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Reach Someone! Teach Someone! By Wendy M. Reynolds, MS/P Whew...Hope. A couple of years ago someone asked me why I found it necessary to always talk about hope and why I always felt a need to tell people "You Matter." Interesting how no one asks me those questions today. All one has to do is turn on the television, go out the front door, or perhaps just get out of bed to see that folks all over are dealing with hopelessness. This week alone we have seen devastation in Nepal, protests for justice in Baltimore, New York, Detroit, as well throughout the country- We see children facing deplorable situations in their homes and in their schools... often growing up with no real sense of self- lacking value, lacking hope and quick to quit. Early in life I had a strong sense of identity and faith, mainly due to my parents. And trust me, it has made a huge difference throughout the years. When I felt like throwing up my hands, I couldn't because I knew I wasn't born to quit! Although not perfect, my parents taught us that we mattered, that we brought value to our family and to the world. Too often today I think we forget just how influential we as humans can be. We have the ability to nurture and help develop our children so that the craziness in the world won't define or defeat them. Our youth were not born to be negative statistics. They are amazing young people who are trying to find their way in the world. However, their identities and destinies are under attack. We must take it upon ourselves to remind them every day who they are. We must encourage them, pray for the, teach them, discipline them, celebrate them, inspire them, empower them, believe in them, set the example for them, and fight for them. We must talk to them about their dreams and inform them that they are already great and that they are destined to do great things! We MUST find ways to reveal the greatness within them "to them" so that they can see it in themselves and reflect it outward!

As I reflect on my Mom during this Mother's Day month, I can't help but recognize her influence in my life and confess that during my best days, Mom has been there. When life threw me punches- when I took hard blows that knocked the wind out of me and knocked me off my feet, she got in the ring right with me- not counting me out but fighting- picking me up off the mat- telling me to trust God, to be strong, to press on, and to punch back. She is simply the best person I know. Because she is phenomenal, I learned that I too am phenomenal and I'm teaching others that they are phenomenal! This month I challenge you to remember the influence you have. Use it. Make it count. Take time to reach someone and teach someone. Show someone how valuable they are. Teach someone how to grasp hold to hope and never let it go. Remember, you have the ability and the responsibility to make a difference! Until next time, The proud daughter of Harriett L. Bandy Reynolds __________________________________________________________________________________

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It’s Time to Let it Go… By Myra Wallace (Exert from Beauty Come Forth Book) What is it about human nature that we expect others to forgive us for offenses that we commit against them, yet we ourselves are harboring resentment towards someone that goes back as far as grade school? You still can’t stand that girl who stole your first boyfriend. Truth be told, you didn’t really even like the boy, but you press the issue and make a big deal about it because you want to argue that it’s just the principle of the matter. Well, yes it is the principle, but has that same principle helped you to move on in life and get the healing you need? I would wager to say, if the thought of it still bothers you, probably not. What you have done is allowed that thing to grow like a cancer inside you, reproducing more and more offenses each time you see that girl or someone who vaguely resembles her. If her name was Mary, you’ve made up in your mind that all Mary’s are boyfriend stealers. If she had long hair, all girls with long hair think they’re cute. If she had green eyes, you began to distrust all women with green eyes. As time goes by, you realize that you are holding or have held a grudge against the majority of the women who have crossed your path. It’s time, no it’s way past the time for you to let it go. Now letting it go does not mean you need to pretend it never happened, but you need to let it go in order for you to get yourself to a point where remembering it does not make you hurt or angry all over again. Who hurt you? What did they do? Where did the offense begin? Was it that unwanted divorce, that abortion you had, your addiction to drugs, the relative that molested you, your promiscuity that led to a venereal disease, the affair with that married man, your first jail sentence, the children you had out of wedlock, you’re shacking up with your lover, your nude pictures sprayed across the internet, the series of lies you tell to your husband, friends and family, years of lying on your taxes? No matter what you did, said, or thought that catapulted you into an action that caused you to compromise who you really are, forgive yourself and the offender then, let it go. That thing that caused you to carry those guilty, bitter, and angry feelings into your life, as you know it today—forgive yourself. There is already too much anger, bitterness, and fear festering in the hearts and lives of countless women today. The majority of the cases stem from feelings linked to hurt and un-forgiveness.

10 Healthy Foods – Foreign to Most Limequats are just what they sound like: a hybrid of the lime and the kumquat. These nugget-size fruit are most often found in the market between July and November, and they’re packed with vitamin C and fiber. They can be eaten as you would an apple—rind and all—or incorporated into a recipe. They make a tasty substitute for lemons or limes in recipes.’ How to eat: Add them into a marmalade or curd recipe.

Wakame is a seaweed, and while you may not have heard about it, you’ve probably eaten it: it’s the soft, green sea vegetable in miso soup. Wakame, like other seaweed, is dense in micronutrients, packed with trace minerals, low in calories and a rich source of antioxidants.

How to eat: It’s tasty in soups or added to a sauté or salad.

If you’re a die-hard coffee fan for the morning pick-me-up, but want to like tea for its health benefits, try some Pu-erh tea, a very rich, full-bodied tea with hints of mocha. While it’s reminiscent of black tea, it’s not; it’s in a class of its own, fermented and aged (interestingly, this tea can be aged for decades, like wine.) It can be found in loose leaf form or compressed into little cakes (called bing cha). It is rich in polyphenols and has been associated with improved digestion, cholesterol reduction and weight loss. How to drink: Simply add to water and enjoy.

Pomelos look like a green grapefruit, but taste like a citrusy melon. Grown in California, Florida and Texas, pomelos are harvested between fall and mid-spring, so buy one when you find it, and eat it as you would a grapefruit: peel, separate and devour. Pomelos are low in calories, high in fiber, a good source of heartsmart potassium and loaded with cancer-fighting antioxidants. How to eat: Peel, and enjoy.

This speckled stone fruit is a hybrid of a plum and an apricot. There are more than 20 varieties of pluots with fun names like Emerald Drop, Flavor Grenade and Splash. Pluots are loaded with fiber, vitamins C and A. Having just 40 to 80 calories each, this naturally-sweet fruit is Mother Nature’s treat. How to eat: Eat it fresh or add it to a salsa.

This winter squash is not known for its looks. Instead, its beauty lies on the inside, in the form of succulent, orange-yellow flesh that’s rich in antioxidant vitamins A and C, potassium and fiber. How to eat: Try roasting it then pairing it with pasta and kale. It’s also sturdy enough to stand out in a stew.

This knobby root vegetable looks nothing like celery but it has a similar taste. It’s loaded with vitamins B6, C and K as well as potassium and magnesium. Inexpensive and versatile, try peeling then grating the root in a salad with beets, apples and walnuts. How to eat: You can cook and mash celeriac as you would potatoes.

Teff is tiny but mighty. The North African cereal grass is rich in manganese, iron, fiber, protein, B vitamins and zinc. Teff is gluten-free and a key ingredient in Ethiopian injera, a sourdough flatbread. Teff can also be cooked into polenta and enjoyed savory or sweet. One cup of cooked teff has nearly 40% of a day’s worth of calcium and all eight essential amino acids. How to eat: Add it to porridge, oatmeal, pancakes or polenta. Fenugreek is very versatile. It’s been called an herb, a curry-scented spice and even a legume, but this plant and its many derivatives isn’t a newcomer. It’s been enjoyed for

millennia and embraced for its culinary and medicinal properties. Fenugreek seeds are rich in minerals like iron, potassium and calcium, fiber and choline. How to eat: Leaves can be tossed into salads, and fenugreek extract adds a flavor-punch to marinades.

Purslane is a weed, like dandelion, and it’s edible, nutritious and a very popular ingredient in Greek and Mexican cooking. It’s rich in plant-based omega-three fatty acids, vitamins C and E, and it’s a good source of pectin, a soluble fiber. How to eat: Its lemony flavor and crunchy texture make it a nice addition to pesto sauce, salads and sandwiches.


So Glad You Asked! Dear So Glad You Asked….

I have a child who is giving me problems. I know that I have taught her the right things to do, especially in school, socially, and life, but she is making all of the wrong choices. I don’t know what to do. I prayed, but nothing is changing. What do I do? Signed, Frustrated Mom

Dear Frustrated Mom: I think most of us moms can say that we’ve been right where you are-where you are- in that "I love my child, but I don’t like them right now", frustrated space. Well, like you, when my child had issues, I would pray and make proper confessions over her, but then, she'd do something that would send me right over into worry, fear, and doubt, and guess what… my faith would be cancelled out. Fear cancels out faith. If I prayed and asked God to help me with my child and the situation, it was done the moment I asked. Daniel 10: 12 tells us, “that from the first day that you set your heart to understand to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard; and I have come because of your words. “

God heard our request, the very moment we asked. We put action to our faith by speaking life and asking God for help. For years, I struggled as a parent because I had given my daughter the best of everything and she was acting outright lazy. At one time, I would have called her lazy, but I had to remember that my words are powerful and I have what I say (Proverbs 6:2). I had to begin to follow God's model. God is a God of faith. He says what is, before it even manifests in

the natural. When God changed Abram’s name to Abraham, He saw him as the father of many nations even before Abraham was one. I had to do the same with my daughter. I had to begin to see her as an "A student", focused, consistently doing what she was supposed to do, and as a child who is an independent thinker, but lead by Holy Spirit.

I wish I could say that my daughter's behavior changed instantly, but that is not the case. I had to speak- water my confession daily, and stand firmly. I had to stay in faith, and really trust God. I would have an inkling of worry from time to time when situations would arise, but then I would get that Word, that I needed to trust in the Lord, to release her to Him, and trust His plan. In other words, I had to trust the process. The process is not always comfortable. As a matter of fact, it’s not comfortable at all. It can be frustrating, depressing, and irritating, if you let it.

James 1:2 tells us to, “Count it all joy when we fall into various trials.” I know you’re saying, "How, do I even begin to trust God... and now I have to be joyful in the process... What?" But you have to learn how to laugh and praise through the pain, through the frustration, and even through the anger, because even though you don’t know how, to count it all joy, when you learn to really trust God, you will know that the end result is: It’s already alright.

I have a sister who has been on drugs her entire adult life. My father could be heartbroken, but what I draw from my dad is that even in his disappointment, he has still resolved to entrust my sister to God. He prays for her and confesses daily that she will live for God and be able to help others with her life. Things looked bleak for a long time, but she has made some improvements. My dad’s stance is to stand on God’s Word,... to trust God.

So Frustrated Mom, my advice to you is to stand on God’s Word, because it never fails. Keep speaking what you want to see happen and keep fighting the good fight of faith, because you have already won. Most importantly, remember what Jesus told us in John 14:1, “Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid.” Fear cancels faith; so don’t allow it to get into your heart.

I am happy to report that my daughter turned it around. She is now a senior in high school, getting ready to graduate and has received many acceptance letters and scholarships to go to college. She has vision and goals. I know that she will affect change in her generation and in our world. She stepped from behind the shadows and became the leader that I always knew was there. Because I trusted God, I am seeing the manifestation of His promises working effectively in my baby’s life. I trust and stand in faith with you, that you too will soon see the changes for which you are praying!

Living Through Uncertainty By Myla Denise Uncertainty can be frightening and at times, debilitating. Wanting direction and not having a clear answer is frustrating. It can make us question every previous decision, whether connected to current circumstances or not. It can lead us to believe that we can't trust our judgment. Yet it is during times of uncertainty that we need to exercise trust the most. Uncertainty ushers in the change that we need, but have been too comfortable, too complacent or too afraid to do on our own. While unnerving, the uncertain times in our lives often lead us to greater. Eventually, we become open because we reach the end of needing to control and we surrender. It is in surrendering that we acknowledge that despite all of our plotting and planning, we do not have it all figured out so we might as well... Might as well what? Go for it. Try something different. Throw our hat in the ring. Take a risk. Fully live. When we surrender we stop trying to protect and prevent ourselves from being greater. We transition from making excuses about why we cannot go, do, or become and we start to comprehend the magnitude of possibility. Imagine what our lives would be like if we reached this place of openness and surrender earlier instead of waiting until we are completely frustrated and at the end our understanding. Some of your best decisions were made after you surrendered. Some of your greatest payoffs occurred when you were so unsure of your future that you threw caution to the wind and acted out of excitement instead of fear. Instead of viewing uncertainty as terrifying, learn to accept it as an opportunity to live life with your arms wide open and in a constant state of willingness and courage—willingness to try the improbable and courage to simply say yes. Instead of allowing the fear of uncertainty to grip you, attach yourself to the adventure and enjoy the ride!

The Peace Of A Mother By Chris L. Gilrath, II TheRathOfGil

I remember it very clearly. Although it was eleven years ago, the memory runs through my head as if it were yesterday. It was the day I lost my job. For over ten years I had been a very successful professional and had never had any issues. Well, with this job there were quite a few issues that were not of my doing and yet still I lost my job. Lies had been told; my name had been somewhat scandalized. I was upset, worrying about what my next move would be. “What am I going to do now?” I sat in my car for a few minutes after I had got the news. All I could think to do was get in my car and just drive. I drove to my mom to tell her what happened. There was no judgment, no ridicule, or “what are you going to do now?” It was just a hug, a prayer and comfort and the phrase, “Everything is going to be all right." And with that I was at peace. I can remember when I was a child, my parents would be at work but if I would get sick, they would call my grandmother Christine. One particular time when I was about nine years old, I got sick at school and I was not feeling well. I was there at school miserable. I had to sit in class with an upset stomach and I was nauseous so I got extremely upset. I wanted to go home. They called my grandmommie to get me and she was there in what felt like two seconds. She took me to her house, gave me one of her famous home remedies and she let me lay down on her couch while her jazz music was playing. And with that I was at peace…. There is something about the love of your mother and the love of your grandmother that gives you peace of mind. You can be going through the worst of days, and the worst of situations but just hearing from your mother gives you peace that will just make everything all right. It is a bond that can make you feel on top of the world. Mothers and grandmothers act as buffers as well. When you were in trouble with dad, you go to your mom for support. When that did not work, and both your mom and dad were angry with you, you looked to your Grandmother for support. When I would mess up royally in my life, I would often go to my mother first or my Grandmother first to get their opinion before I would go to my dad because dad is the disciplinarian, the head of the house, the decision maker. So often I needed my mother or grandmother to be that buffer or my fixer. Something about that gave me peace. There was no judgment, never any judgment, just love, support, and a comforting hand.

Moms pray a lot, worry a lot, and deal with a lot with their children even as adults. My mom prayed every time my sister and me would go out for the evening. We always return home safely. There is nothing a mom would not do for her children, even when those children are adults. To this day, if I run into a situation that is tough, I call my mom and she has a solution. Don't even attempt to mess with a mother’s children. While moms and grandmothers represent peace, mess with one of their children and see what happens. The ferocious mamma bear comes out to protect her cubs, even if they are grown ones. There is also something about that that gives you peace, knowing your mother has your back and will defend you, even when you are wrong. Do not mess with mamma! My Grandmother Christine would always make sure her crew was not slighted or did not miss anything. If we were late to a potluck or to an event, my grandma made sure that there was a plate of food. One time I told my Grandma that a coworker was giving me trouble just in casual conversation. Don't you know the next day my Grandmother was at my place of employment asking me “Which one is she?” I lied and told her she was not there. Knowing that Grandma was going to have my back was something that gave me peace. A mom will do whatever she has to do to make sure you have what you need. I remember my mom, alongside my father, working two manual labor jobs so that the bills were paid. Rarely did she complain. She just did what needed to be done. Then after working on their feet all day, they'd come home and put in even more hours- washing dishes, sewing up pants, washing our clothes, and cooking our dinners. Florida Evans from Good Times and Roseanne Conner from Roseanne come to my mind in popular culture as television moms that eluded that type of realness. Of course everyone wanted a Clair Huxtable from The Cosby Show or a Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch but that was not everyone’s reality. In my neighborhood our mothers were more like Florida and Roseanne who worked multiple jobs and still had to hold down the family without missing a beat. Moms have to deal with special diets, meaning, “I don’t like this or that.” In my house, the proverbial joke is that if you didn’t like it, you didn’t eat. However, I didn’t like navy beans growing up, nor did I like chicken and noodles. Whenever Mom cooked those dishes, she would always make sure I had some frozen pizzas (until I was old enough to work and pay for my own). My mom attended every event- parent teacher conference, classroom party, or music concert we had, even if she had to take off work. Don't tell my mom she cannot have time off for her kids. Even if you did, she'd work overtime or sacrifice her other day off just so she could attend school events. That’s what mom’s do. There is something about that gives you peace, knowing you would not be one of the kids who did not have a mom present. As an educator, it saddened me to see the lack of participation today from some of my student’s parents. I often remembered that no matter what my parents had to do, they would make sure they would not miss our events. They made it happen. They did what needed to be done. As a child, I did not want for anything because of my parents. I could not recall a time when we did not get what we wanted, even if my parents had to sacrifice. My grandmother passed away two years ago. I miss being able to go to my her house on a midweek afternoon to watch Young & The Restless or listen to jazz music with her. Throughout my busy work week or with whatever situation I was going through, it was peaceful to go there and forget about the world. I was always at peace there. Words cannot express how much I miss that- how much I miss her. Every now and again you need that in your life. I no longer live in the same city as my mother, but just hearing her voice gives me peace for the day and a comfort that is like no other. There is something about our mothers that gives us peace.

Credit Card Or Cash? By Kimberly Rotter Credit cards offer convenience and a long list of benefits to those who use them. They also represent an ever-present opportunity to fall into a cycle of revolving debt that can last years, decades or even a lifetime. Love them or hate them, credit cards are a necessary part of life for most of us. So how can you identify the best times to plunk down the plastic? Here are a few guidelines. When you shouldn't use a credit card – When the fee isn't the best available deal. If you're thinking of paying your mortgage, health insurance premium or other recurring bill with a credit card in order to rack up reward points, think again. Even if the servicer allows credit card payments (many don't), they'll charge a fee that deflates or even outweighs the value of any reward. The IRS allows credit cards for tax payments, but with a 1.87% to 2.35% processor fee (in addition to the interest rate on the credit card). In contrast, the IRS allows shortterm payment extensions for no fee and installment plans for $43 to $120 (depending on the taxpayer's financial situation). Late payments are subject to the a penalty (0.5% per month) and interest (the federal short-term rate plus 3%), but the total might be lower than the cost of using the credit card. – When you haven't yet negotiated with a creditor. Whether it's medical bills or some other expense that is unexpectedly large or out of control, before you charge up a credit card and trade one financial problem for another, contact the company's billing department. It might reduce the balance owed or offer a payment plan with terms that are far more advantageous than your credit card's.

– When you are in the process of obtaining a mortgage. Mortgage underwriters don't want to see any changes in your creditworthiness between the time you apply for a loan and the time it closes. If your credit card utilization suddenly goes up, your credit score could take a hit, leaving you unable to qualify for the loan that's on the table. Resist the urge to go shopping for things your new home needs. If you're in the mortgage process, use your credit cards very sparingly if at all. – When you want something you can't afford. It doesn't matter if it's a restaurant meal, a new outfit, the latest smartphone, a vacation you really think you deserve or the wedding you've dreamed of since childhood. Big or small, if you can't afford it, don't buy it. Don't let a credit card trick you into thinking you should have something when it is, in reality, not in your budget. – When you already carry a balance. If you have credit card debt, you can't afford to use your cards. Instead, pay down the balance before you add any new charges to the mix, or you risk getting stuck in a cycle of debt. And make sure you have the best card your credit score can get you. See Signs You Need To Look For A Better Credit Card. When you should use a credit card – When you want additional warranty or purchase protection. A credit card can be a great way to protect a major purchase. Most card issuers offer purchase protection and an extended warranty for items bought with the card. Visa doubles the manufacturer's warranty, up to one year. MasterCard similarly doubles the warranty, offers 60 days of price protection and even insures the purchase against theft or damage for 90 days. (For both brands, benefits vary by card issuer.) – When you want stronger fraud liability limits. Credit and debit cards all limit cardholder liability in the event of fraud, but credit card protection is stronger. A credit card holder's liability for fraudulent use ranges from $0 (if the loss is reported before any fraudulent charges are made) to $50 (if the loss is reported after unauthorized use occurs). On a debit card, however, liability can be unlimited. It is $0 when the loss is reported before unauthorized charges are made, $50 if the fraud is reported within 2 business days, $500 if the fraud is reported more than 2 but less than 60 days after it occurs, and unlimited when the fraud is not reported until more than 60 days after it occurred. – To take advantage of benefits exclusive to the card. Co-branded credit cards typically offer exclusive benefits specific to the brand. For example, some airline credit cards offer free checked bags to people traveling on tickets purchased with the card. Likewise, some hotel chains offer upgrades or special amenities to guests who pay with a branded card. See Should You Get A Gas Credit Card?

– To earn rewards. So many popular credit cards offer rewards programs, it's hard to think of a good reason to carry a credit card that doesn't. The programs are highly competitive. Some offer cash back on every purchase, others pay points. Consumers who qualify can earn hundreds, even thousands of dollars back each year on everyday household spending. (The American Express Blue Cash Preferred card pays 6% cash back on grocery store spending up to $6,000 per year, for a potential rebate of $360. Cardholders earn a smaller percentage back for other categories of spending.) – For security while traveling. People who travel can be more vulnerable to fraud simply by virtue of the unfamiliarity of the local language or surroundings. Lost or stolen cash is gone forever, but a credit card can be shut down and replaced during one phone call. The Bottom Line Avoid using a credit card unwisely. Debt is costly. Don't succumb to the temptation to spend beyond your means simply because a credit card with an available balance beckons from your wallet. Instead, focus on using it as a tool to get added value from your planned spending. When you do use a credit card, do the math. Figure out if the benefit you seek is worth the cost you'll pay in fees and interest. For more information, see Credit Card Savings. Get Out of Debt – Start Making Money Want to get out of debt, get a mortgage and save for retirement? Investopedia’s FREE Personal Finance newsletter shows you 7 Steps to Become Financially Independent. Take control of your money and Click here to start managing your finances like the pros.


By Sandra Ramani When they need to recover from stress, smog, or something stronger, West Coasters head for arid climes. A detox taxonomy. Two Bunch Palms, Desert Hot Springs, California The vibe: Ultra-private, 1920’s-era romantic weekender’s hideaway (first revealed to noncelebs in Robert Altman’s 1992 satire The Player). Everything has been recently redone, from the tree-shaded grotto to the yoga dome, gym, and glass-walled restaurant. The draw: Midnight soaks in heated mineral pools; discreet bungalows with patios or yards. In the adjacent mud bath: Famous friends of the Hollywood movie producer owners—not that you’d recognize them after their lithium-rich mud baths. Red Mountain Resort, St. George, Utah The vibe: At-your-own-speed adventure retreat with a holistic, slightly granola focus on inner wellness (nutrition coaching; energy assessments)—plus such badass activities as canyoneering and horseback riding. The draw: Sessions with a shaman; the wine-based Sagestone Mojito. On the next horse: Digital-detox candidates caught in a Whole Foods/yoga class rut; adrenaline addicts up for rappelling Bryce Canyon’s 150-foot hoodoos. Mii amo spa, Sedona, Arizona The vibe: Unfussy boutique spa with just 16 adobe-style rooms, all refreshed and framed by Sedona’s red rocks. Offerings are grounded in Native American rituals (treatments themed around moon phases; a labyrinth for meditation). The draw: Hikes to the “Vortex” energy center; top-notch organic cuisine; access to Seven Canyons Golf Club. In the communal grotto: Family-vacation refugees from connected Enchantment Resort; Gwyneth Paltrow, raving about her aura reading. Miraval, Tucson, Arizona

The vibe: Four hundred acres of sweeping Sonoran desertscape in the Santa Catalina foothills, with 118 casitastyle rooms, a chilled-out spa-as-you-want format with pedigree (this is the birthplace of the hot-stone massage), plus serious new beauty amenities including the sleek Life in Balance Spa with Clarins and the firstever Deborah Lippmann Salon. The draw: Over 90 classes and workshops per week; exclusive treatments such as the Thai Nâga massage, in which therapists are suspended above mats by silk cords. On the nearby yoga mat: Ellen DeGeneres; Sharon Stone; various Real Housewives; sustainability minded spa junkies.

Canyon Ranch, Tucson, Arizona The vibe: Rooted-in-tradition ranch-style luxury camp, with postcard-worthy mountain views and spa menus that run the gamut from medical workups to suspension yoga and art classes. The draw: Spiritual Wellness Center with Zen garden and crafts workshops; Primitive Outdoor Skills course that covers toolmaking and animal tracking. In the neighboring cabana: Louboutin-shod agents’ wives seeking “gait analysis”; studio execs in need of a reboot; brand loyalists such as Tory Burch and Gayle King. (original article appeared in Travel & Leisure)

Have You ever wondered what color to put with what? I’m sure you’ve been down that road many times, I know I have. You pull out a pair of pants and wonder what shirt looks best with it, or want to buy a pair of shoes and think, now what can I wear these with? What you don’t realize is you are color matching. So today I’m going to show you a simple way to determine what works when you are looking for a color that compliments another color you are working with, so you can feel confident about color coordinating or as they say in the fashion world, Colour Blocking!

Now that you understand how colors work, take a look at the fashion forecast colors for Spring/Summer 2015 from Color Solutions International.

Spring / Summer 2015 Color Inspirations: Rainforest by Albena Radeva

Nature’s rhythmic vibrations, soothing and hypnotizing, come to life through rainforest’s vivid colors. Charming floral prints, images of exotic animals, fluidity of light and texture, cool and warm tones in enchanting harmonies, take our imagination on an adventure. The abundance of luscious greens gives depth and richness to the palette, while bright corals and fuchsias make the color scheme more jubilant and festive. The bright turquoise enhances the vibrancy of the greens and the earthy brown binds the colors together giving the palette a more organic feel.

Now, it’s time to go play with your colors! We’d love to see what you came up with. Take a day to pull some things out of your closet, lay them out on the bed and start colour blocking, see what you came up with, then, if you’re not already doing so, Friend us on facebook Online Magazine and follow us on twitter

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PHENOMENAL WOMeN By Myra Wallace We all know a phenomenal woman. More than likely you don't have to look further than the woman who raised you, be it your mother, your grandmother, your auntie or an older sister, the characteristics of a phenomenal woman are hard to miss. They don't require make up or the best designer clothes. They don't necessarily drive the top of the line luxury car, nor do they have to live in a mansion. Phenomenal women are called to greatness by their unselfish acts of love and sacrifice for those who cross their path. They speak a word of truth in the midst of a convincing lie. They encourage the broken hearted, they pray when intercession is needed, and they show up for you, when everyone else is too busy. I remember the first time I heard the poem by Maya Angelo "Phenomenal Woman" it captivate me. Who was she speaking of? It was like she was describing the modern day Proverbs 31 woman. It obviously had a similar affect on most people who heard or read the poem, including the phenomenal woman in my life, my own mother. I can still hear my mother reciting it at our family picnic as she slowly dragged her feet across the cement of the shelter house- drawing everyone's attention to her dramatic monologue while taking ownership of every word. In hind sight, she did live those words. Now, as I reflect on the time I spent with my mom, I've grown to appreciate her on a whole other level. Not just because she has passed on and I miss her, but because I feel her surface in so many areas of my own life that I didn't recognize when she was alive. Be it a familiar song, while cooking, entertaining guests, watching one of her favorite TV shows and especially when Christmas rolls around and she's not there for me to take her on our usual perfect Christmas tree hunt. I remember one year we went to more than 7 tree spots, only to end up at the same one we bought the tree from the previous year. Yes I miss Mama Alleyne, but I'm so thankful that God allowed me the many memories made from the good and not so good times I shared with my mom. I can still hear her saying, "Myra, please slow down. You can't always be there for everyone, every time. You need to get some rest sometime”. Well mom, I think I’ve slowed down some, but what you may not have realize is that this fruit didn’t fall far from the tree and I was only following in the footsteps of the phenomenal woman who raised me.

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Beauty Come Forth MAY 2015  

Phenomenal Woman Issue

Beauty Come Forth MAY 2015  

Phenomenal Woman Issue