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Question 3 - Are you suppose to use hair glue for eyelash glue? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! Step away from the hair glue! The eyes are very sensitive and must be protected. It is so much easier to get an eye infection then people realize and, if not treated properly, some eye ailments can result in blindness. I cannot say it enough...PLEASE be extra careful when it comes to anything around your eyes. Hair glue is so not formulated to be around such a delicate, sensitive area as your eyes. There is permanent lash adhesive available that is specifically designed for that purpose. It does cost about $8.00 more per bottle which is more expensive than hair glue at about $3.00. It also is not that easy to find. You either have to order it or find it at a beauty supply store that has professional products available. However, the small inconvenience of having to order it online is worth it to save your eyes. If you are going to a nail salon to have individuals applied and they don't have the eyelash adhesive, I recommend purchasing your own adhesive and taking it with you. There are added benefits to using the lash adhesive. 1) the adhesive doesn't loosen with water so you can cleanse your lashes well and not have make-up build up on your eyes. 2) The adhesive requires a specific remove to loosen it so you can take your lashes off safely and gently without damaging your own lashes or pulling them out. Other alternatives are to having individual applies is to get lash extensions. They are a bit pricey but are worth it. They look great and you care for them just like natural lashes. The last option is to wear strip lashes which I do almost every day. It does take practice to get the hang of it, but when applied correctly, it is difficult to detect that they are strip lashes. The key is to get a pair that look natural.

Question 4 - Is it necessary to contour/highlight your face every day? Highlighting and contouring is not necessary, but it does add dimension to your face. Most of the time when highlighting and contouring is demonstrated, it is done so heavily with concealor or foundation. An alternative to have a softer look is to use powder only. It has a natural look while still giving your face depth. In the before and after picture, the features are more pronounced and the cheekbones look a bit more chiseled. The second photograph is behind the scenes at a clients' photo shoot. The light picks up the highlighted sections of her face well.

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