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Change You Can Commit To! By: Wendy M. Reynolds

Can you sense that change is in the atmosphere? Maybe it is partly due to the New Year that we have just stepped into. What a perfect time to evaluate life and the direction we are walking in. What a perfect opportunity to make any needed adjustments in order to set us up for an incredible year and an incredible life. Every year millions of people make resolutions and don’t keep them. They usually make these resolutions because they sound good or because everyone is making the same resolution. This usually leads to a head commitment without a heart committed to change. These types of commitments are not lasting. I want to challenge you to really put some thought into what adjustments you need to make. Don’t sit down and write a million resolutions that you know you’re not going to keep. Take time to pray and ask God to show you areas of your life that need changing. Ask Him to give you strategies of success. He’ll give it to you and once He does, you’ll be passionate about making the changes! You’ll have an excitement for living your best life! I’m not saying there won’t be setbacks at times, but you’ll have the motivation to keep moving forward. I’m excited. Join in with me and commit to making the needed adjustments in our lives. You can do it. I know you can. We’ll do it together! We are getting ready to live our best life! We’re getting ready to walk in extraordinary times. Are you ready? Let’s go. Here is to change that we can commit to!!

BCF OCT 2016  


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