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even know what that meant. Then my mother showed me some awards I had received for merchandising, while working at a retail fashion store during my high school years. She said I would constantly sell more than the others due to my presentations. So there it was. I just like clothes; I didn't know it was a thing. People liked it, I discovered it by accident. Who knew?"

What would you say is a stylist job or place? Karicean: I stylist job is hard work, for long hours.

But it’s also a life of service, helping someone to help someone else obtain a goal. Whether to sell something or create a character, we help reach that goal, a role or a job, red carpet or a magazine, my job is to bring their image or imagination to life. That's a gift and I am blessed to think I walk with that gift, but it's not a position of or about YOU, it's actually very humbling, a job of service. We are in the background, to create the forefront. Many times, we are NOT even mentioned and the thing mentioned is their style or hair. I am grateful by the person shining, helping them shine, job well done. The results are my thanks. Got to love to be able to navigate through with or without feeling short changed. It's not about you, it’s a partnership, and we don't look for praise it only works with all the elements working together, like the moon, the sky and the sun, without one of them it doesn't work. One doesn't work for the other, and none gets more shine than the other, but none seeks shine it just is.

Tell us about The Posh Studio? Karicean: I always felt like POSH was an outward expression of what you were a perfect blend of all the amazing abstract of one’s concept of style, a fusion of culture and influences that engages all your senses.

How did you come up with the name? Karicean: The name itself actually means the power to organically stimulate harmony How does a person convey their style in their clothes? Karicean: You don't convey style, what you are playing

that day, dictates what you want to convey that day. The character you play that day, we play characters for the day, if you feel like a rock star, a rapper, a regal person, you want to wear something that says that. That's your rendition of what your interpretation of it is for you.

What would you say your style is? Karicean: I don't have a particular style, a certain style, it really depends on how I feel, how I want to be perceived for the day. What do I want to give off? Do I have to go to court today, how I want a jury or judge to see me, etc. I am abstract random in both my personality and my style.

What’s your advice to someone looking to break into your industry? Karicean: I would say start by evaluating your heart, see if it's for you, and do your homework.

Are you a person of service? Are you a team player? What are your intentions? You might not want this, if you are doing it for the shine. All the arts work collectively together to bring forth the vision, not one’s singular effort or praise. A servant’s heart is the way to succeed in this industry. Otherwise, this is NOT for you.

Do you take on interns or have any kind of mentoring program through the Posh Studio? Karicean: Absolutely yes I take interns, but they better be ready to work or they are out. That's the criteria; they need to want to do this by all mean necessary.

In closing, what is your definition of Beauty? Karicean: My definition of Beauty is having Harmony with yourself. Contact info for Karicean: www.theposhstudio.com Email: Karicean@theposhstudio.com, Phone: 310-803-0779 Intagram: theposhstudio,

Facebook: Karicean Michelle

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BCF OCT 2016