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6 | Contributors 8 | Editors Note 10 | From $12 000 in one year to $12 000+ days: By Kylie Patchett

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22 | How To Becom

Independent By Pauline Han

28 | Cover Coach

Hillary Rubin


I S S U E 40 | 5 Reasons Why Your Coaching

Business Needs a Graphic Designer By Anna Matjasec

48 | 10 Quick Questions with Coach Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

50 | Helping Clients Going Through Career Transition By Ivana Williamson

56 | Coaching Your Client Beyond Their Fears By Jacqueline Forth

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60 | Healthy Coach Recipes:

Herb Pesto Canapes and Super Brownies By Natalia

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KYLIE PATC H E T T Kylie Patchett is a world leader in women’s self-mastery. With a background in medical and forensic science, she now combines holistic health, mindset mojo and business coaching to help women free themselves from stuckness and overwhelm so they can rock out divinely delicious, soul-satisfying lives and businesses.

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Anna Matjasec is an art director in Brisbane with over 15 years industry experience. She is the owner and art director of Design With Style a boutique graphic design business that specialises in graphic design for entrepreneurs. Anna is the author of the e-book “10 tips to a successful online business” and has recently offered her mentoring service to fellow designers. Anna is also the co-founder and designer of ROOOAR magazine.

PAULINE HANUISE Pauline Hanuise is a certified Holistic Health & Recovery Coach and a member of the American Association Of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). Having recovered from 15 years of struggles with bulimia, she is now dedicated to help people making peace with food. She is the creator of the “Make Peace With Food, Change Your Life” project, where she empowers women to live a better life.

BUTORS IVANA WILLIAMSON Ivana Williamson is a career coach who is passionate about empowering women and helping them to discover their confidence in order to achieve their career desires. Whether they want to transition from one career to another or if they’re a stay at home mum who wishes to return to work, Ivana will guide them every step of the way.


JACQUELINE FORTH Jacqueline Forth is a lifestyle strategist and entrepreneur who is passionate about empowering women to live truly wild and free lives. Her workshops, blog musings and programs encourage brilliant women to dream bigger, live bolder and create extraordinary lives of their own design. She adores having her bare feet in the grass, backbends and an afternoon glass of red wine.

Natalia is a shaman, ceremonialist and transformational healer. Her passion is facilitating profound transformations through the power of shamanic energy medicine. It is her deepest honor to call on her wisdom in guiding clients towards thriving health and unwavering happiness. Natalia offers shamanic healing sessions remotely with the ability to connect anywhere in the world. She is also a lover of healing foods and is the author of 2 raw food cookbooks.

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Editors Note I can barely believe that this is the third edition of inspired COACH Magazine. It truly does feel like yesterday that I first had the idea for a coaching magazine and dreamed of my first cover coach. And now here we are three editions down and the fourth almost in production. Yes! That’s how long it takes to put these bimonthly babies together. There has been much happening in my world since the last edition. I have launched the Beautiful You Coaching Academy - a training school for life coaches. If I can barely believe this is the third edition of the mag then believe me when I tell you that I can barely believe I’ve

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established a training school! It has been born out of the many incredible coaches I have coached myself and their desire to learn the ‘Beautiful You’ way of working with clients and building a successful business. With my little idea of training people I put a small call out in one of my newsletters to an overwhelming response. That pilot group has now started and very soon the first 20 Beautiful You Life Coaches will be out in the world doing great things. And there’s more to come with trainings in Sydney, Gold Coast and Melbourne throughout the year. If you want to join them and me then please do get in touch. We are expecting them to be a sell out just like the pilot. In this edition of inspired COACH I know you will learn so much from our

cover coach Hillary Rubin and her eclectic and successful coaching journey. And then there is the incredible Kylie Patchett letting you in on her secrets to business success, how to be location independent courtesy of Pauline Hanuise and how to support your clients going through career transition with Ivana Williamson. And that’s just for starters. There’s so much more to enjoy. Enjoy beautiful you. Until I see you in April with a beautiful new cover coach and more inspiration for you!

inspired COACH Editor Julie Parker

Beautiful You Coaching

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Photography by Katie Bennett inspired COACH 10

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When I first began my business I was enthralled with the idea that I could help women transform their relationship with themselves, and fresh out of my own journey from self-destruct to radical self-respect, I opened for business on my 37th birthday in January 2012. I closed 2012 having earned a grand total of $12 000 and feeling like a big failure. {Cue being tempted to look for a “normal job.” Gasp!} Fast-forward 12 months and I’m closing the second year of business regularly signing over $12 000 in one day in my coaching practice. So what gives? My ability to hold space for a woman in health, life or business breakdown has not changed one iota. I still care deeply, I still love BS busting, I still have the same qualifications. So what’s changed? Significant shifts in mindset around money and my worth, and bravely facing my fears to grow a business that now gently cradles both my clients and myself. Here are the 8 shifts that made it all possible:

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GET YOURSELF A CHEER SQUAD ASAP In the first year I tried to do EVERYTHING by myself. I stayed up late researching every step of the way. I became a generalist at everything from web copy to Facebook advertising to how to website creation – and the result was that I stayed very stuck, very broke and feeling very alone. In my second year of business I bit the bullet on many fronts. I shared with my friends and family what I intended to create and gently let go of the people that weren’t on my dream bus. I paid big-ticket investments for the privilege of being in a mastermind and client attraction program – money that felt scary big at the time but was worth at least 10 x the investment in business growth andconfidence. I gained two mentors that have shone the light on my path as a heartpreneur and been equal parts cheer squad and butt kicker. Perhaps most importantly, I hired my OWN mindset coach and my own VA (who I call my Fairy Godmother).


inspired COACH 14

In my first year, I stayed safe website tweaking, logo designing and Facebook connecting. Perhaps valid long-term business activities, but NONE of them earned me money immediately, which played in to my fears about being in business. By contrast this year, I allowed myself to go after low hanging fruit in my relationship sphere – people who already knew me, liked me and trusted me, and fit my client avatar. This bred instant results through gaining clients directly and being pointed towards people who needed my services. Once I had solid income, I started playing and tweaking and creating new programs (just don’t do this first unless you want to give up before you get going).

GET SERIOUS ABOUT SELFCARE Your business is one part of your life. In my first year, business felt like the only thing I thought/lived/breathed and my self-care beganto slide in a big way. I was working most nights and I missed out on a lot of family time. I felt low grade stressed all the time andnaturally as a coach this translates into client sessions which is super not cool. Giving yourself permission to enjoy life

outside of your business is the only way to make business sustainable, enjoyable, and to allow it to cradle your life and NOT be your life. This year I created exquisite boundaries around work hours, family time and me time and stood empowered as the CEO of my business.

LET GO OF THE GO-GO AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT’S NOT YOU Here’s the thing – you really don’t need to be perfect to coach, but you do need to be congruent, and a lot of the start up coaches Inow coach myself make the mistake of preaching one message but living a completely different. This was me in my first year too.

inspired COACH 15

Your clients care not that you have a perfect life, but they do care that you are authentic, straightforward and honest. In my second year I opened up far more to my audience about my own health and mindset journey, and said no to the crazy busy go go go existence I had hemmed myself into. Remember, your life is your business card baby and your tribe does not want a shiny example of perfection, they want a woman who is strong enough to tell it like it is.

TIME TO SUCK IT UP AND SELL I am sure you have heard “to sell is to serve”. Why then is there so much angst for us chicks

around selling services? In my first year sales conversation scared the bejesus out of me, and even though I hoped I had conviction in my voice when asking for business, now I realise that my poor close rate was directly proportional to my own self worth. This year, I got crystal clear about my genius zone. The things I could do easy as pie that my clients struggled with. I finally learnt that my clients were not buying my time, they were buying deeply craved-for personal transformation. Once I worked that out as a life time value proposition and understood the key sales process, I got over the sales cringe super fast. This bred 1000% conviction in my self confidence as a coach which translated into luscious leaps in client results and way more cash in the bank.

IT’S OKAY FOR IT TO BE EASY In my first year I still struggled with thoughts of “earning good money means working really hard” and consequently I created a reality where I worked really freaking hard for not much reward. This year I stopped charging per hour, I started bundling my programs exactly the way I wanted to deliver them. Rather than trying to be everything for everyone, I focused on my areas of genius and the way I wanted my business to FEEL. Sure there were still times of hustle, but overall this

inspired COACH 16

year has felt like being magnetic to magnificent clients and magnificent opportunities.

of myself for totally turning around my crappy relationship with the green stuff.



This was such a huge sticking point for me in my first year. I was afraid to be totally aware of what was going in and out of my business. I mixed my business and personal accounts, I had poor boundaries around client payment and I handed over my credit card with crossed fingers to pay for non-essential stuff in my business in the hope it would “fix things”. For a good chunk of year one I felt deeply ashamed that as an intelligent woman, I could not crack the code for making money in my business. Fast forward to this year, I became a spectacular container for money. I charged my full worth for one-on-one time, developed a lower priced group coaching program to service a different slice of the market and am hyper aware of my day to day financials. This deep respect and healthy relationship with money has seen my revenue make magical jumps and I’m proud

Last but not least, my first year saw many ways I did not offer my services, did not chase opportunities, did not follow up on leads. All because I was stuck behind a wall of fear and uncertainty about my ability to build a successful business or work with awesome clients. This year? With the help of my own mindset coach and my cheer squad, I told fear to go F itself which resulted in a massive shift: this business is not about me. This business is about the clients I can help, those women who do not recognise their own brilliance, the love ripple that helping one women stand in her power creates in the world. Like me, maybe it’s time to get the heck over yourself - because it’s really not about you, and holding yourself back is ripping off the rest of us who might be looking for that innate gift you’ve got. So that’s it in a nutshell honey. 8 shifts that added up to one very different reality. May you too lead a Delicious Life as a coach, because together we can literally change the world.

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KYLIE’S BUSINESS BUILDING TIPS Get A Cheer Squad Go After Easy Income First Get Serious About Self-Care Let Go Of The Go-Go Suck It Up And Sell It’s Ok To Be Easy It’s Not About You

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Become a Beautiful You Life Coach

Heart Centred Life Coach Training to Build a Business and Life You Love 2014 Courses in Sydney, Gold Coast and Melbourne

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As far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted more freedom. When I was a kid, I was always the first one to want to sleep at my classmates’ place and get out of the house. I’ve always wanted to see what was happening elsewhere and check if the grass wasn’t greener than what I was used to. During my scholarship, I managed to study in a few different cities in Belgium and France and when I entered University in my home country (Belgium), my number one priority - on top of what I wanted to do with my life - was to stay in Brussels and explore the capital city and all the great things I could access over there. By that time I already knew that I wanted to explore other parts of the world and live in a sunnier country than mine. Things got a bit worse when I started commuting with many grey and unhappy people every day. I always thought to myself “this is not how I want to live my life” and just a year after starting working as an employee in a huge corporation, I left Belgium with my partner to live in Sydney, Australia, where I’ve spent a bit more than 3 years. During my time in Australia, I’ve learned and evolved so much that I can now say that the experience resulting from my expatriation was priceless. I managed to recover from many years of struggle with a full-blown eating disorder and became a Holistic Health & Recovery Coach to help other women to do the same and create a better life for themselves. After 3 years in Australia, I realised that it

inspired COACH 24

wasn’t because I was able to live in a sunnier country that I had created more freedom for myself. My partner was still in a ‘9 to 5’ job and we were unable to visit our family when we wanted. We were stuck in the same routine as before, just with a better quality of life. That wasn’t quite enough to meet my expectations. We already knew that the best plan for us was to become location independent. We wanted to be able to live in the most beautiful parts of the world while leveraging our income (earned in modern countries such as Australia, USA and Europe and spent in the less expensive ones). We wanted to be able to settle down wherever we really wanted to live, enjoying life at its best while being able to get back in our home country when we wanted to and for as long as we really wanted to as well. Finally we both wanted to be our own boss and avoid some kind of deadly routine.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine... it’s deadly.” Paulo Cohelo That’s why I started my coaching business uniquely online, which means that I was (and still am) coaching my clients via phone or Skype. When what you do happens uniquely online, you’re not linked to an office or a country anymore. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, everything is possible. What’s great about that is that most countries

have now access to internet and that’s still increasing exponentially every year. I’ve now been living in Bali for 8 months and planning to stay here another 3 months. We will then keep moving to the most beautiful places in Asia and the rest of the world while looking for our perfect home. There are so many amazing places to visit, so why sticking with our home country, right?

Today, I live in a gorgeous villa with swimming pool in Bali. But to be honest, I am still pinching myself everyday to make sure I am not dreaming. I am actually living a life beyond my wildest dreams and it’s still the very beginning! Even-though this has been very easy and pretty quick to manifest for me, here are the things you want to keep in mind if you want to become location independent:

inspired COACH 25

Don’t think this is something for “others” only. It’s totally possible for every one of us. I’ve even seen many people doing it with kids.

The first move will be scary! You will have to step-out of your comfort zone, but like many great things in life, if you want something better, do it anyway.

If you are still not sure, make a list of all the things you have to win by taking action vs the things you have to win by not taking action. Be aware that if it’s not what you want, it’s easy to get back to where you were before. But be also aware that if you try it, you might never want to come back.

More and more people are becoming location independent to increase their quality of life and leverage their income and online business has never been so easy. If you are interested there are many great books to help you in this process such as ‘The Lean Start-Up’, ‘The $100 Start-Up’ and ‘The 4 Hour Work Week.’

inspired COACH 26

Try to connect with people that are already living where you want to live (via forums or online communities) and ask them about the quality of life (internet connection, cost of life, yoga studios, expat community, etc.)

When you move, take at least 2 weeks off work to be able to enjoy your new country and settle in.

As you might be living in beautiful places where people come for holidays and relaxation, keeping an eye on your productivity is great idea. You will see that in your new life, everyone has time and everyone is keen to do some ‘brain picking’ - because you will most likely create curiosity about what you do. At the same time, you don’t want to create this type of life for yourself and not enjoy it because you are too focused on your work. Finding balance will be your challenge - and you will definitely need some time to find it.

Finally, having a great international insurance will be very important if for no other reason than the peace of mind it will give you.


More and more people are becoming location independent to increase their quality of life and leverage their income, and online business has never been so easy. inspired COACH 27

Hillary Rubin is a tour de force in the coaching world. Her coaching journey is filled with eclectic experiences in fashion, yoga and healing, leading her to now coach coaches in finding their own unique voice – just as she has done. Interview by inspired COACH Editor Julie Parker Photography by Caroline White

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Being in the same orbit as Hillary Rubin is to experience a life coach who is at once energetic and alive with enthusiasm, but also one that is deeply spiritual and committed to her practice. A non-traditionalist in the very coolest form of the word, Hillary believes that there is a little coach inside us all; such good news for those of us still to find our special and unique coaching voice. It was a joy to interview her and share her coaching journey with inspired COACH readers.

Tell us about your journey to becoming a coach.

I started being exposed to the coaching world while I was teaching yoga. I began to pick up patterns in my students; especially about their physical pain, and with my intuition as a guide I started asking them more challenging questions, which evolved into deeper one on one work.

I’m a spiritual life and career coach. My coaching has a very spiritual base. This does not mean my spirituality and a clients has to be the same. I meet clients wherever they are in their spirituality and make suggestions that are complimentary to that, so they are always getting to the underpinnings of their connection to themselves. I felt drawn to use the words spiritual life and career coach because it encompassed a bigger picture of what I did.

I soon realised that what I was doing was coaching. It was really a transition and having seen one of my mentors who went from dancing into coaching, it really made sense to me. Coaching brought my strengths and gifts together.

I mostly work with career women who are very heavily in their masculine and they realise that either through a health or life crisis or change such

I’ve had a lot of different careers and pathways in my life. Fashion is where I started my career and then I went on a healing journey when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. That experience lead me to teach yoga which I loved.

inspired COACH 30

What sort of coaching do you do now?

inspired COACH 31

as a divorce, they wake up realising that they’re not interested in being the same person anymore.

What kind of study, courses, learnings have influenced your coaching? My underpinnings for my life beliefs come from tantric yoga and that comes from a feminine based model. Everything is good in some sense and it’s really seeing how we can see everything as divine and use what we have. Our flaws are really our greatest gifts and blessings. The tantric philosophy created a profound shift in my own life so that has influenced different aspects of my ‘why’ and what I believe. Marie Forleo has also been a very big influence for me. I did an online coaching program with her that profoundly changed me. Marie went from dance to being a coach, and she was in fashion and also a Jersey girl, and I was born in Jersey too. She really resonated with me and I learned about coaching through being in that program. How she did things really helped me as a coach but also as a business owner. Louise Hay has also been a big part of my work and even different therapy that I’ve done and

inspired COACH 32

behaviour therapists I have worked with. What’s most influenced my coaching overall however is my life and what I’ve overcome, combined with the different tools I’ve learned from courses, events, and work I’ve done on myself.

What was the experience of coaching your first client like? It was exciting! My first client came from a community night at the yoga studio I taught at. There were 50 people there and I handed out some clarity session forms for people to fill out, hoping it may lead to coaching clients. I only got about three back but it lead to a conversation with a guy who said he wanted to work with me. I was so thrilled because I knew that I could help him. Our sessions were in person and I just listened and asked what he wanted and what his dreams were. And we started creating plans and I guided him and gave him exercises. We also did some yoga and meditation. It was really rewarding and things changed for him for the better.

inspired COACH 33

How did you go on to start attracting more clients after that first client? It was mostly through my yoga studio. I would do different community nights or be talking to people and suggest they have a strategy session with me. I was eager to listen to people and was curious about what was going on for them and what they were looking for in their life. I made a lot mistakes in those early days business wise. I had a lot of no’s I’m sure because I was following others sales scripts and needed to find my own words which I did too much greater impact. I also got clients through my website as it developed and also Facebook. It was before Facebook had a timeline though. People were just seeing my life unfold and then contacted me asking for coaching. I was also very clear on my intentions and where I wanted my coaching work to go. I even had my calendar marked out of when I wanted to work with clients so I was setting myself up for that to happen, and I’m pretty much living that today. I used the resources I had at that time and now I see there’s better resources out there which is great. You do have to position yourself as an expert and that is the biggest thing that has helped me get out there, positioning myself as an expert, inspired COACH 34

and really getting people results so I can have amazing testimonials talk about my work more than I do.

What do you consider to be the best skill that a coach can have? Intuition. Some people might not think it’s a skill but I do. That intuition may mean you need to be up front with a client because they aren’t the right fit for you or you for them. It may be when you’re working with a client that you realise you need to stop the path you’re on and move in another direction.

What do you consider to be the three most important skills of a great coach? • Believing in your client more than your client is afraid. Doing so means you’re not into their story or fear. You’re believing in them more than they’re afraid, and that to me is holding that big vision and brighter future for themselves that they so want. • Meeting your clients where they’re

inspired COACH 35

at. That means knowing their ‘stuff’ and blocks, and meeting them with all those things without judgment. We shouldn’t want to be a friend to our clients or worry if they like us. We should want to be of greater service for them, which involves being right where they are without the expectations of what we might want to happen in a session. • The ability to pay attention to a clients patterns that keep repeating, especially in their language and then shining a light on the blind spot of that pattern and helping them to see the language and how it is impacting them. I think that’s really big because becoming aware of those patterns leads to positive behavioral change and so listening intently for them allows you to help your clients immeasurably.

What are your best tips for new coaches who are trying to build their business? If you’re new to coaching I think coaching more for experience, and helping your clients get results, (with hopefully some amazing testimonials too), is more key than coaching for money. This is the best way to build your confidence and deal with any fraudulent

inspired COACH 36

feelings or thoughts that you don’t have your life together enough to be a good coach. Money isn’t going to breed confidence. It’s going to make you feel good and like you have a business, however, it’s the experience you get from coaching that’s going to help you build confidence and expertise to really grow your business. However, there is no right or wrong with this and if it is about the money for you – see how that feels and works. We are all different. You only need to be a few steps ahead of your clients to coach well. You don’t need to have it all figured out or be perfect. Being a few steps ahead of your client is going to also help you identify your ideal client through your own experiences. You want to really look at your own experiences and look at what you’re here to do to. See the beginnings of your business as exploratory and experimental because where you’re going to start off coaching today is not where you’re going to be coaching in years to come. If you have to have another job when you start to coach – don’t fret about that. You don’t want to be desperate for money as a coach because you are also a sales person and marketer, and you’ve got feel

inspired COACH 37

good about sales. Instead of pressuring yourself about your other job – see it as a business loan. It’s not going to be that way forever. The job is there to support your business. If a client asks for help in an area that you don’t have experience in or you don’t have an answer, you can always say that you don’t know and refer them to another resource. You shouldn’t feel like a fraud or bad about doing that. Sometimes a therapist might need to also support a client or somebody else because there’s something out of your scope. It’s okay to say, “I’m going to look into this and get back to you.” It’s a perfect answer. Be transparent and honest and grow your resources and resourcefulness. Saying that something is not in your scope is one of the healthiest boundaries you could create for yourself.

What do you love about coaching? Seeing what’s possible for my clients. It allows me to become a better person. And I really love drawing out the best in my clients and showing them that they can create a soul fulfilling life and really define what that means for them.

inspired COACH 38

What’s next for Hillary Rubin? Coaching coaches! I did this last year and will be doing it again this year with ‘The Art of Becoming a Coach’ training program. It was a thirteen-week program and I’ve now added four weeks of integration to make it seventeen weeks. I really want to help coaches create and define their unique style of coaching, especially women that are working jobs that want to become coaches, mums that want to get back into something, holistic healers and yoga teachers. I’m really enjoying coaching coaches and helping them to craft their story so they can stand out and be unique and authentic. inspired COACH 39

5 reasons W H Y


coaching business

N a Eg rEa pDh iSc

designer By Anna Matjasec

inspired COACH 40

I see it all the time. Amazing entrepreneurs with amazing businesses (many of them coaches!) who try to manage their own visual identity and branding, often through the use of free online programs. The results are often pretty shaky and pretty generic too. And in a crowded online market place doing everything you can to stand out is so important. Best not leave it to such chance! Very few of us cut our own hair just because we own a pair of scissors, or build our own homes because we have access to a plan, some bricks, and a bathroom sink. We wisely choose to work with someone who knows what they are doing – an expert - because we know that is where we will get the best results. And likely keep our sanity at the same time too. Your life coaching brand needs to be like you – dynamic, unique, special and different. The only person that can create that for you is a graphic designer – and not just any designer – one who specialises in working with entrepreneurs and knows how to carry the unique ‘you’ through your brand and help you attract clients too. In fact, I truly believe that unless you are a blessed with graphic design genes

or skills, (even though you aren’t one), you cannot get by in your life coaching business without working in partnership with a graphic designer. Here are 5 reasons why having a great graphic designer on speed dial can help propel your coaching biz to new heights:



93% of communication is visual. That means that 93% of your brand message comes from the way it looks, and not from the words you use. In the first instant that someone looks at your images, advertisements or your website, they have received your message. Wouldn’t it be good to know that message was the one you intended to present? After all, you can tell people that you are Cinderella but if you look like the Wicked Stepmother, which do you think they will believe? The eyes always win. As with any other marketing inspired COACH 41

element, it has to be correct if you are going to reach the right people – the ones who need you and are your most ideal clients.



When you are starting your own coaching business there are a lot of decisions to be made and often it might feel like your head could explode. A designer can help you define your business and branding vision by pinning down your ideal client and helping you clarify your special point of difference. An experienced designer will know exactly what to ask you. And they will keep asking until they get the information they need to create the brand that is going to best work for you. By the time you have finished you will walk away with a very clear understanding of what your business will look and feel like, and how it will stand out in the marketplace. Yes, your head might still explode but it will be for all the right reasons! inspired COACH 42



Pretty things attract buyers. Has anyone said no to a gift from Tiffany? If it’s gorgeous, we want it. It’s that simple. Think about it. Last time you walked into a bookstore, what did you buy? The chances are high that it was not the book you went looking for. Those book covers are fiendishly clever at attracting us, aren’t they? Just any old image won’t do. It has to be the right one – the one that prods at your curiosity and interest. That’s what your graphic design needs to do. It must catch the eye of your ideal client, provoke their interest and show them who you are and what you’re all about. And great graphic design when it achieves that, just became your sly business partner and behind the scenes client attractor that you’ll never want to be without again.



Unique – you know what it means but obviously not everyone does. Why else would people brand their business with a generic logo? There could be many other businesses out there each wearing your logo and branding. Changing an off-the-shelf logo from pink to purple isn’t good enough. Clone one, two… Your coaching business needs to be recognised and remembered, and quality, original branding which is consistent across your entire business, is what will do it for you.



Your website should be something you are proud of and that you keep coming back to look at and admire, just as your clients will do. You want to scream from the rooftops that “My website is amazing, check it out!” It is not enough that your website is functional. It must look great too, because that’s what makes people stop long enough on your site to get your message. When it comes to websites and branding, beauty does matter. Your business needs a graphic designer because they can take your data and convert it into a stunning brand message that hits the right target. And in this instance that right target are of course your ideal clients. Graphic design is not an expense. It’s actually an investment in your business and your coaching business - and you are worth it!

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inspired COACH 44

inspired COACH 45



inspired COACH 46

e m b r a c e

t h e

p o w e r

o f


p a u s i n


n g

a n d

s i l e n c e

w i t h

m y

c l i e n t s .

inspired COACH 47

10 QUICK QUESTIONS WITH COACH Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

Katherine Mackenzie-Smith is a life and business coach, dream chaser, awesome life advocate and no bullshit bestie for anyone who’s up for making the most of their time in the sun. Get ready to ignite your life, embrace the ebbs and flows of the everchanging tide, and rediscover your dreams at her online space, The Beauty Of Life. inspired COACH 48

1. I am always...laughing.

I think we can sometimes take life too seriously. Laughing always helps.

2. I love coaching...because

it’s powerful, life-changing stuff. Coaching is a direct way to connect with another person, think aloud, get clarity, put the wheels in motion, and talk it out with your objective, insight-wielding guide. What’s not to love?

3. Being a coach rewarding.

Watching someone have a light bulb moment right in front of your eyes, seeing where someone started and where they end up after a few sessions, it’s such a beautiful thing to be a part of.

4. My clients are...energetic,

passionate, motivated, and inspired to put it all out on the line and make their dreams real - even if they’re not quite sure what their dreams are yet.

5. I find joy in...the little things.

There’s a lot to be said for the pursuit of more, of happiness, of bigger and better but it’s easy to forget that it’s the fleeting bursts of joy that make life truly wonderful. Living intentionally, injecting moments of fun, and stopping to appreciate the little things is the essence of the beauty of life.

6. In tough times I...remind myself

to breathe, take some time out, and turn to

the ridiculously incredible people in my life for support and guidance.

7. Authenticity to me is...having

the confidence to back yourself, the heart to be honest and real, the vulnerability to stand up and say ‘this is who I am’ and the grace to appreciate those who connect with that and be okay when others don’t.

8. I believe...that everything has a

way of working out. Life is a bumpy road of ups and downs and so often things don’t go as we might hope but we learn to readjust our expectations and carry on with a new sense of hope and experience that we otherwise wouldn’t have known.

9. The coaching the

starting point for the rest of my life. When I moved to Sydney, to work in television, I had no idea it would lead me in this direction and I couldn’t be more grateful that this is the path I have stumbled upon.

10. The Beauty of Life is...

embracing the ebbs and flows and unpredictabilities of life, appreciating miraculous relationships, loving wholeheartedly, doing what makes you happy, and accepting that life is a rich colour palette of experiences - some good, some bad, and some out-therebatshit-crazy.

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Helping Clients Going Through Career Transition By Ivana Williamson

Since becoming a career coach and then starting my own business, the most common crossroads that my clients have faced, which you also may encounter with some of your clients, is the issue of changing careers. The current situation is a lot different to when our parents started to work where generally they would remain with the same company and/ or position till they retired. These days, depending on where you get your source from, individuals will have between 4 and 6 job and/or career changes in their lifetime. So it can be said that it is not considered ill thought or irresponsible now to desire a career change and it is certainly not unusual.

to establish why they are not happy in their job in the first place. It is important to ensure that the reason is to do with the actual job itself rather than it being due to a difficult co-worker or manager or the location is too far or that the office environment is awful. Sometimes the client is happy with the job itself but it can be very difficult to do that job when you’re dealing with horrible co-workers and/or office environment. In this case, the client may need to be coached on how to do deal with these factors rather than change careers. Worst case scenario would mean that they may need to find a job elsewhere in their current field which is a lot easier than a complete career change.

There are many reasons why people decide to change careers such as redundancy or the company they work for closing down, or more commonly, the person is unhappy in their current job and feel that they’re in the wrong career.

So, if your client is clearly and definitely no longer passionate about the work they’re doing then by committing to ongoing coaching sessions will enable them a more smooth and less stressful career transition. Below I’ve listed the most common considerations your client may be facing and my suggestions on how you can coach your client through it.

If you encounter a client who is going through the latter, it would be a good idea

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There are many reasons why people decide to change careers such as redundancy or the company they work for closing down, or more commonly, the person is unhappy in their current job and feel that they’re in the wrong career.

inspired COACH 52

Which Career is it? You’ll most likely find that most clients will already have an idea what career they’d like to transition to next. I would then suggest for the client do some research and come back with what the job description would look like and what training or courses are required. This would test both their level of commitment toward the new career and also that it’s worth it for them to make the change. If the client is confused about what career they want next or is finding the decision making process frustrating, then I get them to focus on their strengths. There are a few online strengths tests that the client can take which are free or there is a great book by Tom Rath called Strengths Finder 2.0 which comes with a unique code that the client can use to take a free test online. The book also mentions different careers or jobs in relation to particular strengths.

Here are 7 questions that could also help your client decide: # 1. What did you always want to be when you were a child? # 2. If money or your level of skills or training were not a barrier what job would you love to do? # 3. What tasks do you enjoy doing? # 4. Would you prefer to work in a team environment or on your own? # 5. Would you prefer working inside an office for most of the day or would you prefer being in and out or on the road? # 6. Do you prefer hands on work or tapping away at a computer? # 7. If you could be absolutely anything in the world what would that be?

Which Career is it? After they’ve updated their resume, which they can do themselves by googling free templates or by outsourcing it to a career coach or consultant, they can then move on to finding that job. This

probably runs a very close second to the job interview as one of the most daunting parts of the whole process. Even though sites like or inspired COACH 53 are among the more popular job search sites, I kind of liken them to a cattle call as one can get lost in there. I know of several people who have applied for a job through Seek and then never hear back which can be a bit soul destroying. The thing is that jobs advertised through Seek can get hundreds of applications and therefore they cannot get back to everyone that’s applied. Now I’m not saying that these sites should be completely overlooked, not at all. But there are other more targeted ways to find out what else is out there in the job market which I’ll outline below. 1. LinkedIn - fast becoming the number 1 way to finding employment. By having a comprehensive profile listing all your clients skills and experience as well as what area they’re interested in working in will give them a very good chance to be offered a position. They can also search on positions that are available. Again it would

be a good idea to outsource the writing of the profile to a professional. 2. Networking - your client may or may not be aware that a lot of jobs go unadvertised and really it’s about who you know. Therefore I cannot stress enough the importance of encouraging your client to network as much as possible. They need to get in touch with people already in their social or professional circle that happen to be in the industry your client would like to work in. Otherwise they need to get online and look for networking events in their interested industry and area. is a fantastic site where one can look up and join a networking group of any description anywhere in the world. 3. Social Media - If your client is already using Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc then it’s a matter of them putting their intentions out there.

The Interview The best way that you can prepare your client for an interview is to let them practice with you, aka interview simulations where you act as the potential employer and prepare some relevant interview questions (google is a great inspired COACH 54

way to start if you draw a blank). When doing the interview simulation take note of your clients posture, body language, how they’re dressed, the content of their answers, whether they’re speaking clearly and making eye contact. By conducting

a couple of interview simulations will do wonders for your clients confidence come the big day.

When your client doesn’t get the job If your client has aced the interview and was successful then of course it’s time to celebrate their new phase in their career. But if they were not successful then it’s important to let your client debrief on how the interview went and talk about what they would have done or said differently. They could also contact the interviewer and ask for feedback on their interview and perhaps why they were not successful and not to see this as a negative opinion on themselves but as positive feedback. Most importantly your client needs to see this as a learning curve rather than a failure and that really it wasn’t going to be the right job for them in the long run and no doubt their dream job would be only around the corner. Hopefully this has given you some insight as to how you can guide and support your client going through a career transition. At the end of the day it really is about your client gaining the confidence to achieve this important and exciting step for their career. inspired COACH 55


your client




So you’ve got a client who has galaxy-sized dreams and is determined to change the world? Amazing! The only problem is...they can never seem to commit to taking that ohso essential action. They get stuck in a rut, sweat the details, are easily distracted (hello, facebook!) and each check-in begins with the same conversations about how their dog ate their homework. Sure, there could be plenty of things at play here but when it comes to classic self-sabotage, why not tackle the polka-dotted elephant in the room first? Their fear! Fear is the nasty stuff that keeps your clients (and you!) stuck. It breeds doubt, self-loathing, perfectionism, cloudyminds and lack of inspiration. None of these are a recipe for success when it comes to creating an impact or simply tackling a to-do list, so knowing how to coach yourself and your clients to effectively banish this nuisance is essential for unleashing yours and your clients’ best life.

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Our role as coaches is to facilitate sparks of inspiration for our clients through keeping an open mind and being present in each moment.


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STEP ONE: WITNESS THE FEAR If your client is unable to see how fear is taking their efforts hostage, no amount of mantras, crystals or affirmations will help. Sure, these are fantastic tools to use to compliment self-discovery, but the cold, hard truth is that overcoming these selfimposed blockages really boils down to asking provoking questions that push someone outside their comfort zone and subsequently encourage their fears to bubble to the surface and be exposed. • ASK: The secret to revealing fears in almost any conversation is to gently turn the conversation towards your clients dreams or goals that they have been unsuccessful in accomplishing until now and ask “Why has this goal/dream not come true yet?” Be confident. Their answer to this will unveil their insecurities and fears. • WRITE: Suggest to your client that they write down all of the thoughts that pop into their head. What is happening the moment you ask this powerful question is that their ego is scrambling to justify to why they haven’t been able to succeed. These are their fears fiercely trying to wrap themselves around them and pull them back to mediocrity. Be on the lookout for patterns or themes here. Writing also helps her acknowledge fear and see it in plain sight. • NOTICE: Ask thoughtful questions to help them dig a bit deeper into the root of their fears and notice how they react. Watch inspired COACH 58

their posture - how does it change? Your goal is to zoom in on the fear that is causing her the most pain - use their body language to lead you to it. Learning to see fear and observe these thoughts objectively is how we consciously start to make decisions about how much power we are willing to give our fear. For years fear ran my life without me even knowing and to this day, the single thing that has forever changed my relationship with my goals is that I see fear for what it is: a silly illusion created by me to keep me small and “safe”. Disarming this trickster is one of the most freeing things you can help your client do.

STEP TWO: TRANSFORM FEAR INTO FUEL Recently, I held a workshop that guided gorgeous and brilliant women through my 8 Steps to Freedom that I use for not only overcoming fears but transforming these blocks into the very fuel that drives us to dream and live bigger. I spoke about how my research of “go-getters” and hugely successful women around the world led me to realized that world-shakers not only know how to clear out blocks swiftly, but how to convert that fear energy into a profound motivation that drives them to live above and beyond what most of us see as possible. The majority of these massively successful women do this subconsciously but luckily, it is a technique that can be learned. Teaching your client (or yourself!) this nugget of

wisdom will open up new possibilities for them and really crack them open so they can dream bigger, focus their efforts where they matter most and achieve more. Get ready to be coach of the year! The secret lies in knowing that fear that is blocking your client from their dream is the beacon for a lesson that they need to learn in order to step into the next phase of achieving their goal. In other words, the exact thing that is holding them back is the key to their success. Remember that list of fears and blocks that you had them write out in Step One? These fears are in their way because they can absolutely overcome them and in fact they are being called to overcome them – they’re ready! Encourage your client to see these as a challenge not as a barrier. Overcoming these fears will empower them to take one step further into the rabbit hole towards the person they are craving to become. The magic they seek for their life lies in her overcoming their fears. It’s a mindset shift that is subtle but ohso powerful.

STEP THREE: MAKE SPACE FOR MAGIC After understanding that fears are actually the road map to achieving dreams, it is time to create space so that our wise intuition can percolate and inspire our conscious thoughts for next steps and lush revelations. Creating space is all about dipping your mind into a pool of happiness, calm, presence, inspiration and gratitude such that it lays out the red carpet

for your intuition to lead you effortlessly to the next steps. If your client’s inner compass is weighed down by layers of stress, heartache and frustration, it will be almost impossible for them to glow with inspiration and they will end up feeling stuck and frustrated all over again. Ask your client to list the things that they love to do that encourage their feel good vibes (things that get them in their zone of amazing) and get them integrating those into her life each day as space creating activities. Follow these moments of bliss with a quick meditation to seal all of that happy energy in. Beautiful, inspiring ideas are like dazzling gems: they might seem rare on the surface, but dig a bit deeper and there is a world brimming with them. Our role as coaches is to facilitate sparks of inspiration for our clients through keeping an open mind and being present in each moment. When the action does reveal itself, support your client to follow-through and re-evaluate the new blocks that now present themselves from this new place of success on her journey to their dream. Watch as they are motivated by learning the real purpose of their fears and how they in turn learn the source of their true inspiration and power. The fears will never fully disappear but we can learn to not only live in harmony with them but to nurture them such that they fuel our crazy, over-the-moon dreams and our fierce passion to push forward. Both for ourselves and our clients too. inspired COACH 59




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I love so much about this recipe: it’s easy, but super impressive, raw but very gourmet and of course, delicious! This is a wonderful summer appetizer to showcase what’s growing in your herb garden. The combo of cucumber and fresh herbs is so cool and refreshing…serve them up at your next hot summer party. M A K E S 3 D O Z E N
 For the Three-Herb Pesto: • 3 cloves of garlic • 1 cup parsley leaves (well packed) • 1/2 cup mint leaves (well packed) • 1 tablespoon thyme leaves (well packed) • 1/4 cup lemon juice • 1/2 teaspoon lemon zest • 3/4 teaspoon Himalayan salt • 1 cup cold-pressed olive oil • 1 cup raw sesame seed Place the peeled garlic cloves in a food processor fit with the s-blade. Process to chop. Add the parsley, mint, thyme,

lemon juice, zest and salt. Process to finely chop the herbs. Scrape down the sides of the food processor. Add the olive oil and sesame seed and process once again until well combined.
 For the assembly: • 2 medium cucumbers • 3 herb pesto from above recipe • 9 cherry tomatoes • 9 sundried black olives, pitted • 36 small sprigs of thyme Wash your cucumbers and peel if waxed. Or, peel every 1/2 inch to make a decorative pattern. Cut into 1/4″ thick rounds. Slice each cherry tomato into 4 even rounds. Slice each olive into 4 even rounds. Pick out your 36 best, most evenly sized, cucumber rounds. Top each cucumber with 2 teaspoons of pesto. Place a cherry tomato slice on top of the pesto. Top the cherry tomato with an olive slice. Place a tiny sprig of thyme in the olive’s hole. Arrange canapes neatly on a large platter. Serve and enjoy!

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There’s no denying it. I’m a super chocoholic. It’s a powerful food for me and like all things, best in moderation. Mesquite is a specialty item with a sweet, rich, almost maple flavor, full of essential minerals, fiber & protein. If it’s not available to you, feel free to substitute another dry ingredient such as shredded coconut, maca powder (reduce to 1 TB) or more almonds. The flavor won’t be exactly the same, but you’ll still be blissed out from super powers of cacao and hemp seed. MAKES ONE DOZEN Ingredients: • 1 c. almonds •

1/4 c. cacao powder

1/8 c. mesquite powder

1/4 c. + 2 TB raw honey or equivalent agave nectar

1/3 c. hemp seeds

2 TB cold-pressed virgin coconut oil

• 1 tsp vanilla extract or the seeds scraped from one vanilla bean •

Pinch of Himalayan salt

 Place the almonds in your food processor and process until finely ground. Add the cacao powder, mesquite & salt and process again. Pour in the sweetener of choice, hemp seeds, coconut oil & vanilla and process until all is combined and sticking together. Roll into 1.5″ balls with your hands. If desired, roll the finished bites in your favorite superfood powder, herb, or spice for a decorated look. I used cacao powder, mesquite, hemp seeds, peppermint and coconut flour topped with a goji berry. Refrigerate or freeze for storage. Serve from the fridge.

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Happy C


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