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Wendy: So how are you feeling about things? About life at this point in your life? Sharon: Everyday there's something new. I'm appreciating my life more every day, every single minute and every single breath! I'm feeling like I'm here for a reason for the season. I'm here and it's exciting- the good, bad, the ups and down. All things work together for good... I focus on the good- admit the other stuff, but focus on the good. Whenever I find myself slipping, God upholds me with His right hand (breaks into song: "Oh how I love Him!") I feel really good! Wendy: Any words of encouragement to those struggling to hold on to their dream? Sharon: Hold on. We all have times when we are like "Where am I? Nothing seems to be happening. I have nothing to look forward to. Where is God?" Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. When you hit a speed bump. Keep looking up. Keep getting up. Don't stop. I was tempted to stop mid-way through because the opposition was so great but now God has showed me that the opposition was so great because I had stepped out into purpose. I had stepped onto a road that would lead me farther than Lansing, farther than my front door- farther than my church- It would lead me farther than what my eyes could see. Faith had to kick in- in order to still me. While seeking God on whether to continue to pursue the project, I heard the word of the Lord, "Pursue and pursue with a vengeance!" So as Fred Hammond said, "I'll find a way to lift my hands." I heard from God. Do you know WHO that is? If you don't know, you better ask somebody. Ha Ha! Don't give up! Wendy: Sharon, thank you. This has been amazing interview. Any final words? Sharon: Thank you and Beauty Come Forth for including me. You all keep doing what you're doing. I love the magazine. It's always so encouraging and full of relevant information and you always have a beautiful face on the cover! And I love reading your words Wendy. You're like the Susan Taylor or Beauty Come Forth. I love the message this magazine sends out to our young girls as well- helping them define real beauty before the world does. You all are great and I appreciate the opportunity!

Sharon's "Triple Play" CD can be purchased in Lansing Gift and Bibles stores,, and You may also purchase it directly from Sharon's Ministry:

"Salt of the Earth Ministries" P.O. Box 15121, Lansing, MI 48901

BCF OCT 2016  


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