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Let Love In! By: Margo Hudson “Open your Hearts and Minds, Free yourselves… Create space that Allows Love to Flow!” -Margo Hudson

We’ve all been there at some time or another. We crave love! After all, we are beautifully human and are all made better, in the magnificent presence of love. Whether you crave the love of the one you’ve yet to meet or maybe even with the one you’re with right now, or possibly even through your work. I have a few questions to get you started on this fruitful journey to “Let Love In” to your life! Do you feel worthy of being loved? Do you believe you can experience love with someone after all of the horrible things you‘ve experienced? Have you given up on love? Perhaps there are things in your environment, both internally and externally, that are creating blocks that hold you back from experiencing the love you desire. You could be blocking love from your life without even knowing it!

Internal Love Blockers Your internal environment comes first and often requires the most work. Internal love blockers are very tricky, because it’s easy to make excuses for your own self sabotaging behaviors, or even conveniently justify your actions so that you never have to actually be responsible in working through your real issues. For many, experiencing profoundly negative experiences in the love department has had traumatizing effects on their psychological well-being. You might even call it a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It’s easy to become defensive after such experiences, even to the point of convincing yourself that love doesn’t exist, or that it’s unobtainable, or it always comes with pain… These familiar mantras often become self-fulfilling prophecies, especially for those faithful subscribers to the belief that “There aren’t any good ones left”, “They all cheat.” You end up running from love before it ever gets the chance to greet you! For example, a negative disposition, picking fights with your mate, humiliating or rudely rejecting people interested in you, or the inability to open up and share yourself or communicate, are all cheap protection tactics motivated by fear and used in an attempt to protect yourself from further harm. This may work for a while, and in some cases it may even serve you well… but ultimately this reactive behavior will push love away from you. So this cycle must be broken and eliminated, if true love is ever to be realized. Learning to love and accept yourself is part of the process, along with taking better care of your body with the things you feed it and rejuvenate it.~ The Love Cannot Be Let In until you clear a path! A path free of garbage. Healing yourself starts with awareness of your problem, then doing something about what you face and uncover. Get help if you need to. In time you‘ll discover that love is not attracted to the negative protective shell you wear, nor can love grow from this dark place. Love is a human need, and we weren’t created to be alone. I have news for you… you are directly

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