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Q. & A with Celebrity Stylist Karicean It was an honor to take some personal time with Karicean to chat about all the wonderful things she has had her hands on. between films and photo shoots her calendar has been booked full since the beginning of the year! After a challenging week of little to no sleep, I was able to lock her down to ask her a few questions that I believe will give everyone an inside peak to the industry that has us all intrigued. Take a look! It appears that you have found your nitch in the styling game as you are both a hair stylist & wardrobe stylist, correct? Karicean: Yes, I operate as both a hair stylist and wardrobe stylist. What inspires your creative style? Karicean: In my travels and when I am in the company of other people from other places and experiencing other cultures, it inspirers me.

When did you get your first break into the Hollywood circuit? Karicean: Around the age of 19 years old I was working on the project "The black panther movie" now called "Panther" directed by Mario Van Peeples in 1995. Ted Long, gave me my shot, and I just kept going from there. I remember being escorted off set but came back again and someone saw my photo album, not portfolio, my photo album, and said ok, come tomorrow. And that was the beginning of it all. Actor- Cuba Goodings, Jr.

Did you have a mentor in the industry? Karicean: In my beginning days there was

a woman named, "Eddie M Barron" who was so mean to me, taught me EVERYTHING, taught me to be fast, taught me to be tough, taught me to complete what I started, just taught me everything." She said I was slow and she said that God told her "Take her and show her the way" and she did and that's why I do it the way I do today.

Who has been your most interesting client? Karicean: I think they are all interesting in their

own way, not one holds more significance than the other, honestly, they are all different, they all pull different things out of me. I have been afforded to be sharpened by them all. They are all interesting and all offered me something different. SO I can't really simply answer that.

Who would you say is a challenge to style & why? Karicean: The most challenging for me is a person who doesn't see themselves, they can’t see their own shine because maybe they don’t like themselves. So if I had to answer that question with a person, I would say that use to be me! I didn't see myself as a head turner and so I ended up using my gift to make others shine.

Erica Tazel

What triggered your career as a wardrobe & hair stylist? Karicean: Styling hair has always been a part of me. It is my gift.

Once I realized that I pleased others when doing their hair, I saw that everyone does not know how to do hair and so I want to keep doing it. I started at 11 years old and said 'hey I can do this for other people because it makes them happy, it makes them feel good, and I liked making others feel good. Back then my starting fee was $2.00.

MKO Man (a Big & Tall men’s apparel line founded by BCF Publisher, Myra Wallace) was the other source, it was my validation for wardrobe styling. I didn't even know that there was a title for this thing, until doing merchandising and sales for a company. Although I didn’t design or sew, I knew how to put things together that would attract and sell. I put stories together and those stories attracted the buyer and that was my goal. Myra kept saying, "you are a stylist," I didn't

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