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Music is a universal language. Everybody feels it and understands it. So when I sing, I want people to go beyond the melody and see their answer, and let it be delivered in a way that only comes from heaven. Wendy: What's next? Sharon: My goal is to finish up this project and produce a full jacket CD with 8-12 songs. Wendy: What's the feel of the CD? Sharon: The feel of the CD is so unique that I can't stick it into any genre. My heart was to convey to the people how great and mighty God is- that He is the creator of all of us and everything in the earth. He's majestic. His love is better than any natural love and nothing can separate us from it- not an argument, betrayal. People are hurting. We all have issues. We all go through stuff. Sometimes we are all alone and we don't know who to call on. I want people to know they can call on the name of Jesus. There is power in the name. If you call Him at that desperate place in your life, He hears you and will come see about you. He may not see about you the way you think He should, but trust me, He's on the job and He's coming to see about you in a way you don't understand. Wendy: You live this. You don't just sing about it, huh? Sharon: Andre Crouch says, "How do I know God can solve the problem if I never have one?" I'm nowhere near perfect. I make mistakes every single day. There have been times when my back was up against the wall. I found myself in places where I couldn't believe how I got there. I was standing at the sink thinking about how God rescued me out of certain situations. The tears began to roll. I thought about how my eyes were blinded. It was so dark and my flesh told me there's no way you're going to get out of this. But I called on the name of Jesus and He rescued me. He was there. He was more than enough. He came to take care of me... "Sho you right." Those words became my song "Call Him." Wendy: Awesome words. Have you always been an incredible writer? Sharon: You know this journey has been a God thing. I searched all over for someone to help me with songs. I went to some of the best songwriters on the planet that I had relationships with- that I had worked with and helped when they recorded their projects. The timing was never right. I never could get anywhere with it. "Lord, I need some songs. I'm no writer." I used to journal a lot. I went back through some of my journals and God just knew what I needed. I woke up in the morning with "How great He is... the rivers do clap their hands... the earth twirls and dances to the majesty of God." The words just came out of me. And the music... let me just say there is no one like Michael Daniels! I kid you not! Michael Daniels is a phenomenal Minstrel. He kind of came in and Got this whole thing started. He said God had assigned him to me. He wrote what I heard. I'd tell him what I heard and he would just play it. Phenomenal and anointed man of God. Wendy: I know you've been singing for years. This isn't new to you but how does it feel to hear other people singing your songs? Sharon: Funny that you should ask that. I was over to my cousin's house. She's a believer but doesn't really go to church. She said, "Cuz, I play that Mighty is our God song all day. Now, the rivers really clap their hands? The earth twirls and dances." I thought, "Wow, she really knows the words." That was phenomenal to me because I never heard anyone sing "my" song. It blessed me to know that it blessed her. Wendy: I don't know much about the music industry but how do you feel about its direction? There seems to be a leaning to music with a positive message. Sharon: I don't know much about the industry either Wendy. I do know that people don't just need a positive or motivational message. They need something that going to point them back to hope and Jesus- something that's going to change their lives- something lasting and sustaining. You might get your hopes in a $5 foot-long...that's on you. It might fill you for a day but you're going to be hungry again... Come on somebody. Ha! Jesus is the only one who can satisfy that longing- that spot in our souls and give what we need to stand through the storms.

BCF OCT 2016  


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