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Still Paving the Way through Difficult Times By, Stephanie Franklin

Women writers are still paving the way through difficult times. Through the years women of all races have had to endure some very hard trials, but yet and still they have managed to overcome them through the help of the Creator—God. The ages carry their own weight. Whether young or old, women have been through and have come out victoriously and have made an impact on society with their writing, their accomplishments, and their willingness not to give up when times got rough.

One of the reasons I started a publishing company is because of my experience with writing and wanting to publish my first book. I can remember how I did not have a good experience publishing my book because I did not have an understanding of the publishing process. I felt rushed through the process and I also felt as though the publisher did not invite me to participate in the process. There was not a relationship. There also was not a great celebration of my accomplishment. So along with my expertise and wisdom from God I opened Heavenly Realm Publishing in May of 2007. Then what I noticed was an influx of women, of all ages, coming to me with their stories or books. But what I also found was that they had the same experience that I had before starting the company, was a misunderstanding in how the publishing process of publishing a book goes. They came with many bad publishing experiences and hurt feelings from money to loss production. So I made a vision statement. “We enhance your vision, you embrace the reward”. My company makes a commitment to each author that we will stand by their work and work with them individually. Each author has a personal author advisor to allow for a personal publishing experience. And we also offer free workshops to teach each author how to write and not just put a book together. Janice Johnson and Alva Hooey are to be highlighted. These women are the example of the women today who failed to allow their circumstances to make them a victim rather than a victor. They both came with different visions, but left with the same dream. A published book! Janice Johnson, now a published author through Heavenly Realm Publishing, has had many ups and downs as a teenager. Janice was a high school senior that had a dream of one day getting her poetry published. Janice had given up her dream of becoming a published author and dropping out of school was her first option, but one day little did she know that while preparing for a school function, she would sit next to a Publisher! Janice was elated to know that the person she just sat next to was actually a divine meeting. To make a long story short, Heavenly Realm Publishing, through the faithfulness of Ms. Stephanie Franklin, encouraged Janice to believe in herself as a person, author, and speaker. Stephanie believes once you are a writer, you are always a writer and speaker. From there she encouraged Janice to compile her poems, submit her manuscript to the company and finally publish her work. Janice blossomed from a leaf to a flower in just a few short months. Janice’s book and her accomplishment have been recognized by the Aldine ISD School District and Janice has had several book signings with the school, school board, and local libraries. The thought of Janice wanting to drop out of school, never crossed her mind again. She not only graduated from high school, but she has gone on to enroll in college, encouraged to make

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