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Barbie: Do you like to cook? Joy: I have a very long list of caterers that cook for me! Barbie: What goes into planning a party or an event? Joy: Well I first consider the “mission” of it. A party is always built on what the guest loves. With events, I love taking a client’s vision and getting creative with it. Barbie: What would you consider your greatest challenge in planning an event? Joy: There are always going to be challenges. The most important thing is respect. Everyone needs to have a clear understanding of his or her roles. You must know your boundaries with a client. A lot of challenges are avoided by simply “getting it in writing”, which is the bottom line.

Barbie: Do you find bigger events are more fun or do you like small intimate events? Joy: Well, small is not necessarily easier! Not everyone can afford big events, so I love opportunities to be creative with any budget and I love working with creative vendors. Barbie: What would you say to a person who is interested in starting their own event planning company? Joy: You must be a “people” person and you must have a spirit to serve. If for example, I’m doing an event and I see a glass window needs to be cleaned, I will get over there and clean some windows. You must be willing to do all that you can to make sure the event goes well. Barbie: Define “good taste” for me? Joy: Extraordinary florals, orchids, roses, calla lilies, fine wines, being able to prepare fresh food, healthy food, bamboo chairs, organza chair covers, exquisite linens. And again, not everyone can afford these things; so good taste is being able to make it creative and tasteful with any budget. Barbie: Joy, you’re amazing! As soon as you mentioned orchids, I could smell the fragrance of them! Thank you for talking with Beauty Come Forth today. I’m really looking forward to what’s next for you and we wish you all the best! Joy: Thank you. It’s been my pleasure! For further information on how to contact Joy, please go to:

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