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contributing to your outcomes in love far more than you know, and it’s time to clean it up so that the right kinds of love can come into your life and have a more inviting environment in which to grow.~

External Love Blockers Your external environment is an outgrowth of whatever’s going on inside you. This will work against you over time. Take time and observe your environment. Are the things or people around you helping you move forward, or are they holding you back? Do you hold on to pictures of an old boyfriend, or old clothes? Lots of people complain about love, blaming love, other people or situations for any negative outcomes. Instead, take a close look at what you are thinking, doing or not doing that may be blocking you from receiving love. It seems that people forget or simply do not know that in order for a good mate for you to come in, you must create the loving space. Open your hearts and minds, Free yourselves… Create space that allows Love to Flow! Below are a few important things to consider when cleansing yourself and your life of cluttered or stagnant energy. Clear the pathway for LOVE!~

Take A Look Inside Identify the source of your pain and come to terms with it. Get professional help if needed. Journaling your thoughts into a private book can also be very freeing and can provide you an avenue of peace through acceptance. Accepting things for what they are and not being afraid to face them because facing them and dealing with them lessens their power and control over you.

Trade In Your Old Beliefs Your beliefs about love create your experiences of love. So get rid of those old negative mantras that only serve to keep you stuck in fear, alone, and unhappy. Stop associating love with pain, or you’ll keep attracting painful relationships.

Your Home Is Calling Things have energy, and when you clear the unnecessary things from your home, you can began to Let Love In, creating breathing space for a partner to actually join you. If you look around your home I’m sure you’ll find things you don’t use and should get rid of, especially those thing you’ll “Use one day”…No you won’t. Clear it out! Clearing the energy field of your resting place of rejuvenation, your home, helps you sleep better and think more clearly as well. The love and care you put into cleaning your space is rejuvenating to the spirit and attracts love.

Your Closet Is Talking Your clothing says something about you. If you are a woman and all of your clothing looks like you are going to the club or getting on a stripper pole, let’s be honest. Know that you’ll attract a certain kind of man- a man that doesn’t have love on his mind! The downside is you’ll continue attracting this kind of guy until you cover it up a

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BCF OCT 2016