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The Fun Is Back In Food! By Chef Barbie Flores

Go ahead! Confess it with me! We love food journalism, especially food pics! Images of tantalizing, eye-popping, provocatively plated food make us feel happy! They inspire us to cook. They inform us about nutrition and cool restuarants, as well as satisfy us without all the decadent calories. In 2012 consuming a slice of molten chocolate cake, dripping with ganache or a dreamy, tender Kobe beef filet with black truffle oil or peeling the sweetest mouthwatering passion fruit with our eyes and talking about it became THE THING to do! We saw scores of the most amazing food photographs turning up in places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our favorite food sites like Gastrofotomania or Food Porn. And many of us were the photogs of 2012! Whether it was a pic from an I-phone or a Hassalblad camera, we were capturing it, drooling over it and yes, wanting to gobble our screens because if it. The photographing of food and posting of the latest “Hot 10” dishes occupied a great deal of our online time. We just couldn’t get enough of those digitally immortalized food odysseys! Food photographs and blogging became a national pastime on our lunch hours and the activity that occupied us in restaurants. Not only did we become food photogs and food voyeurs, we read and wrote about it! We were eager to see and share the latest from magazine publications like Food & Wine, Saveur, Bon Appetite and What Katie Ate. We read all about the restaurants and dishes that Bourdain, J Gold and our friends were talking about. We chronicled every cupcake we decorated, as well as every incredible “conquista” we cooked in our own kitchens. We recommended food restaurants, recipes and events to our friends, simply by pressing “post”. Like our well documented, “baby’s first haircut” or our best vacation sunsets, food journalism became the popular post. Yes, in 2012 we all became food journalists! So let’s confess and give credit where credit is due! Armed with our spatulas, cameras, the latest blogs and our cooking prowess we are the new food net workers and we are a force! Oh but as I write this, I’ve got a bit of discouraging news to report. According to a recent article in the New York Times, there is a rise in the number of restaurants frowning on picture taking of their dishes. Oh, I say, “Come on, we are your best campaigners!” Hopefully, this frowning will not become the norm. Food is just too wonderful and we are having too much fun with it!

BCF OCT 2016  


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