile spirit. I realize that many of the articles I write, come from a place that, while considered Third World, is traditional and pure. I don’t believe I have written an article yet in this publication that did not in some way reflect my Caribbean heritage. I don’t think that’s an accident nor am I ashamed to use this dynamic as my point of reference. I grew up in a time and place that I feel has been long lost and replaced with instant gratification and microwavable human interaction. No need to take your time and make sure everything is right, just add water and stir. But I am also a firm believer that change is truly possible. I cling to the hope that one day the world will return to a place where we are happy within ourselves and even more elated about each other. I pray for the day when women will once again completely revel in their womanhood and femininity. Before the throngs of emails come in, let me clarify by stating very clearly for the record that femininity in no way equates to weakness. God gave each sex its own set of powers. I meditate on the day where men will once again step into a role of leadership as was divinely ordained. I long for the day where women will allow men to be “gentlemen” and men will again assume the position of hunter, gatherer, and provider, while allowing her to do what she has been designed to do, which is procreate, nurture and protect. I know this may seem like the view of a cave man but I’m OK with that. It’s in the hunting and gathering that men learn the most about themselves and their strength. It’s also where they make amazing discoveries that alter the course of life. At some point man had to venture out into the world to kill so that he could provide from himself and his family. In this process he miraculously discovered fire. That too, was no accident at least I don’t believe that it was. I believe it was divinely ordained. When did we begin to make these unreasonable demands on each other? Have we evolved so far up that we have also created a chasm between the sexes? Lately I have been spending quite a bit of time in the south, mostly Atlanta and Memphis. I believe that when the hustle and bustle of big city life is stripped away, you become more in-tune with the subtle nuance of how people treat each other. Thankfully there are slivers of unadulterated moments between the sexes that reveal glimmers of hope, if we allow ourselves to come back to center. It makes me feel good, gallant and chivalrous when I open the door for a woman and she politely says “thank you.” There is something that happens within her and any man worth his salt can see that. Her posture changes, it’s in her eyes; she feels like a queen and believes me when I say that we feel like kings, like gentlemen, like “real” men. I truly don’t believe that many women know just how good that feels to a man. Ladies, please understand that all we have is our masculinity, all is we have is our valor, all we have is gallantry, and all we ask is to be allowed to live in that purpose. Opening a door is just the “tip of the iceberg.” Imagine the legacy of masculinity that can be all yours when you allow a man to be just that, a man… of Valor! Davide, Editor-In-Chief

BCF OCT 2016  


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