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A musician at heart, he still picks up the horn that was once served as a source of income in his early years, this gift took second fiddle to his corporate calling. Q & A with Mr. Walker BCF: As a single father raising girls, what was your greatest challenge? Darnell: Making sure that my girls received a balance perspective of what a parent is. My struggle was being a man and trying to teach them something I was unfamiliar with, which was how to be a lady BCF: Were there ever times you felt like throwing in the towel? Darnell: Yes, there were times I was completely overwhelmed, yet throwing in the towel was never an option. BCF: How old are your girls now? Darnell: I have an adult daughter who is 32, a set of twins who are 13, and my youngest is 8 BCF: What is your relationship with your children's mothers? Darnell: Unfortunately my relationship with my daughters mother has been strained for a number of years BCF: You career has obviously required you to travel extensively. How did you manage to do so while raising small children? Darnell: It involved having a very close knit extended family who contributed to supporting my parenting efforts BCF: during your international business travels, which languages were you inspired to learn? Darnell: Portuguese, Spanish, French, Hebrew, and although I took a great interest in all of these languages I am really only proficient in Portuguese. BCF: What do you do to wind down and decompress from the stresses of life? Dranell: I enjoy relaxing at home, listening to jazz music BCF: I see you are a musician, how often do you play? Darnell: Not as often as I should, maybe 4-5 times a month. BCF: What is your favorite pass time? Darnell: I enjoy international travel, learning about various cultures BCF: What would you consider your greatest accomplishment in life? Darnell: It's hard to narrow it down to one single accomplishment. I would like to think that raising my children would be one and far exceeding my professional aspirations. BCF: Who is someone you admire? Darnell: Historically, Martin Luther King, a person with vast vision, that was compelled to everything he could to help mankind. BCF: Did you have a mentor growing up? If so, who were they?

BCF OCT 2016  


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