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THE BOTTOM LINE You’ll find you get the most respect from others in direct proportion to the amount of respect you have for yourself. Demonstrate that you have a lot of self-respect and potential mates are more likely to rise to the standard you’ve set. If you have only a little, they’ll easily discern that it only takes a little to satisfy you. Show no respect for yourself--or for others--and you can count on them to match you. Self-respect calls uponyou to conduct yourself like you’re God’s treasure—and that others are as well. And, no less important, making it clear that you expect any potential mate can, should, and will do the same. Bio: Ronn Elmore, Psy.d is a relationship therapist, ordained minister, and bestselling author of How to Love a Black Man, How to Love a Black Woman, No-Nonsense Dating, and other books. Know as the “How-to” Coach for smart single women, his popular blog about dating, relationships, and motivation can be found at

BCF OCT 2016  


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