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“ TASTE COMES FROM THE HEART ” Chef Barbie talks with Joy Johnson of a “Joyous Event”

I luvvvv talking about Good Taste!! I am constantly thinking about T-A-S-T-E and what good taste means. To me, the obvious might seem a dish well prepared and tasty but it all comes down to this: Good taste is really the result of having a heart for what you’re doing! Have you ever been served a dish that appears like it may have traveled over Niagara Falls in a barrel before it got to your table? Was there ever a plan for plating this meal? Ever walked into an event and wondered if there had been a theme or a plan for the décor? In my food work, I have come to appreciate the help and services of a good event planner. They make my job much easier by executing THE PLAN in the most tasteful way possible. And let’s be honest, good taste is a well-thought out plan combined with passion for the details. If you don’t care, it shows. Today we’re pleased to welcome Joy Johnson, owner and operator of a Joyous Event Planning & Management, LLC. Quite possibly one of the prettiest ladies I know, both inside and out, Joy Johnson, a former runway fashion model and NBA wife, knows how to bring good taste to any event she helms. Joy started “A Joyous Event”, her own event planning company in 2001 after hearing her husband’s words of wisdom. Read on for the full story. A resident of Phoenix, Arizona, Joy is currently married to former NBA player Eddie Johnson. They have two children. In addition to owning her own company. Joy serves as a founding member of Behind The Bench (BTB), the National Basketball Wives Association Non Profit. Joy also chairs and serves on several different women’s organizations in Phoenix, all committed to helping others and changing lives. Passionate about her work, Joy brings class and style to everything her hands touch. Barbie: Hello Joy, thank you for taking time to speak with me today. I appreciate it. Joy: Barb, it’s a pleasure. I’m honored! Barbie: Joy, I have to say that whenever I think about good taste and the classiest events, your name comes to mind first. Not only are you drop-dead gorgeous but you are one of the most-polished, classiest NBA wives I know and you are famous for making events beautiful. I think you should have a show! Please tell our readers a little about how you got started in the event planning business Joy: Wow! Thank you Barb! I credit my husband for getting me started, really. As you know, I am married to Eddie Johnson, who is now retired from the NBA. Because his work took him everywhere, I found myself moving a lot and I seemed to find myself at the helm of many of the events the NBA wives’ association planned.


BCF OCT 2016  


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