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It's Personal! By Wendy M. Reynolds, MS/P When 2015 rolled in, the first words in my heart and out of my mouth were: "Wow...2015! This year it's personal." And it has been- personal that is. The last few years have been a little rocky. Okay, a lot rocky. I've faced and handled my own personal crisis while helping others manage theirs. Life, right? It wasn't easy. But I knew I had to keep my perspective right. I knew I had to stand in faith and as I entered into 2015, I knew restoration (whether it looked like it or not) had begun. I took a lot of time to be alone and to meditate. I let go of some toxic relationships and adjusted some others. I cut out the noise of naysayers and the opinion of folks whose opinion on the matter didn't matter and I nourished my spirit and soul with the word of God and a few positive people. I made the conscious decision and effort to take care of the whole self- to see myself through the eyes of God and to celebrate the amazing and incredible person I am. The lessons I learned through my experiences were being seared into me during time. I kept myself as the priority in my own life. It may sound a little selfish but trust me it isn't. There is nothing selfish about loving yourself and keeping yourself as priority. It's critical. Yeah... it's personal. As I looked back on what I have been through, my perspective has shifted. Truth be told, I have endured some losses. I lost the box that I and others tried to put me in. I lost the need to prove that I really am ok and that God is with me. I loss the need to explain myself and justify my dream and vision. I lost my Superwoman cape. I lost some one-sided relationships. I lost some guilt. I lost the obligation to always be available to people who were not available to me. I lost some emotional (and physical) weight that I've allowed myself to carry for way too long. Whew, I can finally say, "Thak God for the losses!" As I start to close out the first half of 2015, I'm celebrating. I feel great and I'm full of expectation. I celebrate the improvements and progress made, whether big or small. I celebrate the person God created me to be and the impact that I've made and will continue to make through the gifts, talents, and abilities God has given me. This month, instead of focusing on what goals you haven't yet obtained, make time to take inventory of your progress, your lessons, and your improvements. Write them down, whatever they may be. Take time to feel good about them- about yourself. Make it personal. Celebrate yourself. This will be both a mood and a momentum shifter as you enter into the second half of 2015. Are you ready? Let's go!

BCF OCT 2016  


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