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Looking for Lust The names have changed, but the attitude remains By Myra Wallace

“…... their eyes rove among the crowds flirting with men. The Lord will send a plague of scabs to tournament their heads. Yes the Lord will make them bald for all to see” (Isaiah 3:16). Why would a man buy a cow, when he can get the milk for free? Many men have found themselves entangled with these enticing harlots, wrapped in the excitement of the pleasures of their loins, only to find that they were not as in control of the situation as they thought. It started out as an innocent smile, a lingering glance, or a simple accidental brushing up against each other. But by the time it’s finished, this woman has not only taken your man, she has also made him forget you ever existed. She is promiscuous. She is ruthless. She takes no prisoners, and the hearts of men is her playing field. She is skilled in using her femininity to her advantage. She has mastered the art of coercion by appealing to the interests of her prey. She has been hurt by deception somewhere in her life and no longer respects the sanctity of monogamy, while lacking an appreciation for the value of her own body. She believes she must give of her body to receive the appreciation she thinks she deserves, or she will at least use her body as a tool to get what she wants—only to have her thirst quenched for the moment, then off to the next tall glass of water. Never satisfied, she is the woman most mothers warn their sons about and the one referenced in Proverbs 31:3. Potiphar’s Wife is another example of a woman who chose lusting over love. Captivated by his handsome face and well-built body, and perhaps curious regarding her ability to manipulate him into sleeping with her, Potipher’s wife went into action. Never mind that she was married to the King, this Egyptian Queen wanted what she wanted, and she decided she wanted Joseph, the slave. Her desire to sleep with him became obvious when she boldly invited him to her bed. When he refused, she quickly devised a scheme to protect herself, for fear Joseph’s loyalty to the King would expose her. During one of her attempts to seduce Joseph, she grabbed a piece of his cloak to use as proof of

Beauty Come Forth-FEBRUARY 2016  
Beauty Come Forth-FEBRUARY 2016  

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