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The Biggest Mind Game About Cooking Goes On In Your Own Mind By: Barbie Flores

I do believe I’ve polled at least one hundred people over the last month or so and asked them what’s the word for 2010. What will changes and personal goals look like? Many of the answers were actually food-related answers. Some said, they wanted to eat healthy, change their diet, manage their health without medicine, teach their children to eat better, re-do their kitchens, entertain more, eat out less, start a garden and learn to cook. So much of our lifestyle relates to food and being able to cook your own food is one of the best ways to stay healthy. But for many people cooking can seem like a huge challenge. Unless you were called a child prodigy after Renoir’s or Picasso’s own heart, you’ve pretty much felt the frustration of working on an art project at school or at home and botched it. You may remember some adult coming along and telling you, “Oh don’t worry, there are no mistakes in Art, just do your best”. It would be easy to say this about botched food but the problem is we have to eat it! Or not. A series of botched attempts at cooking a meal can make us rethink things and opt for take-out food time and time again. A lot of times, these take-out meals fill our stomach but we regret it later. We tell ourselves, we’ll never order “that” again. Bad food memories last a lifetime. If it’s you who ruined the meal, it takes very little to convince yourself to try cooking it ever again. There are mistakes in cooking. It’s like everything else, sometimes you have good days and sometimes you don’t. Have you ever taken on a project that was new to you? You researched it, read manuals, searched the Internet, went to the library, or even asked a professional before you began. In the case of cooking a dish you approach it in the same way, you read the recipe, study the cooking times, you make a list of the ingredients, you go shopping for the products and you set out to make the dish. It’s just like that bold idea to build a bookshelf, redecorate a room, or start a garden; you would start the project with ideas and some kind of plan. The cool thing about absolutely everything you ever wanted to cook is that there are tons of recipes out there to research and to try. Our information about all things “cuisine” is over thousands of years old and well documented. Cooking to me is like music. It is evolving constantly and yet, there is a re-hashing going on all the time. Many of our current dishes are just some age-old variations or twists on “mother” dishes. In culinary language, the twists are often called, “sister” dishes. If I could give you a valuable piece of advice regarding cooking, I would say don’t over think it, follow the recipe and give yourself time to mess it up but never give up trying! If I could erase one word from the dictionary, it would be the word, “can’t”. You can cook! The biggest mind game about cooking is going on in your mind. If a recipe captures your attention, study it first. Know the steps well before you set out to purchase products or fire up the stove. If you are cooking for the first time, start simple. Don’t try to make a soufflé’ if you’ve never cracked open an egg. Choosing dishes that have a lot of steps is a sure-fire way to be frustrated, unless of course, you are a prodigy! Reach out and take a cooking class. We take classes on how to cut hair, how to birth babies as well as how to manage our finances, why not take a cooking class that will benefit you and the entire family? It is very possible to achieve success in cooking, if you do your homework and give it your full attention. Soon, you’ll develop confidence in your ability and you too, may have some twists on those age-old recipes!

BCF OCT 2016  


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