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As we spring into summer and go about updating our hairstyles, wardrobe and homes, let’s not forget to update our minds. Feed yourself new thoughts and ideas. Allow yourself to dream big. Go beyond your boundaries and comfort zones. Explore the dead places in your mind and plant the seed of purpose. Don’t allow the deadness of winter to stop you from entering into the spring of your life. Understand that you have come out of a hard place and have emerged stronger, better and more determined than before. Determine to be who God has created you to be. Determine not to wallow in guilt, missed opportunities and defeat. Determine to use your situation as a stepping stone into the place that you have been called into. This is your season and your time is now!

In the night of a trial, a hard place, an unexpected change, crying lasts only for a moment, but joy will come in the morning of your life. So take time out to smell the newly bloomed flowers and allow the warmth of the sun to caress your skin. Try out that new restaurant, try on that new outfit, wear that new shoe, and add that new hat, scarf or ring to your accessory closet. The birthing process of the new you has begun.

So, be encouraged and spring yourself into the summer of your life!

BCF OCT 2016  


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