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Want to know the 15 secrets supermodels and makeup artists are trying to keep to themselves? Discover their best secrets here.

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Dark Circles Under Eyes – How To Kill Them Fast by J GIRL

Dark circles under eyes and lines around mouths are often signs of stress, and they can age a person’s face by decades. Nothing says “I haven’t had any sleep last night and I’m having a bad week, so stay the **** out of my way!” like undereye circles and a mean look. But stress and fatigue aren’t the only causes of undereye darkness. There are a lot of different reasons why people get dark circles under eyes. If you’re one of those people who still have eye bags or what some might call “raccoon attacks” even after a relatively relaxing work week and lots of good sleep for example, your undereye circles problem might actually be hereditary. For almost everybody, the skin is thinnest on and around the eyelids. This skin is called periorbital skin, and for some people the skin is so thin, it’s almost translucent. This means that blood passing through the veins near the surface of the skin in this area will usually give it a slightly darker –even bluish- tint. Eye-rubbing, a habit that a person can develop especially if they have asthma, allergies, or any kind of condition that might make their eyes itch, can also create undereye circles. When you rub or scratch the skin around your eyes, more blood rushes to that area, and because the skin there is so thin, it can look pretty obvious. If you have hay fever for example, you might get undereye darkness that comes and goes with the hay fever season. So if you want to look fresh, even through the allergy season, keep your antihistamines handy, and keep your hands off your eyes! Certain medications that make blood vessels dilate and increase the flow of blood under the skin can make undereye darkness quite evident, especially if you’re one of those people who have naturally pale skin. Other medical conditions, like anemia, can also cause dark circles under eyes. Iron deficiency, a very common kind of anemia, can make skin look much paler. This often makes the veins and discolored skin under a person’s eyes stand out even more. Aside from being an indicator for a possible iron deficiency, dark circles under a person’s eyes can be a sign of other kinds of medical problems, like vitamin B6 deficiency, dehydration, bad circulation, or simply age. Still, even though this is a fairly common problem that a lot of people have to deal with permanently, not everybody has to worry about undereye darkness all the time. Some get them only when they’re really tired. Fatigue can make a person’s skin grow pale, which makes the blood under the thin skin of the area around the eyes really visible.

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Whatever the cause of discoloration under a person’s eyes though, unless you’re trying to go for a very specific kind of look, it’s not really something desirable to have. I had a long night last night, and I have to deal with unsightly undereye darkness right now. After coming home late from work last night, I got call from one of my friends asking if I could meet up with her for a few drinks and a little commiseration. She had broken up with her boyfriend, and she wanted someone to talk to. As a friend, I knew that I couldn’t refuse, even after a having worked overtime that night. Five hours and half a bottle of tequila later, I finally staggered into bed. Two hours later, I oozed out of bed so that I could drag myself back to work. When I looked at myself in the mirror that morning, I was horrified by what I saw. I looked like death warmed over. My skin was pale, my eyes were bloodshot, and I had undereye circles so dark, it looked as if I’d painted them on. I looked like I had aged at least ten years! I still had a long commute ahead of me, and if I wanted to look presentable, I knew that I had to get rid of my “raccoon attack” first, at least. One of the best ways to get rid of dark circles under eyes in a pinch is to cover them up with makeup. Try using concealer with yellow or warm peach tones. Usually, the undereye circles are blue, purple or brownish in color, and using a warm-colored concealer will cancel out those colors, regardless of your skin tone. For a more seamless effect that will also ensure that your concealer won’t rub off or fade too quickly, lightly dust the area with translucent powder. If you have a little more time to get rid of your undereye darkness though, you can try and soothe the skin and reduce the discoloration by regularly placing slices of cucumber or damp, refrigerated tea bags over your eyes. The soothing effects of both tea and cucumber can really help make dark circles under your eyes disappear.

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Fade Age Spots… Can It Be Done? by JGirl

Age spots are also known as liver spots, and they’re skin blemishes that can show up on the skin as we get older. Usually, these blemishes can show up on areas of the skin which are most frequently exposed to the ultraviolet light of the sun: the forehead, cheeks, shoulders, arms, and hands. Real age spots can range in color from black, gray, or brown, and they’re normally flat and physically harmless, even if they can sometimes get bad press for being associated with signs of aging. If you don’t feel happy about having age spots, there are treatments that can fade age spots or even remove age spots. Techniques for removing age spots can range from bleaching creams to laser therapy, to even cryotherapy. How Do Age Spots Happen? When we’re exposed to ultraviolet rays, our skin defends itself by producing melanin, which is responsible for the color of our skin; more melanin means darker skin color, but as we get older, melanin production can go a little funky, and sometimes, a little too much is produced in just one little area. These are basically what liver spots are. While there are a few exceptions, most people will develop liver spots after the age of forty, when skin starts to become much less able to repair from the damage caused by sun exposure. It’s a normal part of aging, although if you really feel self-conscious about your age spots, there are a lot of different ways to remove age spots or fade age spots. Here are some of the most common treatments for removing age spots: Topical Medication Usually, these medications are prescribed bleaching creams, sometimes used with a mild steroid and/or retinoids. Regular use over a long period of time can fade age spots really effectively, but it’s still a good idea to make sure that you protect yourself from the sun and prevent new age spots from forming with sunscreen and other sun protection measures. Dermabrasion The pigment responsible for age spots is at the base of the topmost skin layer also known as the epidermis. Dermabrasion works by planning or sanding down the top layer of the skin so that new skin grows in its place. This procedure can be a little rough on a your skin, so watch out for scabbing or redness and be gentle on the area where the dermabrasion was performed. Laser Therapy Laser therapy goes straight for the source of age spots: the excess melanin or melanocytes that create age spots’ dark pigment in the first place. It destroys them using laser light, and is really Copyright@2011 All rights reserved.


effective at removing age spots. This particular technique can require a number of sessions and can cost a lot of money though. Cryotherapy Cryotherapy involves freezing the top layer of the skin with the age spots using liquid nitrogen or any other freezing agents. Like with laser therapy, the excess pigment is destroyed, and this technique to fade age spots can be pretty effective, even if slight discoloration or scarring can sometimes happen. Chemical Peel Another way to remove age spots is to use a chemical peel. This particular technique for removing age spots uses acid that will burn away the top layer of the skin and cause it to peel, all the way down to the age spots themselves. During this time, new skin will usually form; age spot-free, or at least considerably less spotty.

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Best Anti Wrinkle Creams Help You Beat The Clock by J GIRL

Wrinkles are creases, folds, or ridges in the skin that often appear because the skin loses elasticity as we age. While they can sometimes add dignity or weight to a person’s overall look, more than anything, wrinkles are a sign that we are not exempt from time’s unstoppable forward march. Or, to put it straightforwardly, wrinkles tell the world that we’re old. In a globalized culture that pretty much worships youth, showing signs of age is practically verboten. The worst and the best anti wrinkle creams claim that they can turn back the clock and erase even deep wrinkles. However, even though it can be really tempting to take these products’ promises at face value, it’s still a good idea to take them with a grain of salt. There are a lot of different kinds of antiaging creams out there, but not all of these products are created equal. It can take a bit of snooping around before you can discover the best wrinkle cream for you. Wrinkle creams, which are also often referred to as anti-aging creams, are products that usually have moisturizers as bases, and contain ingredients that also reduce or even eradicate (or so they claim) blemishes, discolorations, expression lines, and of course, wrinkles. As we age, our skin not only gets less elastic, but it also loses the ability to create certain biologically compositions that help keep the skin soft, smooth, and healthy-looking. The best anti wrinkle creams will usually contain compounds or ingredients that try to mimic the effects of these compositions, since they tend to work –albeit not permanently- and the skin usually absorbs them fairly easily. If you want to permanently get rid of those deep wrinkles though, consider the fact that even the best wrinkle cream will only have a partial effect. Any anti aging product can only go so far, and even more drastic measures, like plastic surgery, won’t keep your body from aging or stop tomorrow from making you another day older. Normally, the best anti wrinkle creams, if applied regularly, can decrease the depth of deep wrinkles by only ten percent. Unless you get a particularly bad formula, you’re allergic, or you have especially sensitive skin though, using an anti aging cream will usually leave your skin a little healthier and more moisturized. The best anti wrinkle creams will contain ingredients like retinol, which has been known to have a sort of “rejuvenating” effect on the skin by reducing dark spots and stimulating skin cell renewal. Some will have exfoliating ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids, which are often also used in other dermatological treatments like chemical peels. If you don’t want to resort to botox injections or surgical procedures like face-lifts, but still want your skin to look smoother and rejuvenated, it’s best to follow a formal treatment program for anti-aging which, while possibly more expensive than simply using a single wrinkle cream, will usually leave your skin looking and feeling better. They usually use moisturizers, sun screens, and exfoliation, and over time, it strips away older, damaged layers of skin, encourages the growth of new skin cells, nourishes and moisturizes the new skin, and protects it from the damage that could potentially be caused by the sun’s rays. This means that after a while, you will have a lighter complexion with fewer blemishes and less deep wrinkles.

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If you don’t want to bother with the elaborate intricacies of a treatment program, finding the best wrinkle cream for you and your skin type is usually considered the next logical alternative. After all, what’s not to like about anti-aging creams? They will usually aim to deliver the same kinds of effects as an anti-aging program, but since all of the ingredients are compressed into a single product, the overall outcome isn’t always the same. It’s a lot less of a hassle to only have to regularly apply one anti-aging product though. Whatever steps you may choose to take to slow down the hands of time though, it’s a good idea to remember the adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” If you’ve only just entered your twenties, you might not yet be plagued by crow’s feet and laugh lines, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do to keep them at bay. Starting early on your antiaging regimen by keeping your skin healthy is a great way to do this. You can even take it a step further by already applying anti-wrinkle creams, because while they can’t get rid of wrinkles completely, they can still be really great for your skin. The best anti wrinkle creams will exfoliate, renew, and moisturize, all at the same time. Eliminating deep wrinkles, like laugh-lines or frown-lines are usually the department of more dramatic procedures, like face-lifts which can stretch the skin so that it appears more firm and taut. Even the best wrinkle cream will usually only be good for finer wrinkles, like the lines that can appear on the corners of a person’s eyes or the incidental wrinkles that can happen as gravity takes a steadily firmer hold on our bodies. Despite that, applying these kinds of products can go a long way to keeping skin healthy and slowing down the hands of the clock.

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Do Facial Exercises Work? by J GIRL

If you want to firm up your face and get rid of wrinkles without having to break the bank with expensive skin products or invasive procedures, you can try doing facial exercises. Of course, the question you might ask is, “Do facial exercises work?” Well, it’s very likely that they do. The muscles on our arms and legs are directly attached, not to our skin, but to the bones of our body, which allows us to move our arms and legs. The muscles on our face, on the other hand, are attached directly to our skin, and as we get older, these muscles, as well as the skin covering them, lose elasticity and tone. These factors all contribute to the sagging and wrinkles that many believe to be inevitable. Of course, we can’t really stop the march of days or turn back the clock, but we can hold off the effects of aging that may show up on our faces simply by taking care of ourselves and exercising the muscles of our faces so that they’ll stay firm and keep our skin from sagging. Like any antiaging method that claims not to require any pills, shots, or surgery though, facial exercising has both fans and detractors. While a lot of people will swear by the benefits of facial exercise for the reasons stated above, when people ask, “do facial exercises work?” those who criticize it will point out that the deepest and most prominent kinds of wrinkles are the ones that come from the facial expressions that a person makes. Laugh-lines follow the way the skin folds when a person laughs; frown-lines are created when a person frowns. Given that argument, wouldn’t exercising the muscles that create these kinds of facial expressions simply aggravate the problem? Also, the drooping and sagging that happens as we age isn’t just caused by our facial muscles losing their tone; as we grow older, the stuff that keeps our skin youthful-looking; collagen and elastin, as well as the fatty layer of our skin, get depleted. These factors are certainly not to be ignored in the battle against time and gravity that we all have to wage, the older we get. On the other hand, fans of facial exercise say that it stimulates blood flow to the face and the skin on the face, as well as relieve tension. Have you ever had a “stress spot” on your face –between your eyebrows, for example- where all of the anger or stress you feel seems to just pool in? Usually, these areas have the deepest wrinkles. With facial exercises, you can help take some of the tension away from those spots, as well as refresh your whole face in general. Just like any other exercise program though, facial exercises require dedication, patience, and repetition. One example of a facial exercise which firms up the muscles around the eyes will have you winking one eye partway, holding it for a second, and repeating it at least fifty times before switching over to the other eye.

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Exercises like these can take a lot of time. In fact, it can take months before the effects start to show, but when they do, you can pretty sure that the answer to the question, “do facial exercises work?” is “Yes.”

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Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion SPF 15 Review by Frances

If there’s one thing you should never forget to apply on your face before leaving the house, it’s sun protection. The sun can bring damage to the skin by exacerbating acne, inducing premature aging and wrinkles, worsening freckles, and causing skin cancer. There is an abundance of products in the market today that promise to bring great results to consumers; however, very few can deliver. I have tried scores of moisturizers and creams with SPF protection but they always left my skin greasy. Since I have sensitive skin, this led to breakouts and blemishes. I have tried different products and was left disappointed until I found the holy grail of sun protection on a budget. Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion with SPF 15 for Sensitive Skin is all an urbanite like me will ever need in a moisturizing cream. It is very light and gets absorbed immediately by the skin. Most importantly, for a sunscreen, it doesn’t dry up white, either. On the contrary, it gives my skin a dewy glow all throughout the day. These are reasons why it’s great to use under makeup, but believe me, you can forego the foundation once you have this on. It also contains the antioxidant Vitamin E that helps reduce scarring which is a plus for me since I break out during my period. It is also non-comedogenic, meaning it does not clog your pores. In addition, it is made to be color, fragrance, and PABA free. Although PABA (para-amino benzoic acid) is a UVB absorber, many people who have sensitive skin react badly to it. Moreover, since it already gives you SPF 15, you don’t have to pile on products on your face. Bottom line is, you get the moisture your skin needs and get to protect it without that heavy, greasy feeling. One thing to remember, though, that this is only compatible for everyday use with minimal to average sun exposure. You will need a product with a higher SPF if you plan on spending long hours in the sun, such as a day at the beach, or if you play outdoor sports. Using a product such as this, however, will not guarantee that you blemishes, sunspots, and freckles will be eradicated. What it does is minimizes the damage that the sun will do to our skin. Let’s face it. Only genetics will determine the fate of our skin. The best we can do is take care of what we have.

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13 Beauty Myths Demystified by Frances

There are hundreds of myths that haunt the women today. These have been passed on to generations, from grandmothers to mothers, and mothers to daughters. It is no wonder that many women have grown to believe some (or even all) the myths we have listed below. So to clear things up, we are going to demystify some of the most popular myths handed down from generation to generation. Get ready to play truth or dare with these myths. 1. Crossing legs will cause varicose veins. False. Dare to cross your legs anytime you want. Varicose veins are caused by valves that have difficulty pumping blood to your heart. When they aren’t functioning properly, they produce a pool of blood which can be seen through the surface of the skin. Standing a lot can lead to this. You can also blame your parents for them. Spider veins usually appear at a certain age for some women. Typically, it will be at the same age your mother first had them. Most women also develop spider veins during or after pregnancy. Lastly, chemicals from smoking and birth control pills may cause the same damage as standing all the time. 2. Shaving will result to thicker hair growth. False. Shaving will never make your hair growth thicker. It only appears so because the blade cuts through at the base of the hair. This is the thickest part and when it grows back, it still has that wide end. Hair that’s never been cut has a pointed tip. Hair that’s been cut will never regain its pointed tip. 3. Nail polish causes yellow stains. This one is true. Dark shades such as red and burgundy have more pigments that get absorbed by your nails. To prevent this from happening, wear a clear base coat to protect your nails from looking unhealthy without color. 4. Pores can be shrunken permanently. False. Pore size is determined by genetics. Their size can only be temporarily reduced by using creams, toners and for those on a budget, egg whites. These tighten the skin thereby making the pores look smaller. Copyright@2011 All rights reserved.


5. Cellulite can be erased. False. Only genetics will determine who won’t get them. Cellulites are caused by fat deposits that get trapped between the tissues of the skin. These tissues made of fibrous bands squeeze the fat and creates a lumpy surface resembling an orange peel. Firming creams and lotions, however, can reduce the presence of cellulite by injecting caffeine into the skin to tighten it. Moisturizers will also do the same trick by hydrating and plumping your skin. The quickest way to make cellulite fade is by camouflaging it with a fake tan. 6. Waxing will minimize hair growth True. Waxing rips the hair out of the follicles and causes damage. Repeatedly done, waxing will minimize hair growth to the point where follicles could no longer produce hair. This will take plenty of sessions and a lot of painkillers, though. We’re talking about 2-3 decades of waxing. 7. Rubbing eyes creates wrinkles. False. What give you wrinkles are gravity and repetitive actions such as smiling. Unless you rub your eyes more times than you smile, you’re bound to get crow’s feet and wrinkles. 8. Cocoa butter and olive oil will prevent stretch marks. False. Cocoa butter and olive oil are not able to penetrate the top layer of the skin where the stretching occurs. What they can do is suppress the itching that comes with the rapid expansion of the skin. 9. 100 Strokes will make your hair shinier. False. Studies show that continuous tugging of the hair and overbrushing hair can do more damage than good. Light brushing, however, distributes the oil from the scalp down to the hair. This gives it the natural shine. Light brushing can also remove impurities such as dirt and dandruff and massages the scalp. Massaging the scalp stimulates blood flow for that keeps the hair healthy. 10. Dotting your pimples with toothpaste will make them clear up. Toothpaste contains menthol, an ingredient that dries up pimples; however, it also contains other ingredients that might cause more damage by irritating the skin around the blemish. To be on the safe side, stick to ointments and creams made for clearing blemishes. 11. Sleeping on your back with a satin pillow prevents wrinkles. This myth also comes with a fine print saying that the side you always sleep on will have more or deeper wrinkles than the other. This has a slight truth to it. As we age, the elasticity of our skin will start to degenerate as collagen and elastin fibers will start breaking down. The effects are very minimal and unnoticeable. 12. Drinking plenty of water keeps skin from drying out. Copyright@2011 All rights reserved.


Sure, water will hydrate you and keep your body hydrated. Nevertheless, it won’t do much for your skin. What will keep your skin moist are creams and moisturizers. This one is a true false. 13. Cutting cuticles is bad for your nails. This one holds true. Cutting cuticles put you at risk of hangnails and infections. It’s also a painful procedure. The better alternative would be to push them down after they’ve been soaked and softened. Don’t forget the lotion. You will notice that only a handful of these myths are true. The next time you hear a beauty myth, treat it like a rumor: do not believe it until you have the facts. Who knows, there might be better alternatives to what you’re told to do to look and feel pretty.

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Do Facial Exercises Work? by JGirl

I’ve been considering buying a book or video course about facial exercises. My question to you experienced folks out there: do facial exercises work? What have your experiences been? Do you have any favorite exercises you do on a regular basis? Which, if any, course would you recommend to someone who has never tried face exercises before? I understand there are some for and against this… The pro facial exercise people say that when performed correctly it keeps the muscles under the skin in shape and the increased circulation to the skin will prevent it from wrinkling in combination with toning the underlying structures. The people who advise against it say all that pulling and stretching of your skin will only accelerate skin aging. It’ s hard to say without actually trying it yourself AND committing to it, but who knows? By then it might be too late (if it turns out it actually does increase wrinkles). I’m all about looking better (and younger) naturally. However, I’m not opposed to plastic surgery if it comes to needing it one day. Obviously I’d rather go the natural (and cheaper route) if face exercising really does work. And I want to start early so I don’t have that feeling of having to panic to look for a solution. Preventative maintenance is the name of the game! Let me know, please!

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Getting Rid Of Lip Wrinkles by JGirl

Lines and creases around the mouth are common signs of aging and are often known as lip wrinkles. These can appear in the form of small vertical lines above the upper lip to drooping lines at the corners of the mouth. Since the skin around the lips is thin and sensitive to gravity and environmental damage, it is often the first to be affected and show signs of aging. Also, because of the increased stress on this skin due to eating, talking, etc, age shows sooner here. as the skin’s collagen wears away, skin becomes less elasticized and more prone to damage due to the decrease in its capacity to hold moisture. All this results in its losing and smooth appearance and the surfacing of lip wrinkles, which can make the mouth appear smaller or sagging. These can also make the use of cosmetics difficult, and are often considered unwanted and unattractive. In such cases, there are a host of treatments and also some preventive measures available to remove and reduce lip wrinkles, ranging from home remedies to cosmetic surgery: • You have to prevent lip wrinkles and that is the best way of stopping them rather than trying to stop them later. There are several daily used things which you have to be wary of. The sun is a chief enemy of your skin and can often lead to be the chief cause of wrinkled skin. Lips contain minimum melanin. UVA and UVB rays of the sun and from artificial tanning centers lead to the destruction of natural collagen content of the skin. Also, if you use lipstick on a regular basis lip wrinkles are always a risk. The petro-based substances used in the lipsticks and similar cosmetic products lead to de-moisturization of the lips and the skin as a result becomes dependent on the artificial moisturizers being used. Remember that the skin around your lips is extremely delicate and can be damaged very easily. The preventive measure you can resort to then are sunscreen based lip balms. • You can avoid smoking if that is possible for smokers. If you do smoke you have to ensure somehow that your lip skin is hydrated on a regular basis. You also have to add necessary nutrients to your lips which will prevent them from being deficient in collagen content. A physician can tell you about necessary nutrients for the skin. • For milder varieties of lip wrinkles you can always go for some homely remedies. Almond, coconut, olive oil can be used on the kip on a regular basis to keep it hydrated and add enough nutrients to it. In case there are mild wrinkles already you can try out a vitamin E solution every day on the lips to ensure that they are kept fresh. They might also help in removing the wrinkles. Copyright@2011 All rights reserved.


There are some medicines available over-the-counter which help fighting lip wrinkle problems. These might also help make the lips as supple and soft as before. There are in fact some Retinol based ointments that give the lips a powerful shot of vitamin A which helps stimulating cellular production that is stopped with ageing and other kinds of disturbance. These often come in the form of lip balms and glosses and waxes. These products also have some naturally based stimulants.

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Anti Aging Eye Cream by JGirl

The eyes are the windows to the soul and are also often the first thing most people notice about strangers. Wanting to get anti aging eye cream to make sure that those windows have smooth drapes is perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of. What people should be ashamed of is picking the wrong eye wrinkle cream. You’re pretty much wasting money with the wrong purchase and in any economy, that’s basically a deadly sin in and of itself. Add to that the fact that you might be endangering your skin or your eyes with the wrong purchase and you’ve got a recipe to force people to pick more cautiously. In the war to reduce wrinkles there are a lot of sides, some more effective than others. For the lay person, the labels on any eye wrinkle cream are mostly filled with what is effectively gibberish. Many people end up going with active testing, leading to a lot of wasted money and potentially damaged skin. Whatever it says on the bottle, they tend to want to solve two things: wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. These are standard concerns that grow more and more pertinent as the years go by. Skin naturally becomes more fragile the older you get and thinner as well, which lets blood cells form those dark circles. Luckily, science has taken a glance at the problem and offered solutions for it. This one from Perfect Ceuticals, contains Growth Factor, which may help to keep skin younger before it starts looking bad, instead of just temporarily lifting up saggy skin as many of the cheaper eye creams try to do.

Anti Aging Eye Cream: What Do You Want To Do With It? It looks like a trick question, but if you want to reduce wrinkles you need to focus your efforts. There are three steps to picking the right anti aging cream. The first step is to figure out and decide which issue you want to handle the most. That means picking between the issue of puffiness and wrinkles or handling those circles that tend to form under the eyes. From there, you can then choose more appropriate items. Don’t go for some amateur item just because it’s cheaper, because you tend to get what you pay for. Find the high level stuff, the ones that are called physician grade as these are the ones that can target what you want to handle. The third step is to decide whether that’s really where you want to go – if at the end, you really want to handle them both, there are all-around products for you to purchase. Of

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course, they won’t be as effective as a focused onslaught on the wrinkles or circles and, thus, may either affect less or take longer to work. What Are The Ingredients That Should Be In My Eye Wrinkle Cream? If you want to handle your wrinkles first, you’re looking for caffeine, alcohol, copper peptides and vitamin C to tighten the skin on your face, among other ingredients. This also promotes important collagen growth, which tends to wane later on. Strivectin SD Eye Cream is a good option as it is a powerful anti aging eye cream that has a formulation that makes sure that it avoids irritating the user’s eyes. For people who don’t like that product for one reason or another, there are alternatives such as Kinerase Intensive Eye Cream which uses their signature ingredient, kinetin, to handle those pesky wrinkles. Now, if you’re looking to put the hurt on those dark circles, you’re hoping to use stuff like kojic acid, vitamin K and hydroquinone. Hylexin is largely considered the best anti aging eye cream for your money as it is also the only one out there to truly focus on dark circle removal. Hylexin is backed with immense studies that show off its capabilities. It boats over seventy percent for a success rate. The reviews for it are pretty much insane. For people who want to handle all their problems at once and want to reduce wrinkles, there’s Prevage Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream and MD Skincare Lift and Lighten Eye Cream. Prevage in particular has enjoyed great reception from its user base. Anti Aging Eye Cream Precautions All medicine carries risk, even with a cosmetic aim. No matter how good the eye wrinkle cream is, genetics is still a more powerful force. Sometimes, it’s something you just inherited from your folks and, thus, is very difficult or even impossible to remove. If it’s not that, it might be due to one lifestyle choice or another. Smokers can find themselves with wrinkled skin no matter what they do, short of quitting the stick. Frequent exposure to the sun or even a terrible diet can also lead to wrinkling. Go wholistic in your approach if you want to reduce wrinkles. Cover all your bases – stop smoking and fix your diet, go exercise every now and then. Combined with anti aging eye cream, you might find that you’re looking younger in as little as two months.

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Kinerase Cosmetics and Skincare by JGirl

Picking the right skincare product is important. After all, it’s the one that’s going to protect your face to the world. If you’re looking for your new skincare line, you might find it in Kinerase Cosmetics. It has generally received a positive response from its user base. Read on if you want to know a little more about this largely effective product. Kinerase claims to be one of the best options for people with sensitive skin, one that aims for an anti-aging outcome. Kinerase aims to eliminate wrinkles and other signs of aging, while offering a skin moisturizing effect. Blotchiness will no longer be a problem as long as you use Kinerase Skin Care Products. They have a wide array of products that can come in either cream or lotion forms. Their products claim to avoid blocking the pores and hypoallergenic, making it safe for even the most sensitive of people. Their signature ingredient is kinetin, which carries with it its very own discussion circle and controversy. General Strengths and Weaknesses of the Brand Let’s start with the cons that tend to carry over across Kinerase Products. Occasionally, their moisturizers can be found with some irritants. People with more sensitive skin might want to avoid using those products. The Clear Skin products tend to lag a little behind other Kinerase Cosmetics. There are also some relative mysteries when it comes to their kinetin and zeatin, which has raised some concerns. On the bright side, Kinerase Skin Care have some antioxidant-rich items that are also packaged quite effectively. Anti-oxidants keep the skin from being damaged, as well as aid in protecting against things like heart disease or even cancer, giving extra worth to Kinerase Cosmetics. You can make full use of their sunscreen products as well as it proves great UVA defense when applied correctly. Their products are also largely devoid of fragrance, allowing combined use with perfumes and colognes. Hydrating Oxidant Mist This particular representative of Kinerase Cosmetics is a strong one, as it has hyaluronic acid and glycerin, among other effective agents, like green tea and other anti-oxidants and formulas that are largely free of alcohol. There is only one problem in it – the presence of bergamot oil. It can provoke the production of melanin and should actually not be found in anything that involves skin care. In fact, if your skin is sensitive enough, it could actually cause burns if you’re out in the sun. Daily Defense Lotion SPF 30 This skincare product from Kinerase Cosmetics has avodenzone going for it but beyond that is the problem of the product. The price for 2.8 ounces of the stuff can easily hit one hundred and thirty eight dollars – that’s a pretty penny for their signature ingredient, kinetin. The real trouble Copyright@2011 All rights reserved.


is that kinetin still runs with a lot of controversial fellows, meaning that scientists still aren’t quite sold on the item. It makes sure that skin cells keep replicating but the problem with that is, skin cells that don’t stop replicating are basically cancer cells. While that’s certainly a cause for concern, the price is what will put people off as there is very little kinetin in the product itself. C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment, as a Kinerase Product, performs well. Aside from having kinetin, it also has other great stuff like peptides and the always important vitamin C. It tries to cover all its bases by having as much great stuff as they can cram into one thing, as it also involves acetyl hexapeptide-3, which is that stuff people keep claiming is actually better than putting poison into your face, otherwise known as Botox. While expensive, there are those that have found it extremely effective, even with its relatively high price which is around one hundred US dollars for a single ounce of the stuff. While other products also fall into that range, this is one of the few with an effective combination of chemicals that tend to do well for skin. Kinerase and You At the end of the day, it’s down to how your skin will ultimately react to Kinerase Skin Care products. Each person is blissfully unique and while other share similar traits such as color and the like, others of entirely similar skin types and tones can end up reacting in vastly different ways to the same item. Kinerase Cosmetics carry with it a hefty price tag and some very controversial ingredients, such as Kinetin and Zeatin, but it can still be the one for you. Maybe many other cosmetic lines cause your skin to break out, or maybe they just don’t work well with your skin or its tone. Whatever the reason, Kinerase is here for you to use. Make sure to test it on your skin first, as you would any cosmetics. Perhaps this is the one that will cause you to break out, or the one that will give you a chance to break out.

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Glycolic Acid Skin Care by JGirl

Botox is basically poison, or was at least, until we figured out how to turn Mother Nature upside down. Now, we use botox as a way to make ourselves look better, rather than letting it kill us in the most horrible way imaginable. Glycolic acid isn’t as bad, but when you think about the word acid, it does conjure similarly horrible thoughts and concepts. Glycolic acid skin care is a new way for you to achieve the exact look that you’re searching for, the one that you believe represents you at your best. Dermatologists combine glycolic acid with water to create a glycolic acid solution, which is used as a chemical peel. But Where Did Glycolic Acid Come From and Why Should I Put It On My Face? It’s actually found in some sugar crops. It is non-toxic and is a naturally-occurring hydroxy acid. It can also be created by combining one set of complicated formula with another. Describing the formula themselves in layman’s terms would probably be pointless as there’s no common frame of reference that will allow us to truly appreciate them. Glycolic acid skin care isn’t for everyone, though. It’s best for people who are trying to turn back the clock or, rather, people who are showing signs of aging. Brown marks, fine lines – all these skin issues are ones that glycolic acid can handle. Glycolic acid is also fairly useful against acne, making it a weapon that people in a lot of age brackets can use. It works by peeling dead skin off your face. It reveals fresher skin underneath, which leads to a youthful look. Long term use can actually combat collagen problems as well, making glycolic acid solution very versatile. What Should I Expect From Putting Something With the Word Acid On My Face? When you first use your glycolic acid solution or glycolic acid product, you’ll actually feel some awkward stinging sensations. After all, it’s acid but luckily, humans are very adaptive, which means that the stinging sensation won’t last long. The more you use it, the less stinging there will be. There might also be some dryness or flaking due to the dead skin that have been sloughed off. Despite the good things it can deliver, there are also some side effects from your glycolic acid. The stinging in particular should only last a few minutes. Anything beyond that probably means you’ll have a red face and that you’re using a solution that is too strong. A glycolic acid solution that is too strong can also cause you to shed skin at an uncomfortable rate. It could even make it burn when you perspire. You could also experience some acne breakouts and flare-ups when you first start using the product since you’re introducing a very strong solution onto your skin. Luckily, your skin will get used to it fairly quickly and the flare-ups should stop after a few months.

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When Should I Start Looking Younger? Like all anti-aging methods, it takes some time for the results to really kick in. If you apply it around twice a day, your skin’s texture should become a lot smoother and generally improve within a few weeks, which is pretty good. If you’re dealing with a small scar, it’ll probably take much longer, sometimes even up to a year of constant and consistent use. Improvement of collagen issues shouldn’t take much longer than six months. Your skin tone should start to become even within three months which is a fairly good deal, especially if your dermatologist properly prepared your glycolic acid solution. Of course, that isn’t a guarantee. People are different and every skin is different. It might take less time for you to see results or maybe it’ll take much, much more time. Go Glycolic Acid! It sounds great and probably works but it needs to be handled perfectly. Luckily, there are these people called dermatologists who can do that for you. It’s their job, after all. Visit your local dermatologist to get access to your very own glycolic acid skin care kit. They’ll also make sure that the solution is as effective as possible without causing severe sunburn on your face even without you being under the sun. As with any item, there is some controversy over its efficacy. Truth be told, all anti-aging products tend to be surrounded with controversy. Some glycolic acid solutions only have ten percent acid, which some people say is pointless. The fact that most companies don’t want to increase the glycolic acid content percentage of their products due to fears of a mass of faceburned people ruining their reputation, can lead to a lose-lose situation for the consumer. All in all, you should try it for yourself. Each person’s skin reacts differently to different products. Only in trying it out will you be able to ascertain if glycolic acid skin care is for you. But if it isn’t, at least you don’t have to wonder if you should try it before that big office party.

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Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery by JGirl

With advances in technology, we now have the power to pretty much decide to manipulate any part of our looks, from hair color to bone structure to an overall change in facial look. The eyes, in particular, are a fine target for manipulation. Eyebag removal or upper/lower eyelid surgeries have been gaining momentum recently. The eyes are the windows to the soul, after all. It’s just good sense to want to make that window look good. Cosmetic eyelid surgery or the quick laser blepharoplasty is a great way to dress the eyes up. This fixes up the eyes so that you look less tired and more energetic. What Does It Want to Do? Blepharoplasty is one of those rarely discussed cosmetic surgeries but is still one that is still frequently asked for. Also known as cosmetic eyelid surgery, it is basically a series of relatively simple operations and surgeries that aim to reshape either or both the upper and lower eye lids. It is done for both simple aesthetic and more practical functional outcomes, such as if the eyelids are beginning to impair vision. What Problems Could Occur With the Eyelids Anyway? Laser blepharoplasty can be used for the upper eyelids in an effort to combat a strange droopy eye look that occasionally occurs. Excessive upper eyelid skin that may impair vision tends to trigger the need for cosmetic eyelid surgery. Some skin is removed from the upper eyelid when the situation is particularly severe. Lower eyelids, on the other hand, are where eyebag removal surgeries are targeted. Eyebags tend to make people look much older and much more tired than they actually are. Middle age is usually when eyebag removal is suggested. Only in severe and usually genetic cases is eyebag removal suggested when a person is young. Surgery Details A cosmetic eyelid surgery usually takes around half an hour to forty five minutes per eyelid, depending on the operation being done. General anesthesia is not required, only local. You don’t even have to stay in the hospital afterwards. The incision is rarely visible, if at all, once the wound heals. As with all surgeries, there’s some pain after undergoing cosmetic eyelid surgery but nothing that can’t be handled with over-the-counter medication. Whatever you got worked on, there are going to be some after-effects. Bandages are commonly placed on the area operated on and some eye lubricant should be used in case dry eyes occur. Bruising and swelling are, of course, natural but they’ll be gone after around ten days. Eye drops can help if your eyes feel dry or sandy. You should be ready to go back to work from your laser blepharoplasty within ten days. Eye On You Copyright@2011 All rights reserved.


Many surveys have discovered that your eyes are often the first thing people notice about you and first impressions are, after all, priceless. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make sure that they look their finest all the time. There’s also nothing wrong with wanting a specific look for yourself. Various surgeries are available just for that purpose and cosmetic eyelid surgery is just one of the many options around. If you want to look good, refreshed and younger, you may consider undergoing a cosmetic eyelid surgery.

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Anti-aging Skincare – Growing Old Gracefully by JGirl

Looking and feeling young at whatever age has been the aim of men and women alike for a long time now. Reasons vary, from good old vanity to work-driven motivation particularly for actors, and the methods of attaining them vary as much. Anti-aging creams and various other skincare products are there for the picky consumer, each ready to take years off your look. Facial skincare doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive but you do have to be smart about it. Anti-aging skincare and skincare products need to be used precisely to maximize their effects and to minimize potential side effects. There are lot of facial skincare concerns but one of the most popularized and famous ones is, of course, anti-aging skincare. Anti-Aging Skincare The first and most obvious signs of skin aging comes in the form of lessened elasticity and really dry skin. Wrinkles are also a common symptom as well as looseness of skin. Depending on your age, your problems may differ. For example, in your fifties, you’re likely to have trouble with thinning lips and age spots, while in your forties, your bigger issue lies in discolored or darker skin and blotchy spots. What that means is that your facial skincare and choice of skincare products largely depends on your age and what part of the aging process you want to thwart. For basic skin care, you can take good care of your skin with some basic and simple hygiene. Loose and comfortable clothing lets your skin breathe which is generally always a good thing. Long hot water baths are also a no-no, as they turn out bad later on. A good amount of vitamin C in your diet can go a long way. Anti-Aging Creams This is what most people consider first when they’re trying to make themselves younger. These anti-aging creams consist primarily of moisturizers. Their general aim, regardless of manufacturer, is to make a person look younger by attempting to reduce the presence of blemishes, wrinkles, discolorations and other skin conditions that arise generally from aging. In earlier decades, these anti-aging creams were mostly marketed towards women, but the trend has been changing. There have been an increasing number of men who are, likewise, gearing for the younger look. Unfortunately, anti-aging skin care is tenuous at best, with effects nowhere near most of the claims presented by various companies. At most, wrinkles are reduced by around 10% rather than the 50% to 100% claims being made. Anti-aging creams are effective but only to a point. Most people would suggest combining them with other methods of thwarting aging, such as cosmetic surgery. However, anti-aging creams are still infinitely cheaper than surgical alternatives, such as plastic surgery and botox injections. Facing Up

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Aging isn’t something to be ashamed of. Usually, the image of elegantly-wrinkled features and white hair brings with it the impression of years of wisdom and experience. That being said, there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to look younger. It’s a matter of preference after all. Facial skincare is something that everyone should give a shot at. Following an anti-aging skincare regimen shouldn’t drastically change your opinion of yourself. Who knows, it might give you the look that you’ve been aiming for.

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Acupuncture Face Lift by JGirl

So you’ve had a few birthdays behind you, and your years are starting to show. Your face’s battle with gravity has begun to turn, and your skin just isn’t what it used to be anymore. This isn’t an unfamiliar story. Everybody ages, and everybody’s skin will eventually grow saggier and less elastic as time goes by. Unless there’s some odd, ageless genetic freak out there that doesn’t have –or won’t ever encounter- this particular fact of life, everyone goes through this eventually. So, what’s a person to do? There are a lot of facial treatments out there. Out of all of them of course, Botox injections and facelifts usually show the most dramatic results. If you don’t want to try methods as drastic as these, or simply don’t want to subject your face to all the unpronounceable chemicals and incomprehensible procedures that most conventional cosmetic rejuvenation techniques and products offer, try going for an alternative kind treatment. An acupuncture facelift –which is also usually referred to as cosmetic acupuncture or acupuncture facial rejuvenation- might be the right one for you. The acupuncture face lift has its detractors as well as its fans, and it does come at a pretty steep price –although it’s pretty small when compared to conventional face lifts- so make sure that you know what it entails and whether you’re comfortable giving it a try. What’s Acupuncture? I’m pretty sure that all of you people out there in internet-land might have heard of acupuncture at some point. From its name, a person can probably surmise that it involves puncturing of some kind. And yes, acupuncture does involve a bit of puncturing. If you’re squeamish about getting injections, don’t worry; acupuncture needles are much, MUCH smaller and thinner, they don’t hurt at all. These needles are placed on acupuncture points on meridians along where qi –in traditional Chinese culture, this is what the vital energy that flows through everything is called- flows in the body. Inserting the needles into certain acupuncture points is believed to relieve qi blockages and correct qi flow, relieving pain, alleviating medical condition, and restoring balance in a person’s body. There are a lot of different acupuncture techniques, and there are a lot of different ways of viewing acupuncture. Not everybody believes in it, but this particular form of alternative medicine has shown enough results to be considered by most doctors in the West to be a medically valid form of treatment. What is an Acupuncture Facelift?

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Is acupuncture where the needles are applied to the points on a person’s face and is meant to revitalize and rejuvenate a person’s face; making them look better –and more importantly- feel better. Before jumping on the acupuncture face lift bandwagon though, keep in mind that an acupuncture facelift isn’t an actual facelift. If you take well to the treatment, it’s possible that the skin on your face can improve, and problems like eye bags and fine lines will go away too. If you’re really lucky, after a good number of sessions, the skin on your face could tighten up so that while you won’t have that actual, “face lift” effect, you can look a lot less tired and yes, younger. On top of that, since acupuncture is a holistic kind of treatment, it can also possibly relieve other conditions you might have, like insomnia or weight problems. Of course, it all depends on where on your face the needles might be inserted and whether or not your own unique body will take well to this kind of treatment, but usually, at the very least, you’ll be in for a very relaxing experience. What Kind of Effects Should I Expect From an Acupuncture Face Lift? The name can be a bit misleading, but acupuncture facelifts really aren’t facelifts, no matter how much you might want them to be. For one thing, the effects won’t be as dramatic. Also, expect to come back for multiple treatments. Some acupuncturists will offer packages of fifteen to twenty treatments over the course of two months or so, and can usually cost anywhere between one thousand to two thousand US Dollars. Some may even charge for individual sessions, although results don’t really show after the first few sessions. The acupuncture facelift gets a lot of mixed reviews; some say that there really isn’t any difference between before and after treatment, some swear that even though acupuncture did little more than refresh their faces have a couple of years shaved off, they feel a lot better and younger inside, and that the time and money they had put into the treatment had been more than worth it. If you’re skeptical about the benefits of alternative medicine though, the acupuncture facelift might not be the age-reversal treatment for you. On the other hand, if all you want is a bit of a facial boost along with some stress relief, getting an acupuncture face lift could be ideal; after all, it’s cheaper than most conventional anti-aging surgical treatments, and there’s no downtime after treatment.

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Get Rid Of Grey Hair by JGirl

Grey hair can either make a person look distinguished and worldly-wise, or it can make you look washed out, tired, and yes, I’ll say it: old. Age, after all, is one of the primary causes of grey hair. Conversely then, gray hair is often one of the most obvious signs of aging. In today’s youthobsessed culture, one of the most common ways to get rid of grey hair is by coloring grey hair. The Causes of Grey Hair The substance responsible for people’s hair color is melanin, which is manufactured by pigment cells in the hair follicle and can determine what your natural hair color is. The more melanin a person has in their hair, the darker their hair can be. A person’s hair turns gray when the pigment cells –or melanocytes- in the hair follicles die, and the amount of melanin in the individual hair strands grows less and less. When this happens, eventually, the hair strand growing out will be transparent or white; it won’t have any pigment at all. The grey color that some people may get is actually just left over pigment from a person’s original hair color, and is a lot more likely to happen if you have dark colored hair. Individual strands of a person’s hair can turn white at any point in their lives, but generally, people will see their first grey hairs during their late thirties to forties. One of the most obvious causes of grey hair is age; a lot of older people turn grey because melanin production tends to slow down as they age. Other causes can include heredity, smoking, excessive stress, thyroid imbalance, and vitamin B12 deficiency. Smokers are also said to be four times more likely to go grey than nonsmokers. Coloring Grey Hair Sometimes, going grey can be an opportunity for you to reinvent yourself: you can embrace your approaching new hair color and simply let the grey take over, or you can cover up this glaringly obvious sign of aging by coloring grey hair. You can opt to try and blend the greys in with your natural hair color, go for a new hair color altogether, or even trying turning your grey hairs into highlights for your remaining, darker colored strands. One of the problems with grey hair is that it can be pretty uncooperative when it comes to hair dyes; the lack of melanin tends to prevent the pigment from the hair dye from sticking to the hair itself. Grey hair is also usually a lot more fragile than their pigmented counterparts, so coloring grey hair is best done by professionals using semi-permanent colors, which are much gentler than permanent color treatments. How to Get Rid of Gray Hair

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Grey hair can be a really cool thing, but if it isn’t your cup of tea, and your hair is already grey, there are options you can try to get your old hair color back. Don’t hold your breath though; none of them offer guaranteed, hard and fast results. Your best bet for keeping the grey away is to dye it. If you’re really lucky, you might actually have a genetic tendency to get your old hair color back after a period of gray, and won’t have to worry about the causes of grey hair or have to bother with coloring grey it or trying to get rid of it.

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Retinol Products – How To Choose The Right One by J GIRL

Retinol is a form of vitamin A naturally found in foods like eggs, butter and margarine, liver, cod liver oil, and dairy products. This vitamin is vital in body functions like bone growth and vision, and it has the added benefit of being really great for your skin. So great, in fact, that there are a lot of different kinds of topically applied retinol products out on the market today; from retinol serum to retinol cream. Even reputable skincare product providers like SkinCeuticals have jumped onto the retinol bandwagon; offering products like SkinCeuticals Retinol. What Retinol Can Do for Your Skin There’s a reason why some home beauty treatment recipes involve mixing in a couple of vitamin A gels or capsules; this stuff does a great job of making skin feel firmer and more supple, and it’s great for treating acne, sun damage and reducing –or even erasing some signs of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines. How Retinol Works Retinol is an antioxidant, which means that it neutralizes free radicals; helping to heal and prevent signs of aging, and keep cancer at bay. When it’s applied to the skin, it passes through the upper layers and stimulates the growth of new cells, allowing old cells to get sloughed off more quickly. On top of that, retinol stimulates collagen production and evens out skin tone by healing sun damage as well. All of these factors go a long way to rejuvenating skin and making it look younger and healthier. Does retinol sound too good to be true? Well, retinol creams and retinol serums aren’t going to turn back the clock; really deep wrinkles can’t be removed with a little topical cream, and results usually won’t show instantly. On top of that, not everybody can use retinol for their skin. This particular vitamin can be pretty potent when it’s applied to the skin; a number of people can be really sensitive to retinol, and can end up with dry and flaky skin from using high concentration retinol products. This is part of the reason why some products with high concentrations of topical vitamin A products can only be bought from a dermatologist or a doctor. These kinds of products usually have high amounts of retinoic acid, which is retinol’s active form, and are used to treat serious skin problems like severe acne and keratosis pilaris. Precautions to Take When Using Retinol Products Retinol might be really good for your skin, but there’s a small tradeoff. Retinol creams and retinol serums are safe to apply daily, over any exposed part of the body. Copyright@2011 All rights reserved.


If you have sensitive skin that gets easily irritated though, it’s best not to apply your retinol cream every day at first and then gradually make your applications more frequent until your skin gets used to it and can stand the retinol product being applied every day. On top of that, you can prevent redness and flaking skin by smoothing on some anti-inflammatory lotion or moisturizer over the area after you skin has absorbed the retinol. If you continue to feel a burning sensation on your skin and it keeps on stinging and peeling, even with all these precautions, then retinol products really might not be the anti-aging skin treatment for you. Stop using the products and try to go for gentler formulas. Additionally, because retinol repairs damaged or misshapen skin cells as well as encourages cell growth, you essentially get new skin faster. This is why using retinol products can help even out skin tones and get rid of small blemishes. Ironically, even though this stuff does a great job of repairing sun damage precisely because of this, it is also for this reason that skin becomes much more vulnerable to sun damage, so it’s especially important that you don’t forget your sunscreen before stepping out when you’re using a retinol serum. Even if it isn’t too sunny outside, try to use a sun protection product with at least SPF 25. Go for a higher SPF if the weather’s brighter or you live in a place with a warm climate. Many experts recommend that retinol products be used at night instead of during the daytime, so that the skin photosensitivity that these products cause won’t be as much of a problem anymore. Dermatologists still stress that a good, broad-spectrum sunscreen must be used during the daytime when using retinol products, even when retinol is used as a night cream. What’s a Good Retinol Product to Try? Dermatologists love retinol, and if you’re looking for a good retinol product that really delivers, look no farther than SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5. Many believe that the SkinCeuticals Retinol brand is the best over the counter retinol product in the market today. This particular retinol cream contains a 0.5% retinol formulation, which is actually a fairly high concentration for an over the counter product and makes it usable only as a night cream. However, if you want results, a retinol serum with this concentration delivers quite well. Consult with a dermatologist if you want to try for SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0 or any other kind of retinol product with a higher concentration though; it might cause dryness and stinging skin.

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Botox Side Effects & Costs by J GIRL

It’s pretty hard to find a celebrity over twenty-five who hasn’t had a Botox injection these days. Considering how easy and effective Botox is, it’s pretty easy to see why. A Botox injection is a procedure that gets rid of wrinkles instantly, without having to go through the bother and recovery time of getting sliced open or having to sit through a long and uncomfortable recovery period. If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper way to free yourself from your frown lines, Botox might just be the way to go for you. The cost of Botox injections might be cheaper than a face lift or other forms of plastic surgery, but it can still set you back anywhere between three hundred and fifty U.S. dollars, and five hundred and twenty dollars. If you have the cash to spare and are raring to go though, be aware that even though they’re generally a lot less trouble than invasive surgery, but the side effects of Botox do exist. What is Botox, Anyway? Botox is actually a brand name for a substance known as Botulinum Toxin Type A, or simply, botulism. This stuff is actually the most toxic known protein today. Before you start running off in the opposite direction though, take note that even though this stuff is really toxic, it has a lot of medical uses outside of keeping Hollywood’s Hottest from looking their age. What Does Botox Do? In tiny doses, Botulinum Toxin Type A actually paralyzes the muscles it’s applied to. It was originally used to treat the muscle spasms caused by diseases and conditions like Parkinson’s disease and cerebral palsy. Later on though, this protein, diluted and packaged as Botox and applied through injections, became the treatment du jour for people who wanted to make their faces smooth and wrinklefree again. Botox injections basically cause the facial muscles in the area where the substance was applied, to tense up and stop moving for three to four months. Is it Safe? Botulism is toxic. There’s no way around that. It’s part of its charm though. After all, it’s precisely that toxic effect that paralyzes the muscles in a person’s face and gives them that linefree look that lets them look like they’ve beaten the clock. Before you start jamming that needle into your face though, take note that the side effects of Botox can be pretty irritating. Administered correctly though, that’s about as harmful as Botox gets.

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You should make sure that you take all of the necessary precautions so that your Botox injections will be the genuine article though –a lot of botulism-related deaths have actually been linked to people using fake Botox. If you’re using the genuine article, the possibility of side effects of Botox should still be looked out for. If things go wrong, for example, you can end up with the wrong muscle group paralyzed (like the muscles controlling your eyelids getting paralyzed instead of the ones that cause those frown lines), bruising –although that doesn’t come from the toxin, but from how it was injected- and the possibility of your face becoming stuck in an odd rictus of a facial expression for six or more weeks because the Botox was incorrectly administered. You could temporarily end up with a droopy smile or eyelid, or even the loss of the ability to close an eye. Additionally, if the Botox is injected into the jaw muscles –which may or may not reduce turkey neck and other really annoying signs of aging- you might have trouble chewing solid food. Aside from the potential muck-ups that can happen while injections are being put in place, the other possible side effects of Botox include headaches, partial facial paralysis, difficulty swallowing, muscular weakness, allergic reactions, and flu-like symptoms. Also, Botox will usually leave the parts of your face where it was applied difficult –if not impossible -to move, and feeling numb. This means that you might end up not being able to display normal-looking facial expressions. Check with your doctor to see if you’re a good candidate for Botox injections; if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to get pregnant, or susceptible to allergies for example, it’s better to stay away from the needle. What is the Cost of Botox Injections? If you’re willing to brave the possibility of looking like the product of the crypt keeper having a wild night with the bride of Frankenstein after a botched-up Botox job, then it should be a real relief to know that you’re very likely to spend a lot less on Botox injections than on any other form of age-arresting plastic surgery. Botox injections will eventually wear out and can be reapplied every four months, although since the muscles that’ll get injected will start thinning over the course of repeated treatments, which means that you could eventually get longer lasting results. With each treatment normally costing between three hundred and five hundred dollars though, it might feel like the cost of Botox injections are easier to stomach than other kinds of cosmetic procedures meant to dramatically get rid of wrinkles. The side effects of Botox can be pretty annoying, but at least they aren’t permanent, like most botched cosmetic surgery effects can be. It’s no wonder a lot of people jump straight for the needle at the first hint of a wrinkle.

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