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I’M OK, I’M ENOUGH By Myra Wallace-Walker I’m ok…. How many times in life have you heard yourself say that? Do you really believe it? Or, is it the best shot at trying to convince yourself that in spite of your world crumbling right before eyes, you can grab your boot straps and pull yourself out of whatever situation is making you feel like you’re on the edge of giving up? I know that pep talk very well, I’ve had it with myself on many occasions, but it was not until recently that I’ve truly accepted the fact that I am ok, that I am enough, that I am exactly where God wants me to be. I am a woman, and as a woman I will be the first to say we are a very self-censured species. When all else fails, blame yourself and make sure everyone else’s self-worth stays intact. We are constantly seeking the stroke of approval from the individuals that we have allowed to define our worth, when in reality they are usually more emotionally deficient than we are. Yes, I’m talking about the opposite sex. We are the wives, mothers, girlfriends, bff’s with benefits or employees, constantly preparing for that next hoop to jump into, hoping that this time we will actually get that cape and leotard with the “S” on the chest. Well I’m here to declare to you, that cape is a figment of our imagination sold to us at an early age, but they forgot to tell us it’s not real and that the real superwoman is looking back at you every morning you wake up and look in the mirror. Yes I declare, I’m Ok, as a matter of fact, I’m more than OK, I’m phenomenal and so are you. It’s time to stop entertaining those conversations going on in our head, telling us we need to change who we are, we do not. The only change that is needed is a change of perspective, our perspective of self. I’ve spent many years of my life sabotaging my greatness at the expense of making sure everyone else was ok, all the while pushing my needs, wants and dreams to the back burner, secretly hoping the person holding my heart strings would somehow see me really see me and not just look through me. Now as I reflect on many of my experiences, I’ve come to realize, I had the wrong perspective. It shouldn’t matter if they ever see me, if they can never grasp the amazing woman I am. What matters is that I see it, that I own it, that I speak it and most important that I be it. We as women have a tendency to lose ourselves, we somehow equate changing our name to changing our identity or with the title of mother comes the supernatural power to conquer the world in one day. News flash, your life is not a TV sitcom, and though we often long for that fairy tale ending, the reality is our lives are more like a never ending path of discovery and once we are able to change our perspective, we are able to see the many possibilities of creating a beautiful new experience every day we open our eyes. Yes, you are enough and you are OK and I’m so glad to say that so am I. Now it’s time to show the world, and this time, it requires no hoops to jump through, no pats on the back by your non validating significant other, no pulling yourself up by your boot straps, it simply requires you to be you, pure and simple and let God handle the rest. While on this journey back to self, try to remember the famous poem of Ithaka written in 1911 by the Greek poet Constantine Peter Cavafy-

BCF OCT 2016  


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