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I will cry to God Most High Who performs on my behalf and rewards me. My son has a sweet personality, and he is not rebellious. I don’t speak negative things. My children love to pray and study the Word. They openly and boldly praise God. My children make right choices according to the Word of God. I am an obedient wife, and no rebellion operates in me. My husband is wise. He is the king and priest of our home. He makes Godly decisions. I use my time wisely. All of my prayer and study time is wisely spent. I walk in the spirit all of the time. All that I own is paid for. I owe no man anything except to love him in Christ. I love to bless people and spread the Gospel. I am an intercessor. I receive speaking engagements in person, by phone, and/or by mail every day. My daughter operates in Godly wisdom and discipline, and she is full of energy. I never get tired or grow weary when I study the Word, pray, minister, or praise God; but I am alert and full of energy. And as I study, I become more alert and more energized. I will study the Word of God. I will pray. I do not hate or walk in un-forgiveness. I do not fear. I am not guilty.

BCF OCT 2016  


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