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Kiss & Make-Up with Artist- Georgette Holmes Question 1 - What lip and eye colors will be the trendy/hot colors for the fall? Answer - There are three trends that will be popular for fall 2015. The first trend is red/berry lips. Many women are intimidated by the idea of wearing red lips because they think their lips are too full to bring that much attention to them or color is too bright. The trick is to find a shade that works with your style and personality. Red/berry lips come in a full range from bright fire engine red to cherry red, brick to deep burgundy. Play with different shades. You may be surprised by what you like once you see it on your face. The second trend is bronze eye shadow. Wearing shimmer shadow gives a brightness to your eyes. Bronzy shadows can come in a range of tones as well. There are cool bronze tones such as antique golds and there are warmer shimmer shades that have undertones of yellow and orange. The last make-up major trend of fall 2015 is graphic eyeliner. The most popular graphic eyeliner is a sharp winged liner. By using a sharp edge like a card or a piece of tape and placing it diagonal from your lower lash line to the end of your eyebrow, you can create a crisp, sharp line. Play around with different looks and techniques. You'll be happy you did. And remember, it's just make-up. If you don't like it, you can take it off and start over!

Question 2 - How often should you replace your make-up brushes? If you care for your brushes properly, you shouldn't ever have to replace them. Most brushes are synthetic fiber brushes or natural hair brushes. Both can be cleansed in the same way. Every few days, it is best to use a brush cleanser. My favorite one is MAC's brush cleanser. I put it in a pump spray bottle, spray it on a paper towel and GENTLY move my brush back and forth. The purpose of the cleanser is not only to remove product, but bacteria as well. Though the cleanser will remove most of the product, it will not cleanse it completely. Depending on how often you use your brushes, I recommend washing them every 2-4 weeks. Using a mild clarifying shampoo that is SLS free is best. Aveeno's baby shampoo is great as well. Use lukewarm water and wash the brushes with the bristles facing downward. Be very gentle while washing because you don't want to fray your bristles. You don't want to turn the brush upward (with the bristles at the top) while it's wet because water will drip into the furrow of the brush and loosen the adhesive of the bristles. Lay the brushes flat on a towel to air dry overnight. If you take care of your brushes they will take care of you!

BCF OCT 2016  


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