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From Fashion to Personal

Make Over Your Life! By: Brandy Alexander

Ah, Spring. The time of year when one’s thoughts supposedly turn to love; when the blah of winter snow melts and the spring flowers begin to bud. The grass once again blankets the ground in various shades of emerald and the trees begin to clothe themselves once again in leaves of green. The sun reveals itself as we wake up from the dark slumber of winter. Spring announces itself in many ways- the chirping of birds outside our window. The buzz of bees as they flutter around the flowers. The awesome selection of spring dresses, sandals and cardigans in spring flavored colors and prints like melon, spa blue and terracotta.

Yes, spring has a way of exciting the senses- eyesight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Spring wraps itself around the body of our lives in a way that no other time of year can do. The season of spring waits for no one and as the earth begins to re-dress itself in preparation for the upcoming summer season. I begin to think about refreshing my wardrobe, getting some new make up and switching my hair color and style. Out with the old and in with the new. Time to add bodysuits, boy shorts, knee highs, jumpsuits and torn Jeans to my closet. Time to switch my hair into a chignon, top knot or wear it with one braid to the side. Time to infuse my closet with turquoise, the hot new color of the season. Time to wear warrior inspired prints, sporty outfits and boyfriend blazers. It was time for me to begin the “spring cleaning” process of my closet. What clothes to put away for next winter, what to keep in rotation and what to give away.

But as I begin to pack away the long sleeve Henleys, Boucle` jackets and wool cardigans for next winter, a thought occurred to me. Why not, during this season, also invest time in re-dressing your mind? Taking a minute, an hour, a day, a weekend, whatever it takes, to literally address those personal questions and hang-ups that hold us down. Why not spend time addressing those personal matters, which have weighed us down with emotional baggage? Every sweater, stocking and jacket you pack away reminded me of a year of financial strain, relationship strain, and employment strain. My lost house. Canceled trips. Loss of Health Insurance. Would I ever regain the confidence to step out in faith to do something new? Could I trust where my life was going and allow God to direct my steps? What do I do now? The tears begin to flow as I grabbed my last sweater vest and packed it away.

Those tears started the renewal process of my mind. As I cried out all of my issues, I being to feel the peace of God settle on my heart. Things would be okay. I would move forward into faith, purpose and destiny as the role I was born to fulfill. Spring is a constant reminder for us that though we go through the “winter” of our livesdarkness, storms and disasters-, we can once again trust and know that the sun will shine again in our lives and on our situation. Year after year we have seen winters come and go an then spring once again comes and shines forth with all of its beauty and power to revive our senses.

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BCF OCT 2016