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From the Editor-In-Chief

Give credit where credit is due! Myra Wallace-Walker The following pages are a tribute to the many amazing contributions made by those who heard, saw and felt the vision of Beauty Come Forth. These are the forward thinking, creative jewels who responded to the BCF movements call to action. The writers, editors, photographers, make-up artist, stylists, graphic artists, models and behind the scene creative team players became a part of the movement and permitted their own Beauty to Come Forth, in the form of their artistic work which contributed to the success of the BCF online publication. I am honored and grateful for all of the sacrifices, long hours, diligent work efforts, and creativity they lend to this movement. So I say to all of those listed on the credits page of this edition, “Thank you and God Bless You, may all that you’ve given, be restored to you in abundance. You are a part of the historical roots of this publication and as we come full circle, completing 7 whole years of publishing words of art that inspire, motivate and transform lives, may you continue to support the effort to share the beauty that both surrounds us and embodies us through these creative outlets. Today I SALUTE You…. Beauty Come Forth!

BCF OCT 2016  


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