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Soon after we arrived at the Indiana Pacers in 1995, I was elected President of the Players’ Wives Association (The Pacers Connection). We were responsible for planning all the team’s benefits. I learned that I loved to raise money, help people and make things beautiful. So a Joyous event was born out of my philanthropic work, really. One day, Eddie said to me, “You should start your own event planning business, you’re good at it!” So, Barb, that’s what I did. My penchant for this type of work, combined with my degree in Psychology has helped me win people and I really enjoy what I do. I think of myself as a conduit insuring that every event goes well and that I’m able to take a client’s vision and bring it to life! Barbie: Joy, tell me about your very first Joyous event and about some of your favorites. Joy: My first event was in 2001. My husband threw my name into a hat, so to speak, for a Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Fundraiser in Phoenix. It was a big success and we raised a lot of money. It remains one of my favorite events today. Also, I just completed a beautiful wedding on behalf of an attorney here in Phoenix. It was a multicultural wedding, set in a Botanical garden. The whole landscape was eclectic and very beautiful. I also enjoy being a part of the planning for NBA All-star Weekend. Behind The Bench hosts a luncheon, a silent and live auction, an awards ceremony and a fashion show, comprised of professional models, NBA players and their wives. It’s really a lot of fun. Barbie: Name a highlight of your event-planning career? Joy: Wow, there’s so many but recently, as a result of planning an official event celebrating Arizona’s Centennial year, I co-produced and edited a coffee table book highlighting 48 of Arizona’s most extraordinary women. It’s a beautiful book with photos and extraordinary stories in it. Barbie: Wow, that’s awesome Joy! How can we find this book? Joy: You can find the book at Barbie: I’m very impressed, not only are you a talented event planner but you’ve got editing skills. I might need you! Joy: (laughs) I would be honored…anytime! Barbie: Now do you like to entertain at home when you’re not working? Joy: Oh yes, our house is always full! I love to entertain. I love parties, decorating and honoring guests.

BCF OCT 2016