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Karicean was invited by various manufactures to be a stylist instructor for their product, including Wella/Sebastian. Proving herself as a trailblazer, Karicean became a magnet to the world of runway fashion. She wowed her audience with cutting edge images which were featured in Apparel News, Ebony Man, and Honey Magazine. It was through these events and her ability to magnify the craftsmanship of designer collections that quickly placed her in position as creative director. Karicean and her staff produced electrifying images for runway presentations for some of the world’s most famous designers such as, Donna Karan, Betsy Johnson, Richard Tyler, and Kevin Hall. Not long after, she was appointed image coordinator for the Absolute Vodka Tour, extending her portfolio for some of America’s top super models. Entertainer-Axl Rose

Besides the U.S.; Karicean’s creative talents received global attention when she was asked to teach the art of hair & fashion in Tokyo. As the years progressed, she was offered the opportunity to use these same talents in the world of entertainment, when appointed personal stylist to Axil Rose of Guns & Roses, during his Chinese Democracy Tour. Upon her return to the U.S., Karicean landed the position of personal stylist for actress Nia Long. She has been called upon to create images for R&B projects for the likes of, T.I., Nelly, Snoop Dogg, and Trey Songz. Others she has styled for would include Paula Abdul, Nikki Reed, Selma Blaire, Denise Richards, Stacey Dash, and is the personal stylist for KTLA Morning News anchor Michaela Pereira. Recently, Karicean has been appointed by Jamie Foxx as lead stylist for his production company. She is in high demand in the world of “Celebrity Image Makers”, creating a niche market for herself amongst those who style and design for elite clientele such as, Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce’, Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, and Rhianna as well as publications such as, Elle and Vogue. These high profile designers and stylists, come to Karicean when in need of their own Red Carpet Image. In addition, she is also called upon to design images for the first ladies of some of the Mega Churches in Los Angeles. Sam Rubin, Jessica Holmes (KTLA)

Karicean was nominated by LA Business Journal in 2009 and’10,” Women who make a difference” in the category of Rising Star. Over the years, Ms. Karicean is definitely the light behind the shine! She has left her mark on every project she has taken on, leaving a lasting impression that clearly states; ...”the best is yet to come”! There is obviously much on the horizon for Karicean and we at Beauty Come Forth are very proud to say she was one of the founding figures of this magazine and has always had her hand in some part of the beauty and creativity you’ve experienced every issue we’ve published. Karicean was our founding Beauty and Style Editor for BCF Magazine and continues to keep us Stylish today. Mark my words, this is not the last you shall hear of Ms Karicean and The Posh Studio. Actress-Carrie Ann Moss

BCF OCT 2016  


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