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Put Some Spring Into Your Step! By: Myra Bruce-Santos Flex Personal Training On Demand

Spring is here and it’s about that time where we also start showing a little more leg. In order to get our legs back in tip top shape and looking tone and defined I have included some beneficial leg exercises that can surely help you get some spring into your step and spice up your leg workout. Because our legs are the largest group of muscles in our bodies and we use them every day while walking, running, standing, jumping, etc. they don’t need to endure weight training but once a week or maybe twice if you prefer but with ample rest period in between the workouts. If you are a runner or cyclist it a good chance your hamstring and quadriceps muscles are already well developed and that is great but you too can still benefit from actual weight training. Below I have listed some examples of excellent leg exercises with the instructions on how to do them effectively. Calf Raises: Calf muscles are often neglected when exercising the leg but are actually one of the easiest muscles to workout. You can do calf raises anywhere at any given time without any equipment. To do calf raises simply place your hands on your hips and raise yourself upon your toes and hold for 2 seconds with a slow return to place your feet flat on the ground. If you do this 15-20 times per set and repeat each set 3-4 times you are sure to feel it and see results in a matter of weeks. For shapely and beautiful legs, make sure you don’t forget these muscles. These are exercises you can actually do every other day. Remember to start slow and make sure you extend carefully and slowly. Squats: This exercise is great for working your hamstrings and quadriceps at the same time. These too are included in the group of exercises that you can execute from home or the office without any equipment. The correct way to start this exercise is with your back straight with your hands resting at your side. Slowly lower yourself as if you are sitting in an invisible chair and maintain a safe stance with your feet shoulder-width apart and your head straight ahead. As you lower your body, ensure that your knees do not go further than your toes. Once you are in the “seated” position, hold for 2 seconds and slowly return to the upright standing position. If you choose, you can add weight with dumb bells or barbells for added resistance.

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