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A Fabulous Dinner Party By: Barbie Flores

I’m hosting a special party! It is a dinner for a group of amazing individuals who love life and enjoy celebrations. They are writers, artists, musicians, actors, philanthropists and brilliant thinkers. Screeeeeeeech! Stop! What kind of food will I serve? What is my theme? What is the atmosphere? What does my table look like? The bigger question, what is my budget? Have you ever been in this position? There is so much to consider when the occasion and the guests are top notch. Picture this, if you will. The table is elegantly draped in crisp white linen. There are fragrant white votives glowing with soft light. Autumn leaves and beautiful grapevine branches, along with blooming centerpieces adorn the table. Pristine china place settings, flanked with fine crystal stemware for some of the most amazing guests have been meticulously arranged. The aroma of rosemary and garlic is wafting from the kitchen. Smooth jazz offers its sound to a relaxed backdrop. At the table, we hear laughter, banter, and stimulating, thought provoking conversation about the state of affairs in the world, fabulous trips to Africa, the latest movies, books we are editing, our families and other interesting people. Sound like a pretty amazing dinner party right? There are so many details in the mix, and this dinner party is not something we try to pull off in a couple of hours. For most of us, the planning for this party might take a week or two, maybe even months. It is often a big undertaking to get all of the details together. Maybe this why we love event planners and caterers so much! Suppose you must do it yourself (D.I.Y.)? It will take some planning but it is possible. The things to consider first would be date and time. Are you crowding out an upcoming holiday and considering your guests’ busy schedules? Also important to consider, is the guest list size, your ability to accommodate the size and the “food fight” factor, as in the personalities of the guests attending. Does everyone get along? You would be surprised! Think about the theme of your party, as this will greatly influence your menu and the amount of time you need for preparation. Are you celebrating something specific or is it just friends getting together? You also want to be able to prepare some things ahead of time, so that you will not appear like a butler, running back and forth to the kitchen, reheating or doing last minute cooking. This will allow you to enjoy your guests and

BCF OCT 2016