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Reach Someone! Teach Someone! By Wendy M. Reynolds, MS/P Whew...Hope. A couple of years ago someone asked me why I f ound it necessary to always talk about hope and why I always fel t a need to tell people "You Matter." Interesting how no one asks me those questions today. All one has to do is turn on the televis ion, go out the front door, or perhaps just get out of bed to see t hat folks all over are dealing with hopelessness. This week alone we have seen devastation in Nepal, protests for justice in Baltim ore, New York, Detroit, as well throughout the country- We see children facing deplorable situations in their homes and in thei r schools... often growing up with no real sense of self- lacking v alue, lacking hope and quick to quit. Early in life I had a strong sense of identity and faith, mainly due to my parents. And trust me, it has made a h uge difference throughout the years. When I felt like throwing up my hands, I couldn't because I knew I wasn't born to quit! Although not perfect, my parents taught us that we mattered, that we brought value to our family and to the w orld. Too often today I think we forget just how influential we as humans can be. We have the ability to nurture and help develop our children so that the craziness in the world won't define or defeat them. Our youth were not born to be negative statistics. They are amazing young people who are trying to find their w ay in the world. However, their identities and destinies are under attack. We must take it upon ourselves to re mind them every day who they are. We must encourage them, pray for the, teach them, discipline them, celebra te them, inspire them, empower them, believe in them, set the example for them, and fight for them. We must talk to them about their dreams and inform them that they are already great and that they are destined to do gr eat things! We MUST find ways to reveal the greatness within them "to them" so that they can see it in themsel ves and reflect it outward! As I reflect on my Mom during this Mother's Day month, I can't help but recognize her influence in my life and confess that during my best days, Mom has been there. When life threw me punches- when I took hard blows t hat knocked the wind out of me and knocked me off my feet, she got in the ring right with me- not counting me out but fighting- picking me up off the mat- telling me to trust God, to be strong, to press on, and to punch back . She is simply the best person I know. Because she is phenomenal, I learned that I too am phenomenal and I'm teaching others that they are phenomenal! This month I challenge you to remember the influence you have. Use it. Make it count. Take time to reach some one and teach someone. Show someone how valuable they are. Teach someone how to grasp hold to hope and n ever let it go. Remember, you have the ability and the responsibility to make a difference! Until next time, The proud daughter of Harriett L. Bandy Reynolds

BCF OCT 2016  


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