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Sharon Lawrence Taylor By Wendy M. Reynolds Higher Heights/Global ICE3

Make no mistake, when Sharon Lawrence Taylor takes the microphone the atmosphere literally changes. Her powerful voice and amazing passion for God ushers you right into the presence of God where you can experience His love, His forgiveness, His healing, His freedom, and His joy. Yes, tears fall, hearts cry out, and you are forever changed. For years, Sharon has poured out and shared her Godgiven gifts liberally. She has preached and sang across various pulpits and stages. She is highly sought out for recording projects, stage plays, conferences, major university commencements, and concerts. I recently heard a University Dean say that they want Sharon's amazing voice of hope to be the last voice students hear as they graduate and step out into a challenging field and a world in crisis. In the midst of all of this, Sharon knows that her gifts and calling are so much more than about her. It is about delivering God's message of hope to a people- to a world so thirsty and in need of it. She uses every opportunity and every platform she is given to do just that. Sharon has helped so many people discover and sing their song. Now, she shares and sings her own. Her recently released "Triple Threat" CD project has left all those who hear it wanting more. The words are saturated in the power of God. Your heart can't help but be penetrated by them. I had the awesome pleasure of sitting down and talking with Sharon. She's graceful, humble, transparent, humorous, and has a beautiful spirit. She knows who she is and to Whom she belongs and that enables her to walk in a noticeable freedom and authority. Allow me to present the incomparable Sharon Lawrence Taylor! Wendy M. Reynolds: Thank you so much Sharon for taking out the time to do this interview. Sharon Lawrence Taylor: My pleasure Wendy. Thank you for having me Wendy: Tell us a little bit about you? Where are you from? What was the family makeup? Sharon: I was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. I've been in Lansing all my life. My Dad migrated from the South to come work for General Motors and well, we've been here every since. I was the fourth of five children. Two of my sisters have gone on to be with the Lord, so now it's me, my sister, and brother. Both my parents are deceased but were married for over 50 years. I myself am married with a son. Wendy: What was home like? Was it musical? Sharon: I came from a musical background. My father sang with a group. I never heard them. Actually I don't think I was born yet but I did come across some old pictures of the group and was amazed that he was in a group that travelled around. As far back as I can remember, he always sang around the house. He took us to church and he sang in the choir. My mother wasn't a singer but she came from a singing background. All of my aunts and uncles are in the ministry, the Apostolic faith. You talk about singers. They are some singing folks. My Grandmother was a singer as well as her siblings. It's truly generational.

BCF OCT 2016  


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