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10 Tips for the “Best Man” By Sam Graham Fashion & LifeStyle Designer

1. ALWAYS keep your fingernails clean, short and trimmed to a close fit. Long and dirty fingernails on a man says a lot and most of the time it is not positive. 2. Wearing your pants with a sag is not attractive in public on ANY boy, young man, or man. Pull them up to your waist or wear your waist is supposed to be. That’s why pants are constructed with a “waist band” not a thigh and booty band. 3. When addressing a girl, young lady, or woman, don’t address her as “shawty” or “shorty.” Giver her the respect you are expecting from her response. Respect begets Respect. 4. While in conversation (personal, business, negotiation, etc.) always afford the other person engaging and non-intimidating eye contact. No one trusts a person who is talking to them without eye contact. It looks shifty. 5. Respect YOURSELF when you’re by yourself. It makes for an easy transition for you to respect others. If you don’t know how to respect yourself contact your nearest LifeStyle Consultant by logging onto or by calling 1.800.363.1489 6. When styling your favorite, fedora, brim, hat or cap, remember to remove your hat when entering certain places such as religious buildings, during prayers in public places, homes (if it is not a house party), and when arriving for a job interview. Tipping your hat when addressing others gives you a lot more flair, attention, respect, and a lasting impression on your acquaintance. You won’t be forgotten, that’s for sure. 7. When entertaining a new acquaintance for the first time at your home, ensure that the ambiance is inviting and non-intimidating. For example, lights low enough to add allure, but still bright enough so that you BOTH can see each other clearly from a distance. Add candles, to enhance the lighting situation. 8. When entertaining (formal or casual), always have a choice of nonalcoholic beverages (water, juice, nonalcoholic beer, etc) for those who do not choose to partake in alcohol along with a light tray of hors d'oeuvres (appetizers) as simple as cracked pepper crackers, cut apples, grapes, chocolate slices, gourmet cheese, etc. 9. When you are engaged in conversation with a new interest and you notice that person’s drink is empty and you were the one who initiated this new encounter (conversation), do at least one of two things (or both): offer to buy that person a drink for taking up their time (and interrupting their “me” time) or get right to the point, exchange information for later contact, and them make your exit from their space. Be careful, the latter takes skill and charisma to successfully maneuver, so remember, practice makes perfect. 10. ALWAYS be courteous and appreciative to people when they extend kind gestures, words, or a helping hand to you. A simple “Thank You”, “I apologize”, or “pardon me” goes a long way; especially if it is sincere.

BCF OCT 2016  


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