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In 2013, it is predicted that we will see the look of food and pairings change. Fun food like “spaghetti tacos” on a kid's menu or something salty paired with a sweet dessert will no longer seem wrong when combined. We’re going to see completely different flavor profiles mixed together for the fun of it. I like that! For example, chocolate cake with a hint of cayenne pepper. Who knew? From the traditional to the trendy, we will see dishes becoming more deconstructed, more relaxed and just more fun. We will see two different types of cuisine involved with each other as well. I love it! It will not be a surprise to find more ethnic influences on our traditional American menus. Variety is the spice of life! So with 2013 predictions already showing a playful fusion of flavors and juxtapositions on a plate, get those cameras ready and get your blog on! The fun is back in food!

BCF OCT 2016  


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