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The Peace That Mammas Bring By Chris L. Gilrath II I remember it very clearly. Although it was eleven years ago the memory runs through my head still as if it were yesterday. It was the day I lost my job. For over ten years I had been a very successful professional and had never had any issues. Well with this job there were quite a few issues that were not of my doing and yet still I lost my job. Lies had been told; my name had been somewhat scandalized. I was upset, worrying about what my next move would be. “What am I going to do now?” I sat in my car for a few minutes after I had got the news. All I could think to do was get in my car and just drive. I drove to my mom to tell her what happened. There was no judgment, no ridicule, or “what are you going to do now?” It was just a hug, a prayer and comfort and the phrase, “Everything is going to be all right. And with that I was at peace… I can remember when I was a child, my parents would be at work but if I would get sick, they would call my grandmother Christine. One particular time when I was about nine years old, I got sick at school and I was not feeling well. I was there at school miserable. I had to sit in class with an upset stomach and I was nauseous so I got extremely upset. I wanted to go home. They called my grandmommie to get me and she was there in what felt like two seconds. She took me to her house, gave me one of her famous home remedies and she let me lay down on her couch while her jazz music was playing. And with that I was at peace….

There is something about the love of your mother and the love of your grandmother that just gives you peace of mind. You can be going through the worst of days, and the worst of situations but just hearing from your mother gives you peace that will just make everything all right. It is a bond that can make you feel on top of the world. Mothers and grandmothers act as buffers as well. When you were in trouble with dad, you would go to your mom for support. When that did not work, and both your mom and dad were angry with you, you would look to your Grandmother for support. When I would mess up royally in my life, I would often go to my mother first or my Grandmother first to get their opinion before I would go to my dad because dad is the disciplinarian, the head of the house, the decision maker, so often you needed your mother or grandmother to be that buffer, or your fixer. Something about that gives you peace. There is no judgment, never any judgment, just love, just support, and a comforting hand.

Moms pray a lot, worry a lot, and deal with a lot with their children even as adults. My mom used to pray every time my sister and me would go out for the evening. We would always return home safely. There is nothing a mom would not do for her children even as adults. To this day, if I run into a situation that is tough, I call my mom and she has a solution. Do not even attempt to mess with a mother’s offspring. While moms and grandmothers mean peace, mess with one of their children and see what happens. The ferocious mamma bear comes out to protect her cubs even if they are grown ones. There is also something about that that gives you peace, knowing your mother has your back and will defend you, even when you are wrong. Do not mess with mamma! My Grandmother Christine would always make sure her crew was not slighted or missed anything. If we were late to a potluck or to an event, my grandma made sure that there was a plate of food. I remember one time when I told my Grandma that a coworker was giving me trouble just in casual conversation, do you know the next day my Grandmother was at my place of employment asking me “Which one is she?” I told her she was not there (lie) but just knowing that Grandma was going to have your back, was something that gave me peace.

BCF OCT 2016  


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