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By Wendy M. Reynolds

We often hear the rumor that women can’t get along. It is said that we always compare ourselves, compete with one another, feel threatened by each other, judge each other, and are quick to gossip about one another. I believe those rumors have been started to keep us blinded to power and influence that we have when we come together on the same page. I am blessed to have some good female friends. The motive of our friendship is to pray for, encourage, strengthen, and support each other on our journey. We share in each other’s laughter as well as in each other’s pain. We encourage each other to pursue our dreams and we celebrate one another’s accomplishments. I don’t have that with everyone in my life, but I do with those whom I consider my inner circle. When is the last time you celebrated or encouraged your friend? When is the last time you felt celebrated and supported by your friends? Are your friendships bringing out the best in you? Are you on the same page? This week I challenge you to start defining and strengthening the friendships in your life. Don’t invite people into your inner circle who do not bring out the best in you and whom you cannot support. Find time to share a word of encouragement with a friend this week. Send a handwritten note in the mail celebrating your friend and friendship. Give them some encouragement for the week. Schedule time when you can hang out and exhale. If you do not have any good female friends (nothing against male friends, I have both), take a risk and try to develop a few. Don’t buy into or validate the rumors. Amazing things happen when you connect with and value the good people in your life.

BCF OCT 2016  


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