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….And Move On By Myra Wallace (Exert from Beauty Come Forth Book)

As women, we are emotional beings, and we tend to tie our self-worth to how others have treated us.. Believing those things is believing a lie from the enemy, not the promise from God. We are all blessed and highly favored in our own unique way. I know circumstances in life would have us to believe we are isolated incidences of offense and no one has had to endure the pain we’ve gone thru, well maybe not your exact offense, but remember, there is nothing new under the sun. You may have been molested as a little girl by someone you trusted. Perhaps a parent or some adult you looked up to, told you a lie and caused you to doubt and mistrust everyone in authority. Maybe your family struggled financially, and you took on the shame associated with that struggle. I’m sure as a child you had high hopes for your life—you had plans to be different from the surroundings that burdened your heart. Then, that seed of resentment was planted; you really thought you were over it. I mean, after all, some years have passed and you’ve been doing just fine. As a matter of fact, most people don’t know the difference. Actually, you look like you’ve done pretty well for yourself. Every once in awhile you may have those small spurts of anger or resentment popping up at the most inopportune times, but you get through them. Then you find yourself standing face-to-face with that long-haired, green-eyed girl name Mary. You know the girl who captured the attention of the first boy you had a crush on. Un-forgiveness has the ability to mask itself. It shows up in the form of bitterness, sarcasm, anger, distrust, and cynicism. Yes, certain things made you feel bad; yes, it was wrong; yes, it should never have happened, but it did, and holding on to the thought of it is not doing you any good. As a matter of fact, holding on to resentment will begin to rot inside of you. Un-forgiveness will cause you to carry around a foul, unattractive attitude. You will become suspicious of any person or thing that resembles the thing that caused you the pain and resentment in the beginning. You will find that this thing begins to grow every time you add another offense to your checklist of “they did me wrong.” Stop it. Take notice of any un-forgiveness in your life, and begin to forgive. You may find that the biggest offender is yourself. So start process of forgiving, by forgiving yourself first.

BCF OCT 2016  


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