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Dear Readers, Welcome to the Autumn edition, of Beautiful South.

Cover photo by George Wingate

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I hope you all have had the most wonderful summer, and we are looking forward to inspiring you for the months ahead. A thought-provoking time of year as we reflect on memories of the warmer months and begin to plan for the cooler ones. The ladies Style Edit has the perfect ‘must haves’ to keep us cosy and snug during the Autumn, whilst the Gentleman’s Notebook focuses on Investment Pieces for the boys. Always looking for unique ways to bring interiors to life, in this edition, we highlight the trend of Fluting and Panelling around the home. In addition, we have a wonderful article from Hampshire Hawk Walks, explaining how a Harris Hawk named London changed Antia Ebdon’s life forever, with the added bonus of a competition to win a Hawk Walk for two people.

Following the restrictions of the last year, thrill-seekers dive into a new phenomenon that is cold water swimming; read all about it in our Health feature, and in our Beauty feature, we learn about ‘Tweakments’. If that wasn’t enough, we showcase the amazingly talented Fine Artist Sarah Starr in our Producer Profile, as well as our Interview with Neil Lawson Baker, in his sculpture studio near Chichester. Finally, we take you for a breath-taking and exhilarating spin in the McLaren 620R, plus showcase the new alcohol-based mania of Hard Seltzers in Tipple Talk. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the cooler months as our beautiful Hampshire surroundings change into a golden hue.

Denise Lloyd Denise Lloyd, Managing Director

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What’s Inside? 48








THE STYLE EDIT Autumn: A New Season of Style


HEALTH & BEAUTY The benefits of Cold Water Swimming Aesthetics Clinics are Back in Business!




SPECIAL FEATURE Hampshire Fare Celebrating 30 Years


INTERIORS Fluting & Panelling


INTERVIEW Neil Lawson Baker


SPECIAL FEATURE Education: Reading in the Holidays


FOOD & DRINK Hard Seltzer Heaven Great British Cheeses




OUTDOOR LIVING How a Harris Hawk Called London Changed Anita Ebdon’s Life




SPECIAL FEATURE Secondary Breast Cancer





Bottom photo: Senior school students from St John’s College.

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Beautiful South, Unit 1 Viceroy Court, Bedford Road, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 3LJ



STYLE insider The London Cashmere Company

A NEW SEASON OF STYLE A new season is upon us, and we’re welcoming Autumn with a new collection of must-have clothes. Say goodbye to summer skirts, sandals and jean jackets, and hello to heeled boots, cashmere jumpers and chic trench coats. These newer short days and chilly temperatures provide us with an opportunity to curl up in front of the fire, layer up for brisk walks and enjoy cosy pub lunches with a whole new wardrobe. The real secret to Autumnal fashion is within the layering. See this as the perfect combination of being weather practical whilst showing off all your latest garments together. Don’t be afraid to wear your shirt over your dress or your turtle neck under your knitted vest. Now is the time to get experimental with your new seasonal style. Beautiful South Magazine is thrilled to share our top picks for this Autumn. From midi-dresses that can be styled with thick tights to chunky boots that can be teamed with knitted socks, we have you covered...

The London Cashmere Company is a British born company pioneering everyday cashmere for modern living. When founders Dan and Julia developed the company, they knew that they wanted their cashmere to tick three boxes: fair pricing, high quality and an ethical and responsible product. As a result, their cashmere is top-quality, luxurious and is sourced straight from Mongolian fibres. The London Cashmere Company has a partnership with a Mongolian knitting facility, meaning full transparency and a direct supply chain from local herders to all the company’s customers. Cashmere goat herding is at the heart of Mongolian culture and heritage. In the creation, they help nomadic herding communities and knitting specialists.

“The cashmere goats grow the longest undercoats thus creating the world’s longest and top-quality fibres.” So, why is this specific cashmere so special? Cashmere goats are specifically found in Mongolia and other areas around the Himalayan Mountains. Mongolia has the harshest winter of all cashmere herding countries, with temperatures reaching as low as - 40C. As a result, the cashmere goats grow the longest undercoats to keep them insulated, thus creating the world’s longest and top-quality cashmere fibres. How to best look after your cashmere garments? Some tender loving care at the beginning of your cashmere purchase will go a long way.

Top Tip: You should wash your garment twice in the first five wears and then follow instructions on the garment. If you do this right, your top-quality cashmere will last for years to come. At Beautiful South Magazine, we like the modern twist this company takes on cashmere, with jumpers, cardigans and shirts all available in different colours... even neon! The London Cashmere company is a must-have in our wardrobe this season, and you don’t want to miss it. You can find the brand online and on social media at @londoncashmerecompany. Left hand page products (clockwise from top) 1.Lilac Short Sleeve Midi Dress, £265 from Rixo, 2. Apiece Apart Shasta color-block organic cotton and cashmere-blend sweater £350, from 3. Sage Leopard Print Maxi Dress, £40, from 4. Rib Knit Vest, £155.00 from Ganni, 5. Linen Relaxed Belted Shacket £37, from M&S 6. Izzey Trench Coat, £199.00 from Whistles, 7. Striped Organic Cotton Jumper, £69, from 8. Burberry Allostock Vintage check-detail leather Chelsea boots, £590.00 from Burberry, Right hand page top: Pleated Front Trouser, £99.00 from Jigsaw,

7 | Beautiful South | September /October 2021 | THE STYLE EDIT

By appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales supplier of crystal glass John Jenkins & Sons LTD T/A William Yeoward Crystal Hampshire England



Autumn Arrivals Now In!

Visit us at: 34 High Street, Emsworth, Hampshire PO10 7AW Phone: 01243 379966 | | Opening Times: Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm Follow us:




The largest range in Hampshire


No 1 The Square Petersfield GU32 3HJ Open Monday-Saturday 9am-5:30pm

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in whilst still feeling free in the water. Alternatively, wet suits give you all the same initial benefits of the plunge whilst keeping you insulated, allowing you to serve a reasonable amount of time in the water as well as the buoyancy benefits it offers.

The past year’s restrictions have seen thrill-seekers dive into a new phenomenon that is cold water swimming. Though many have participated in the tremendously impressive sport for years, the rise in cold-water lovers has expanded to a whole new wave of swimmers - as they embark on a journey to health and mindfulness. Cold water swimming, or open water swimming, is essentially what it says in the name. The beauty of this activity is that anyone can do it, no matter where or who you are. You need not be a competitive swimmer, and it is not restricted to the sea. Many swimmers enjoy rivers, lidos and lakes as well as the ocean. Cold water swimming, or the ‘blue gym’ as some people like to call it, has a plethora of health benefits for the mind, body and soul. Research has shown that cold water swimming helps boost the immune system, improve circulation, reduce stress and even increase libido, along with many more benefits. In addition, regular swimmers attribute the icy waters as a way to receive a natural high and help connect with their inner soul.

The social benefits also make this activity appealing, as swimmers will meet friends and bond over the exhilarating experience. The main rule is that you should never swim alone, allowing swimmers to form trust between groups and partners who keep you safe. There are a few vital health and safety factors to consider before you submerge into the water. Websites such as The Outdoor Swimming Society can guide beginners through what to expect when they take the first dip.

“COLD WATER SWIMMING HAS A PLETHORA OF HEALTH BENEFITS FOR THE MIND, BODY AND SOUL.” For insight, experts recommend you start your swimming journey in summer when water temperatures are around 16°C and keep swimming throughout the colder months where temperatures can drop below 10°C. What you wear in the water is your personal preference. Some swimmers prefer to opt for a simple swimming cozzie and neoprene gloves, aqua shoes or swimming caps to keep the body radiation

It is important that you gradually acclimatise to cold water as a beginner, which might entail swimming once or twice a week and gradually increasing this in addition to the time you spend in the water. Dr Heather Massey is a swimmer and a researcher at the Extreme Environments Laboratory at the University of Portsmouth and explains that the initial shock after you take the plunge into the cold water. The initial gasp, rapid breathing and increased heart rate and blood pressure are our bodies reacting to the shock. Slowly entering the water, staying in depth and controlling breathing until the initial cold water shock response has passed is the safest. [1] Cold water swimming comes with safety warnings such as hypothermia, so you must listen to your body and exit the water to begin the re-warming process if symptoms arise. Your body will continue to cool for the next half an hour once you have exited the water, so it is vital that you re-warm immediately. The safest way to do so is to remove your wet clothes, dry off and slip into warm, dry clothes, which may also include a hat, gloves and thick socks – no matter the season. And of course, in all good British fashion, a postswim tea or coffee is a must. [1] Written by Lily Lloyd

So many of our clients love a tweakment. They love them because there’s little to no downtime, there’s no long-term scarring, they’re generally more affordable than their invasive counterparts, and they can often be done quickly. Perhaps even during a lunch break. Tweakments are the perfect antidote to wanting a little change after months and months of lockdown.



Profhilo and PDO Thread lifts are great for someone looking to stimulate collagen and tighten skin. Why Profhilo with our signature contouring is our most popular Tweakment

After 18 months of lockdowns, aesthetics clinics are back in business, more popular than ever, and here’s why... Why it’s all about ‘Tweakments’ “Tweakments” refer to non-surgical alternatives to invasive anti-ageing skin treatments. And their popularity is soaring. In simple terms, Tweakments are non-surgical cosmetic (or ‘aesthetic’) procedures that can rejuvenate the skin and soften lines and wrinkles, improve irregular bone structure like nose and jaws, tighten sagging skin, add back volume to ageing faces and adjust the proportions of facial features. They are temporary, however have varying longevity. They are not cosmetic surgery. They involve injectable treatments like Anti-wrinkle injections, BEFORE dermal fillers, PDO threads, fat dissolving injections and much more! But no scalpels and no general anaesthesia, although numbing cream and AFTER local anaesthetic is often used.

Known as the 10-year younger effect or 5 point facelift, our best selling Tweakment by far is Profhilo. A relatively new game changer that all our clients go crazy for, and if needed, a few further tweaks can be added. Profhilo is a unique skin remodelling treatment that works by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the skin through the slow release of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). This works on reversing the signs of ageing at a cellular level, significantly improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and giving you firmer and lifted, more youthful skin on your face. We then can add dermal fillers to complement the Profhilo if needed.

AFTER BE FORE Profhilo face and neck The flawless guru 5 star only aesthetics clinic in Hampshire The Flawless Guru is based in the beautiful village of Clanfield, Hampshire. The Owner and Managing director, Emma Houghton, is the Guru herself, with 25 years senior experience in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Advanced Aesthetics and Medical Phlebotomist with a BA Hons degree. Emma is also currently studying for a nursing degree after being inspired by the NHS during the pandemic. The Flawless Guru has recently just been awarded the Top award of ‘Best Aesthetics Clinic’ in East Hampshire by SME News! This award encompassed the 5 star only reviews from highly satisfied clients, clinical standards, brilliance in the artistry of treatments and identifying the client’s needs. Our aim has always been and always will be… after a visit with us, we want people to say ‘wow they look really great’ not ‘wow what have they had done!’. To book, or for any questions, visit our website and social media.

“Tweakments” refer to non-surgical alternatives to invasive anti-ageing skin treatments. We look forward to welcoming you. Treatments available, Dermal fillers, Anti Wrinkle Injections, Non-surgical Facelifts, Injectable Skin Boosters, Vitamin Injections, Fat Dissolving, Medicated Weight Loss


AFTER theflawlessguruclinic The Flawless Guru Clinic


Notebook Investment Pieces Written by Evangeline Lloyd

Investment pieces can be costly; however, these items are trend-proof, well-crafted, and relied upon year after year. We have identified our five favourite items which we think you should consider investing in if you haven’t done so already…

Overnight bag

All good trips deserve a good bag to pack your belongings. Created from water-resistant, pebble-grain black leather and contrasting tan leather, this Mulberry Holdall is durable and timeless. It is smart and spacious, with a shoulder strap so you can carry it with ease. This bag will set you in stride for stressfree travelling.

Mulberry Medium Clipper Pebble-Grain Leather Holdall £750


Classic, white sneakers Everyone needs a go-to pair of white trainers. The leather tennis shoe look is timeless and goes with just about every outfit. The Common Projects’ ‘Retro Low’ trainers are minimalistic and sleek. Smart enough to dress up in the evening and cool enough to dress down for daytime. You’ll be wanting to wear these all day, every day. Common Projects Retro Low Leather Sneakers £355




Whilst maybe not the first investment purchase that springs to mind, we all know a decent pair of earphones are a necessity for both work and play. Great earphones allow you to better listen to your new audiobook, blast your favourite tunes and connect virtually with family and friends, all of which have been essential pastimes over the last year. We use earphones for so many things, and a reliable set can do wonders for your well-being. Bose QuietComfort® Earbuds £249.95


A sturdy pair of boots are an essential purchase for the wet winter months, and if you choose the right pair, boots can be styled with something smarter throughout all seasons. These Chestnut Chelsea boots are handcrafted by RM Williams. This iconic Australian brand, which was born in the outback, is now worn worldwide. If you’re looking for a versatile and premium pair of boots, you’ll find them here. RM Williams boots are known for their durability, with some customers claiming to have only bought one pair of RM’s that have lasted half a century. Now that is a great investment…

The QuietComfort Earbuds by Bose offer high fidelity audio and world-class noise cancellation. These wireless, soft silicone Earbuds are worth every penny and will become your go-to accessory every day. R.M. Williams Craftsman Boot £375


A pair of shades

Sunglasses are not just for the summer months. It is important to invest in a good pair that will protect you against harmful rays all year round. And sunglasses might just be the most fun purchase you can make. With so many varieties available, you can go bright and bold to make your shades your personal fashion statement or stick to a simplistic, metal frame for a classic look. For some show-stopper shades, we love the ‘Zero’ frames by Taylor Morris. Founded in London, Taylor Morris curates stylish sunnies inspired by some of the most eccentric characters seen on London streets. These frames are inspired by the iconic shades worn by John Lennon.


Taylor Morris Zero Sunglasses £210


ow do you celebrate a significant anniversary when it’s difficult to plan a big party? The answer for Hampshire Fare, the county’s food and drink group, was to commission a special bespoke Crest featuring local produce.

Hampshire Fare was established 30 years ago in 1991 by a group of farmers to promote the area’s abundance of local produce. Initially supported by Hampshire County Council, Hampshire Fare has developed into a self-funding, not-forprofit Community Interest Company representing nearly WORKING WITH ARTIST 400 members, including local THOMAS MOORE OF producers as well as independent LÁST MAPS, WE HAVE CREATED hospitality businesses and retailers such as box schemes, delis, farm SOMETHING REALLY SPECIAL shops and village stores. Tracy Nash, Commercial Manager, Hampshire Fare, comments: “We are very proud that Hampshire Fare has been promoting and supporting local produce for 30 years. We chose to mark this anniversary by commissioning this special Crest, featuring members’ produce and depicting the amazing diversity and vibrancy of produce grown and made across this region.

“Working with artist Thomas Moore of Lást Maps, we have created something really special with a Crest comprising a central design of a still and buffalo adorned with bees, chickens, hops, lavender, rapeseed, strawberries, tomatoes, trout and vines.” This Crest was launched on the cover of Hampshire Fare’s annual local produce guide, ‘Discover Local Produce with Hampshire Fare’. This year’s edition also celebrates Hampshire Fare’s 30th anniversary, including articles reflecting how radically Hampshire’s food and drinks culture has changed over the past three decades with the introduction of new local hero products, among them artisan gins, buffalo mozzarella and sparkling wines. Tracy Nash adds: “We are excited to be celebrating our 30th anniversary with this Crest and our new Guide, which helps people discover and enjoy the finest local produce. Our Guide has long been considered an essential resource for those in the industry; however, it is also appreciated by consumers who are showing ever more interest in provenance and supporting local.”

Look out for Hampshire Fare window stickers bearing the Crest and slogan ‘Proud to be a Member of Hampshire Fare’. In addition, pick up a free copy of ‘Discover Local Produce with Hampshire Fare’, available from many Hampshire Fare members across the region. Alternatively, a digital version is available to view and download from Hampshire Fare’s website: Photos © The Electric Eye Photography.

Family run local care homes, proud of our reputation for elderly care. “Just wanted to thank you and all of your staff so much for all you have done for my Mum. She sounds like a new person, a whole new lease of life at 86 is truly fantastic.”


Downs House, Reservoir Lane, Petersfield GU32 2HX Tel: 01730 261474




Your Petersfield Care Provider



Stroud House, Rothercombe Lane, Stroud, GU32 3PQ Tel: 01730 265691

Email: or visit: BUILDING CONTRACTS & PROJECT MANAGEMENT From new builds to vernacular properties, my carefully chosen team of skilled subcontractors can deliver a comprehensive range of services to meet all of your home improvement and building needs.

• New Builds • Listed & Historic Buildings • Roofing • Extensions • Refurbishments

• Building Surveys • Barn Conversions • Structural Engineering • Ground Works • Plumbing & Electrics

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To discuss your building & renovation needs, or for more information contact Michael Harris on

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At Beautiful South Magazine, we’re always hunting for unique ways to bring interiors to life. Our latest obsession is the panelling and fluting trend. From kitchen cabinets to wall built groves, this trend helps enhance textures, style and space. Fluted and panelled rooms, furniture, light fixtures, vanity units and shower doors are filling up our Pinterest boards, and we figured it was time to share with everyone.

Fluting So, what is fluting? Fluting is an ancient technique that originates from architecture. It usually features a series of shallow grooves that run across a surface, creating a pleasing play of light and texture. It is a classic look in interior design that celebrates Art Deco. This style is now becoming a key feature

Wall panelling is ideal for adding




texture to a plain room or hiding imperfections on the walls.

inside homes across the country. Despite this being a serious 2021 trend, it doesn’t mean your whole space needs to be modern. Pairing fluting with more traditional features can bring balance and flair to a room.

Wonderful Wallings Fluting as a wall material can be used in a number of intriguing ways. For example, fluted panels can be built as wall features to create a dramatic background and create a feature wall. These vertical patterns can really help with a feature wall in your living space. It can have some practical uses too. Whether your walls are uneven or in need of filling, a panelled wall can hide unwanted surfaces. It can

also create an extra layer of durability to your walls in high-traffic areas such as hallways and staircases, working to keep your décor looking fresh and new. Many people take to panelling tasks themselves and get DIY friendly. From working with Lynes Pro to Orac Bar Panels, there are a variety of different ways that you can create this look. It simply depends on your home, budget and how much work you’re looking to dedicate. We’d always recommend doing your research to see what works best for you.

Fluted Furniture If you discover that fluted walls are too much of a commitment, including fluting on the end of cabinets, kitchen islands, range hoods, or fireplaces are the perfect alternative solutions. The unique texture immediately catches the eye and brings an interesting texture to the space. We’ve currently got our eye on the Flute Marble Drinks Cabinet from Atkin and Thyme (£649). This fluted cabinet is both practical and stylish, whilst being perfect for entertaining, fitting all your beautiful glassware. We’re also enjoying this trend within the bathroom; whether that be fluted details in basins or shower screens, they get approval from us. It’s also a great way to make a statement inside a bathroom instead of using tiles. Of course, if you’re wary about using wood inside a bathroom, then there are plenty of glass fluted options available too. Many bathroom fitting companies offer this style, with one of our favourites being Victorian Plumbing’s Arezzo Fluted Glass Wetroom Screen. Pairing




traditional features can bring balance and flair to a room.

Panelling Fluting is a type of panelling, but there are so many more designs to explore. Panelling is the decorative treatment of walls, ceilings, doors, and furniture consisting of a series of wide, thin sheets of wood, framed together by narrower, thicker strips of wood. There are a variety of different panelling styles available. When deciding your type, it’s important to consider the size, natural lighting and usage of the room...

• Geometric Panelling is a new type of panelling that can bring a contemporary look into your spaces by incorporating a modern geo style with a traditional panelled look. • Square-Style Panelling is a more common and traditional style that consists of square panels overlapping. • Dado-Style Wall Panelling works very well in either a living room, bedroom or up a staircase. This type of panelling usually consists of rectangular shapes of wood fixed onto the wall and are quite sparse in their design. Wall panelling is ideal for adding impactful style and texture to a plain room or hiding imperfections on the walls. Panelling can make a large room feel cosy and warm, it can make a small room feel wider, and it can provide a practical surface in high-traffic areas such as a family hallway. Have a look at the English Panelling Company for some inspiration on what would work best for you.

A final touch... For one of the most glamorous ideas involving panelling, consider wallpapering the spaces within the panel frames. This style creates an Art Deco feel within the panels, adding warmth, texture, dimension and drama. The perfect final touch!

19 | Beautiful South | September /October 2021 | INTERIORS


from 5th September until 23rd October BOOK A FREE SURVEY TODAY Visit our showroom at: Petersfield Business Park, Unit 11, Bedford Road, Petersfield GU32 3QA Call: 01730 710419 | | Open: Monday – Friday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm, Saturday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Bathroom Goals... By High Quality Designer Bathrooms at unbeatable prices Welcoming both the Public & Trade Advice & Inspiration | Expert 3D Cad Design Excellent Customer Service | Best Product Brands Need advice and inspiration? From bathtubs to basins, showers to mirrors,we can design and visualise your dream bathroom.

One to one showroom visits by appointment only. Covid-19 precautions will be observed. Call to book today! Open: Monday – Friday 7.30 am – 5pm, Saturday 8am – 1pm |

Havant Branch: 02392 476046

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Bringing Artificial Grass To Life ®


01243 775345

GREEN WALLS Beautiful South | September /October 2021 | 21

C re a t i n g yo u r p e r fe c t k i t c h e n Based in Drayton, Hampshire, the team at Fineline Kitchen Designs by BHI are vastly experienced in all aspects of kitchen design and installation, as well as renovations and building work. We design, install and renovate both exquisitely modern and timelessly classical kitchens. Our team of experienced kitchen designers can visit you at home to help you assess your needs, listen to your ideas and offer inspiration and advice, enabling you to create your dream kitchen.

Our team of experienced designers will offer inspiration and advice, enabling you to create your dream kitchen. With a strong reputation built over 30 years, we are known for our core values: reliability, quality workmanship and excellent professional customer service. We promise that your project will be delivered within budget, to the highest standards and on time! Our team of kitchen designers are here to understand your lifestyle needs and help transform your home with a unique kitchen design that’s a perfect fit for your space, with main our purpose being to help design and supply you with that kitchen you’ve got your heart set on.

And that’s not all! Our professional kitchen fitters can take care of all aspects of the kitchen installation process, including all building work, electrical, plumbing, heating, windows and doors – meaning there’s no need to stress over finding further contractors! For a FREE, no-obligation consultation, please get in touch with us today! Alternatively, visit our showroom where you can discuss your requirements and see samples, choose colours, and select worktops.

We promise that your project will be delivered within budget, to the highest standards. For an appointment, please call us on: 02392 375100 Visit our showroom at: 224 Havant Road, Drayton, Portsmouth, PO6 1PA |

m π

Welcome to

Nestled in the heart of Hampshire, between Winchester and Southampton, The Twynams at Bishopstoke Park is a place for people who want more from later life; more memories to cherish, more friends to share them with, and more of the finer things to discover and savour. Rarely has ‘the great outdoors’ been a more fitting description than at Bishopstoke Park, where our beautiful parkland, wooded glades and manicured gardens create an inspiring and idyllic park like atmosphere. Set in the historic parish of Bishopstoke, the village enjoys a beautiful location alongside the course of the famous River Itchen, occupying over 32 acres of stunning Hampshire countryside. Taking pride of place at the heart of Bishopstoke Park is the sympathetically restored 19th-century Mount Building. This unique and inspiring centrepiece has

“I think our village is an amazing place to live and I am very happy here. It was the right decision made at the right time. I have made a lot of friends and enjoy chatting to the other residents.” Miss Frankel Bishopstoke Park resident

been home to a number of renowned local residents, and now houses our luxurious swimming pool, spa and state-of-the-art wellness centre. Bishopstoke Park is a warm, open and inviting community of like-minded people. Whether it’s a delicious lunch in Antler’s bar and restaurant, a swim in the pool, a therapeutic massage, a new haircut or an afternoon relaxing in the bar with friends that you crave – you can have it all, and much more, at Bishopstoke Park. And of course it is the spectacular, airy twobedroom apartments surrounded by nature that make the homes available at The Twynams unique. Not only is each apartment finished to the highest standard, with luxury finishes and quality fittings, they have each been designed and built with layouts that maximise your exposure to the beauty around you.

∫ π

More Than Just an Apartment Wellness Centre & Spa — Hair & Beauty Salon — Restaurant & Bar — Café & General Store — Gardens & Allotments — Guest Suite

Walk in the woodlands, relax in the spa, dine in perfection, retire in luxury at...

Call us to book an exclusive tour

02380 980 584 or visit TheTwynams Bishopstoke Park, Garnier Drive Bishopstoke, Hampshire

FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR FURNITURE AGAIN Residential Property Family Law Wills, Probate & Trusts Litigation & Dispute Resolution Employment Law Company & Commercial Commercial Property At MacDonald Oates, we value the quality of the service that we offer our clients above all else. That is what is important to our clients and that is what we feel sets us apart from our competition.



Independent, Leading Specialists in Reupholstery, with over 40 years experience. Update your colour & style whilst keeping your furniture. We undertake all aspects of upholstery work & Repairs. Covering Hampshire and surrounding areas. Find us on

Contact us for a free quotation: 07846 599558 Open Monday-Friday 8:30am - 17:00pm

Timber Windows of Winchester 81 High Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9AP Tel: 01962 676 304

Whether your home is a country cottage, a Victorian semi, a modern townhouse or a converted barn, we have a range of traditional and contemporary timber windows and doors that will complement it perfectly.   Please visit us to explore our range of beautifully crafted timber doors and windows, and expert advice on enhancing the value and beauty of your home.

26 | Beautiful South | September /October 2021

Timber Windows of Horndean 69 London Road, Horndean, Waterlooville, PO8 0BW Tel: 02392 570 340




itting under an ancient oak tree next to Neil Lawson Baker’s sculpture studio near Chichester, I listened to how his extraordinary life has unfolded over eight decades. It has been a life full of near misses and lucky escapes, with his earliest on November 15th 1941. “I was just three years old and sheltering under a grand piano, while German bombers retreating from flattening Coventry decided to drop

their remaining bombs on Watford. One bomb split our family home in half. Apparently, I slept through the whole thing!” Today, a retired surgeon, Neil is a renowned sculptor, artist, and photographer and has more recently added ‘children’s writer’ to his list of accomplishments. The journey towards this creative life has been a fascinating mix of both contrasting and complementary careers and experiences. When illness forced Neil to take a break from his successful London dental practice, he taught

himself to sculpt during his recovery. “With many transferable skills, I found progression from a career as a dentist to that of a sculptor to be surprisingly easy.” “I had also developed a passion for art from an early age. My parents took me to The Tate Gallery in London, and I was hooked! I love visiting galleries and acquiring contemporary art, and thanks to a chance meeting with Adrien Maeght, I received invitations to visit the Galerie Maeght in Rue du Bac in Paris, where I viewed art that had a huge influence over me and my artistic eye.”

“One of my first sculptures was of my own hand holding an archery bow that I constructed by creating interlinking sculptures of children. It was inspired by a poem by Khalil Gibran - ‘Speak to us of Children’ from his book The Prophet, one of the most translated and read books in history. I was encouraged to have it cast in bronze, creating a significant connection with a foundry that cast sculptures for Frink and Hepworth, so I knew my sculpture was in safe and accomplished hands.” Neil has a strong link to Gibran’s book of poems, and as a founder member of London’s British Lebanese Association, he made sculptures relating to the poems from ‘The Prophet’ for each table at the launch dinner in Whitehall in 1984. “For many years, I have been fascinated by the writings, drawings and creativity of Khalil Gibran and will soon launch ‘The Gibran Prophet Series of Sculptures’ to celebrate the 2023 centenary of the publication of the book.”

‘The Dance of Life’ is the title of one of Neil’s many beautiful sculptures, and its title reflects his own life in many ways. PUBLIC & CORPORATE COMMISSIONS Many major large commissioned sculptures have been created by Neil over the years, including a national monument for Malaysia standing 60ft high. Other significant commissions include ‘Sterling’, a 5-metre sculpture depicting the ongoing rivalry between Sterling and the Euro, with Neil presenting a small maquette of this work to Margaret Thatcher. She kept it on her desk during her time as Prime Minister. The entrance to the offices of the Houses of Commons parliamentary offices at No 1 Parliament Street also features one of Neil’s sculptures.

Other significant commissions include a sculpture for the opening of The Channel Tunnel, unveiled by the Queen and President Mitterand, and a ‘Hands in Prayer’ sculpture unveiled by HRH Prince Philip at the United Nations for the Icorec Trust to promote multi-racialism and religious tolerance. “I was privileged to be invited to the event and was later interviewed on UN radio. I have also made another similar work called ‘Speak to us of Prayer’ for my Gibran sculpture series, and I am proud of both of them!” High-resolution photography as an art form is another passion for Neil, who uses the window reflections in large city restaurants and coffee bars to create intriguing double images. ‘The Dance of Life’ is the title of one of Neil’s many beautiful sculptures, and its title reflects his own life in many ways. As a seventeen-hour a day man, his energy and enthusiasm for life, creativity and risk-taking adventures is undaunted. Somehow he has managed to fit in playing the

Neil is also enjoying yet another career - writing and producing beautifully illustrated books for children. saxophone in a swing band and coming second in the classic car Monte Carlo Rally. He also loved competing in 1 and 3-day eventing, and one of his horses was 2nd at Badminton in 1979. It was his own experience of surviving cancer three times that prompted Neil to organise a classic car team to do the ‘Around the World in 80 days Challenge’ to raise over £200,000 for Helen House Hospice in Oxford, the first children’s hospice in the world. “I was inspired by meeting Chearish, an eleven-year-old girl from South London who had been told after five operations over seven years that her abdominal cancer was inoperable. I spoke to a gynaecological oncologist friend who reviewed her case, and he and his team spent 9 hours and completely removed a 10kg tumour which was then diagnosed as benign. Today, miraculously, I am delighted to say Chearish is a happy, healthy young woman enjoying her life.”

Writing for children Neil is also enjoying yet another career - writing and producing beautifully illustrated books for children. “I have had stories running around in my head for years about an earth-based veterinary surgeon who gets a job looking after a zoo on a faraway planet. The stories are about his adventures on the planet of Bowdleflodeland. The stories have inspired the creation of ‘The Bowdleflodes Wildlife Project’ which encourages children, particularly, but actually, anyone who would like to, to create their own imaginary ‘Creative Creature’.” The not-for-profit Bowdleflodes Project aims to educate children across the world about the plight of endangered species. The colourful and beautiful books are illustrated by artist Lauren Alderslade and encourage children to research endangered species of all or any type, animals, fish, insects, or anything in fact. Then they can invent their own imaginary Creative Creature, describing what it looks like, what it eats, where it lives and how it behaves, and draw a picture of it which goes into the Online Bowdleflode Wildlife Park

at @bowdleflodesafari on Instagram. Neil enjoys visiting schools to promote the project, reading his stories and helping children create their own fantasy endangered species drawings. “It is creativity linked to conservation and children, teachers and parents love it.” “The whole idea is to provide education in a fun and friendly way. Using ART as the medium, this FREE project can be used to help teach or learn about environmental issues, geography, biology, science, general research and fact gathering, written work, time and lifespan, maths (size of litters, gestation periods, numbers in the wild), habitat destruction and protection, climate warming – almost anything in fact! It all conforms to the national curriculum too.” For more information on Neil’s sculptures and the Bowdleflodes project, visit:


By Ffion Robinson, Headteacher Churcher’s College Junior School & Nursery

No sooner has one school holiday ended then another is upon us. Summer has been put to bed, but before you know it, October half term and the Christmas break will be here.

School holidays are a time of the year where relaxation finds respectability. Anyone working in a school will be ready to step back from the front of the classroom to regenerate, whilst parents anticipate the school holiday weeks with mixed feelings. For those who work, how to sort out the juggling act of childcare and parenting; for those who are able to do the childcare, enjoy the freedom to step off the term time treadmill. Either way, the thought of time spent with your children reading, exploring, playing, cooking or simply talking at home enables all routines to be relaxed, and family time is wholeheartedly cherished by all. Of course, we all love school holidays for these reasons, but I’ve been thinking about how we use this time productively and for the benefit of everyone - child, parent and school. As a school, we have relaxed our homework expectations during holiday periods but should

Spend some time building interest and empathetic relationships within the family... your child really do nothing for school holiday weeks?! Some downtime is essential but some ticking over is useful too. As usual, it’s all about balance: keep some learning going but give children time to regroup. I certainly don’t advocate parents

transforming into boot camp Kumon masters, nor do I condone those who let their children guide them (‘No, mum/dad/grandad/carer, I don’t need to do anything for school...!’). Some children naturally drive their own learning, are motivated, and keen outside of school whilst others would happily stay rooted indoors on devices/TV and not want to see any daylight!

Share with them how useful learning can be when it’s relevant and fun... It’s no surprise that as a Headteacher, I love welcoming children returning from a break who don’t need too much warming up and can hit the ground running having read a book (or two!), tried something for the first time or learned a new skill. Maybe opportunities have arisen to

keep a diary, complete a word search /sudoku/ crossword/puzzle etc. Or perhaps this time is a chance to problem solve on their own such as seeing life in its most authentic form and coming up with time-filling activities whilst a parent gets on with some chores! The National Trust’s ‘50 Things To Do Before You’re 11¾’ is a great go-to list of the ‘other’ things children can do over the holidays, too, and everyone’s local library offers your child the opportunity to choose their own book. Many have storytelling events and competitions too. We can all get involved with these easily, plus another plug for the respectable relaxation here - reading is exactly that! As a minimum, I suggest keeping the reading going by enjoying books together (it’s a great thing to do whatever their age and has such a massive impact on success at school). Don’t forget to allow your child to ‘catch’ you reading. But above all, spend some time building interest and empathetic relationships within the family through reading and discussion; share with them how useful learning can be when it’s relevant and fun through researching or investigating something new. However, don’t forget to notice the signals: it’s time to find another stimulus when things turn into a battle!

So, however you keep things ticking over, keep it gentle and make the most of the opportunities to foster children’s curiosity and language - you could even throw some ‘respectable relaxation’ into the holiday mix too.

An independent day and boarding school for pupils aged 4-18

DITCHAM PARK SCHOOL Where every child is known and valued

Open Morning Saturday 2 October Register via:

Nursery | Juniors | Seniors Yr 4 Academic & Music Scholarships Yr 7 & 9 Academic, Music, Sports, Drama & Art Scholarships Bursaries available SJC Lower School offers flexible Early Bird and After School wrap around care with no additional charges. “I couldn’t be more impressed and thankful to an amazing school providing wrap around care for Reggie.” – Current parent

St John’s College SJC is a co-ed, independent day and boarding school for children aged 4 to 18, located in the heart of Southsea, Portsmouth. Our values foster and celebrate the talents of each pupil and prepare them to make a positive contribution to our community and the wider global society. We offer a rounded education, providing opportunities for students through an extensive range of activities. We are also proud of our international links and, as the only Boarding School in Portsmouth, we offer a truly international education experience from which all our students benefit.

SJC Sixth Form - challenge, support and individual guidance. Check out our website,, to book your personal tour. We look forward to welcoming you.

Southsea’s best kept secret call 02392 815 118 email visit


For busy families we can offer our younger pupils ‘Wrap Around Care’ at no additional cost - the Early Birds Club from 7.30am and our ‘After School Clubs’ from 3.45pm to 6.00pm. But don’t take our word for this; come and meet our inspirational Head of College, Mrs Maguire and the rest of the SJC team. Our next Open Week will be Monday 27th September to Thursday 30th September, and we have appointments available at either 9.30am or 10.45am on any of these days.

Discover more at our next open afternoon Friday 17 September | Monday 15 November Book your space on our website today!

Churcher’s College Happy, relaxed children learn best. Where to start your child’s learning journey is one of the biggest decisions you make as a parent. Perhaps you are looking for a haven for learning and adventure which encourages each child to reach their personal best inside and outside the classroom. Somewhere that will support your child to blossom in every way, from the academic to activities that feed the soul. If you are looking for somewhere that your child will love, then Churcher’s College Junior School and Nursery could be the perfect place. Set just off the South Downs in Liphook, Hampshire, your child can experience a real countryside childhood and then make a very smooth transition at 11 years old to the Senior School in Petersfield. Each child is fully supported at every step of the entrance process. Ffion Robinson, Headteacher, explains, “Every child’s happiness is paramount to their achievement, and we pride ourselves on our high-quality pastoral care, excellent teaching and learning, all within a warm, family atmosphere. Meeting our pupils and staff is the very best way to decide on a school so do come and visit us. I look forward to welcoming you soon.” Explore further at

Beautiful South | September /October 2021 | 33




mbe Septe 0 3 day Thurs 6 - 8.30pm

At HTC we are committed to ‘Achieving Excellence’ for all our students. We are proud to be a College where all students have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, enabling them to be highly educated, responsible and confident young people ready to face the challenges of their future. We endeavour to ensure that your child's education is the best that it can be; vibrant, exciting and unique in its nature. We enable all students to achieve more than they first thought was possible through our broad and balanced curriculum and high self your quality teaching. e for d se

e an




Family run business with a wealth of experience. Doors handmade locally in our Bishops Waltham factory

Garage Doors

From Only

2 into 1 Conversion Specialists


Skandoor’s expertise in converting two single garage doors into one extra wide tailor-made 15% Off door, will make access easier than ever.

2 in 1 Door Conversions

15% Off

Sectional Doors High quality garage doors Fully insulated, reduced draughts Extensive warranty included Full range of colours Bespoke made to measure locally Simple key fob operation All come with bottom safety edge system as standard & required by law

Contact us today for a FREE survey: 01962 600777 | | Winters Hill Farm, Bishops Waltham SO32 2AH Based in Bishop’s Waltham

Handmade in Great Britain

34 | Beautiful South | September /October 2021

Check out our reviews on


H E AV E N Written by Zac Lloyd Whether it be social media advertisements or current television commercials, it’s difficult to get away from the latest alcohol-based mania that is taking the UK by storm: hard seltzer. While hard seltzers have been gaining extreme popularity and solidifying themselves within the alcohol drinking scene in the United States in recent years, only now are we seeing them make their way across the pond & subsequently establish themselves in the UK. Marketed as being a ‘betterfor-you’, low alcohol beverage, many brands have been quick to create their own versions of hard seltzers in an attempt to capitalise on the increase in popularity. Coming in many different fruit-based flavours and packaged in convenient, chic looking single-serve cans, it seems the hard seltzer craze shows no sign of slowing down. So what is a hard seltzer? Simply, ‘seltzer’ can be defined as sparkling water, while ‘hard’ represents alcohol. Hard seltzers offer consumers a light, refreshing, pre-mixed beverage in many different fruit-based flavours while also containing much fewer calories than many other drinks that consumers may choose.



Being the overwhelming market leader with a whopping 59% market share in the US hard seltzer market, and with the brand recording a growth of 315.9% in sales between 2019 and 2020, there is no wonder that White Claw seltzers have made their way across the pond in light of the recent increase in demand for hard seltzers. Coming in various flavours, including black cherry, mango, lime and raspberry, and being easily accessible for buyers by being sold in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, there is no wonder these convenient pre-mixed cans have been booming since their arrival. Containing 4.5% alc./vol and boasting only 95 calories, for only £8.50 per 4x330ml can, White Claw seltzers are a must if you want to enjoy the true hard seltzer experience.

The upmarket British retailers have been the latest of many brands trying to join in on the hard seltzer craze, with Marks & Spencer creating three delicious hard seltzer flavours for their customers. Offering them in Black Cherry, Lemon & Lime and Raspberry & Rhubarb, these three heavenly flavours are perfect for any indoor or outdoor event and will be a perfect refreshment for many years to come. Costing only £1.80 per can and all flavours being only 75 calories or less; trying the new M&S hard seltzer range is a no brainer!

Disclaimer: Beautiful South encourages our readers to always drink responsibly.

Hard seltzers are seen as a much healthier alternative, which is why you must try Whisp Hard Seltzers. Made in Cornwall and coming in both Cucumber & Mint and Raspberry & Elderflower flavours. Whisp takes things one step further by adding milk thistle to their seltzers, a flowering herb that targets inflammation and supports a healthy liver. What’s more, the Whisp Hard Seltzers are made with 100% natural products, fully vegan and gluten-free, as well as their cans being fully recyclable - what’s not to love! With only 4% alc./vol and 65 calories or less per can, these award-winning beverages can be obtained from Amazon or directly from their website at only £10 per 4 cans. They are a necessity if your aim is a healthier yet still equally delicious drink.


BRITISH CHEESES Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a shift in the way we shop, with many of us looking to become loyal customers to our local businesses. With a range of award-winning cheese being produced on our doorstep in Hampshire, it is easier than ever for us to shop local when sourcing cheese that is set to impress.

We are going to be sharing with you some serving suggestions for our favourite, locally handcrafted cheeses.

This crumbly, mature and nutty artisan cheese is fantastically handcrafted using Lyburn Farm’s own cow’s milk. We recommend enjoying the Old Winchester served on a biscuity oatcake and under a bed of sweet, jammy Damson paste. Next on our list is the Buffalo Mozzarella produced by the Laverstoke Park Farm. After studying the work of Italy’s cheese experts, the Laverstoke Park Farm created its own milky Buffalo Mozzarella from Overton, Hampshire.

Firstly, we bring you the Winslade from the Hampshire Cheese Company. This is a showstopper and is a must-try for cheese lovers. This impressive cheese is a known favourite of some of the best British chefs, including Jamie Oliver, and it also won the title of Best New Cheese at the British Cheese Awards in the same year that it was launched. This soft and delicate, mould-ripened cheese is based on the French style of Vacherin Mont d’Or. We recommend baking it in its box for 15 minutes with a sprig of rosemary. Once gooey, generously coat the cheese onto a slice of crusty sourdough and devour it with a dollop of your favourite pickle.

“This crumbly, mature and nutty artisan cheese is fantastically handcrafted” The Old Winchester from the Lyburn Farmhouse is another local favourite for customers from Hampshire and afar. Having consistently won British Cheese Awards from 2005-2020, you will not be disappointed when you try this distinctive delight.

Produced using environmentally friendly farming methods, this organic cheese tastes as good as it will make you feel. Best served simply: slice the mozzarella and lay alongside ripe cherry tomatoes, with some fresh basil and a generous coating of balsamic glaze. Delicious!

Last, but by no means least, is the scrumptious soft cheese log by the Beau Artisan Farm. This chalky goats cheese has been crafted using milk from the Farm’s own goats. The bitterness of the cheese matches perfectly with a drizzle of a sweet, natural English honey. We recommend buying locally from Pipers Honey Farm in Hampshire. You can use this cheese and honey combination as a topping for a tasty rocket and walnut salad or simply enjoy on a seeded cracker...

with a glug of your

favourite wine.

“I’m in Pain”

Can Chiropractic Help Me? CHIROPRACTORS TREAT: • Back, neck, shoulder & leg pain • Headaches • Pain down the leg & sciatica • Numbness in feet, arms & fingers • Joint, posture & muscle problems • Pregnant ladies, babies & children Digital X-rays on site

Dr Peter Coote BSc MSc DC Doctor of Chiropractic

Health Pass Voucher for only £25* This Health Pass voucher entitles you, your friends or family to: Private consultation • Thorough Spinal Examination • Neurological & Orthopaedic Tests • Full report of findings • Referral to a specialist if needed *

This voucher offer expires on 31st October 2021.

Call us today for an appointment on: 02392 373 311 86 Northern Road, Cosham, PO6 3ER

Open: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-1:30pm

Visit us online:

Guitar Lessons • • • • • •

Offering Online Lessons One to One Lessons All ages & abilities Beginners to Advanced Electric and Acoustic In Petersfield


38 | Beautiful South | September /October 2021

a Hawk Walk for 2 People at the Chawton House Estate with Anita Ebdon of Hampshire Hawk Walks Enjoy a prize of a Hawk Walk for 2 people, valued at £130. For your chance to win, simply answer the question below:

Name one of the arid regions where Harris Hawks can be found in the US or South America To enter, email your answer to the question, along with your name and telephone number to: stating “Hawk Walk Competition” in the subject line. Closing date: Wednesday 31st October 2021 Winner will be drawn the same day. Entrants must be 18 or over. Terms and conditions apply.

HOW A CALLED LONDON CHANGED ANITA EBDON’S LIFE I will never forget the first time I met London, a beautiful Harris Hawk bird of prey, while walking through the grounds of Chawton House, the former home of Jane Austen’s brother Edward Austen Knight. I had seen hawks at various country shows and events, but never up close. Anita Ebdon, who runs Hampshire Hawk Walks, introduced me to London, and for me, it was love at the first meeting. To be so close to such a magnificent creature and to see the connection between Anita and her various hawks, as the birds work together like a ballet in the sky, twisting, turning, scooping down and returning to Anita’s outstretched gloved arm, or one of her Hawk Walk clients. This connection reminded me of my own relationship with my dog. Anita explains how her hawks work as a team: “They have a similar dynamic to a wolf pack, communicating and connecting with one another to achieve their hunting goal, they are like welltrained dogs, but still a wild animal, with the Hawk Walks a natural experience for the birds, so they will instinctively demonstrate their hunting behaviour.”


EVERY DAY FOR CHANGING MY LIFE At 22 years of age, London has been with Anita for a number of years, having been bred by Anita’s mentor and trainer. He is the elder statesman of the ‘pack’ of five hawks that represent Hampshire Hawk Walks. “He loves being out and about with people and has worked with the public most of his life. He is a cheeky chappy, and very friendly.”

times, it has been good to be able to offer people a Covid-safe memorable outdoor activity, as well as being a fully instructed and safe way to connect and work with the hawks. I’ve seen how the experience has really lifted people; the combination of being in a beautiful place with these magnificent and highly intelligent beings can be truly memorable.”

Neo was Anita’s first hawk and the one that started her falconry journey, training him from the age of 16 weeks. “We have a very special bond indeed, and he is a real hit with clients as he can be very entertaining and thinks he’s human. But it is my five-year-old female hawk Trinity known as ‘The Boss’ of the pack and is the Alpha. She is so calm and a real softy who enjoys a chat and can be very vocal!”

“I’ve gone through a weird chain of events to get to where I am now working with the hawks. I moved from working in sales, IT recruitment and running my own gardening business to now being able to live my dream running Hawk Walks. I give my hawk family everything they need; they are my extended family. I bed them down each night like a mother hen. I know we shouldn’t have favourites, but London is such a massive personality, and I thank him every day for changing my life.”

Anita’s other hawks include Sherlock and Texas, the latest addition to the team with an appropriate name for a hawk, as Texas is one of the arid regions where Harris Hawks are found, as well as Arizona, Peru and Chile. “I always match the most appropriate bird to the individuals or groups that I take out for a Hawk Walk,” continued Anita. “During these difficult

Anita’s Hawk Walks are an opportunity for individuals, couples, groups of friends or families (up to a maximum of 6) to handle and work with the hawks, take photographs and enjoy the beautiful Chawton House estate parkland. For more information on Hampshire Hawk Walks, visit:

KITCHEN RENOVATION, FARMHOUSE TRANSFORMATION There was just one final room in the Jones-Bierton’s 19th century Hampshire farmhouse that needed attention – the kitchen. With the children having ‘flown the nest’, Bob and Wendy felt the time was right to bite the bullet. The kitchen was around thirty years old, with dark pine cabinetry and a sturdy Aga in the corner. It was certainly cosy, but it had become dated, and the whole room was ready for a new lease of life.

MAKING THE CUT Bob and Wendy knew it would be a significant undertaking, so they were quite meticulous in how they chose their supplier, shortlisting and visiting three Hampshirebased suppliers of high-quality kitchens.

The decision went Conquest’s way – this was based primarily on ‘the product itself’. “Conquest were very accommodating – we visited the showroom several times, and the Conquest design team made regular trips to our house. Ultimately, it was simply the quality of the finished product that proved decisive for us.” – Bob and Wendy

A DESIGN FOR LIFE The couple were looking to retain a sense of the historic character of the property whilst at the same time bringing a lightness to it. They did this with both their choice of colours and their decision to knock through into the dining room and create an open-plan kitchen diner, with French doors added to the garden.

With Conquest being a bespoke furniture company, they were able to extend the design and style into the former dining room and create a seamless, consistent space. Bob explained that Wendy took great interest in the kitchen styling, cabinetry, and colour palette. She was keen to extend the cabinets fully to the worktop in a manner reminiscent of a classic Victorian kitchen. This nod to character and history was offset beautifully with dusty pink walls and a feature wall [out of shot], with the striking Bananas Copper Blush wallpaper (Graham and Brown).

THE PERFECT FIT As with wedding dresses, the fitting of a kitchen is a critical step. Bob praised Conquest surveyor Les as ‘fantastic’ – armed with his blueprints, he was able to give the fitters all the guidance and support they needed. As for the fitters, ‘they couldn’t have been more helpful, discussing all the finer points and options. They even spotted the second-hand fireplace and pine mantelpiece I’d bought from Gumtree and offered to take it back to the workshop and paint it to match the furniture. It looks great.’

LUXURY FITTED FURNITURE BY CONQUEST At Conquest we’ve been designing and handcrafting fine fitted furniture here in Hampshire for over fifty years. We are the UK’s leading bespoke fitted furniture company.

To bring your ideas to life simply call 023 9237 0654 | LOUNGES | STUDIES | MEDIA ROOMS | BEDROOMS | KITCHENS

Trusted to care Award winning care homes Our highly trained care home teams are specialists in residential, nursing, dementia and respite care, so whatever your needs and personal preferences, we’re here to help you and your family at every step of the journey. If you’re considering care for yourself or a loved one, call 0333 4552 865 or search

Ancasta Grove, Sarisbury Green NEW YEAR Pear Tree Court, Waterlooville NEW KITCHEN




See what our customers have to say...


Or visit our showroom: Unit B1, Heritage Business Park, Heritage Way, Gosport, PO12 4BG

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he process starts with a photo and the client sharing their thoughts and memories with me.

This helps me to get to know the subject and their connection to the client. It’s almost like I have invited the subject into my studio, and I am mentally having a conversation with them. The information I digest is channelled through me into the work. I find that I can get quite intense emotional responses to some of the stories. For example, when a client tells me of a person or a pet who has passed, I feel their pain and find myself welling up! Other times I’ll find myself chuckling or laughing out loud at the annotates they share. By getting to know the subject in this way, I hope to convey the personality and physical appearance of the subject so that the visual language will touch the viewer. Throughout the drawing, I am constantly comparing measurements, observing colours and trying to recreate texture for a more realistic representation of the subject. Coffee breaks are

helpful as the kettle is the perfect distance to see the entire drawing and check I’m getting the values right! I have been working in pastels and charcoal for a while now. They are perfect for portrait work because they are so versatile. You can build up lots of layers which is great for creating textures and different colour combinations. I enjoy experimenting to find out how far pastels can take me in terms of fine detail. It’s mind-boggling to think that you can take a piece of mountboard and some pastels and create that level of feeling in others. It’s truly amazing!

Portraits can typically take me anything from 12 up to 30+ hours. I had to train myself to draw for that length of time, much like an athlete would build up their stamina. I used to be more expressive and messy in my work, so it took a lot of determination to switch to very detailed, precise work. Many people have told me that they have become quite emotional when they view their portrait. I am truly humbled to know that something I have created can move people to tears and make them feel like their loved one is still with them.

Currently, I have three types of portraits that fit standard frames. However, clients can ask for something more bespoke if they wish. In addition, a gift-wrapping service with eco-friendly paper and ribbon can be provided on request for those who commission a portrait as a unique present. Sarah is exhibiting at The Emsworth Arts Trail on the 11th-12 and 18th-19th September alongside her mother-in-law, who teaches patchwork and makes beautiful quilts at 23 Selangor Ave, Emsworth PO10 7LR. @sarahstarrartist. To commission your own portrait visit or email

Each year, about 55,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK. When people talk about breast cancer, they usually mean invasive breast cancer – although there are other types. Invasive is when cancer cells have spread outside the milk ducts or lobules where they started, into surrounding breast tissue/ and or lymph glands. Assessment and test results will help your doctors find out more about the size and position of the cancer and whether it has spread. This is called Grading. Invasive or other types of breast cancer are classified as Grade 1, 2 or 3.

“There are many treatment options available that can prolong patients’ lives for a good number of years.” Often primary breast cancer does not come back after treatment. But sometimes, the cancer cells can spread through the blood or the lymphatic system to other parts of the body, most commonly

the bones, liver or lung. This is then known as Secondary or Metastatic Breast Cancer (also referred to as stage 4). Once diagnosed with this, the condition is incurable; however, there are many treatment options available that can prolong patients’ lives for a good number of years. These treatments are referred to as palliative, as well as managing symptoms from the disease itself. It is estimated that 35,000 people are living with Secondary Breast Cancer in the UK. Men can also get breast cancer, but it is most common in women aged 50 and over[1].

Ellie: a Metastatic Breast Cancer Nurse specialist As a Metastatic Breast Cancer Nurse Specialist, Ellie supports these ladies daily, attending clinic appointments, advising them on symptom control, providing psychological support and encouraging them to stay active in order to live well with cancer. “My patients that are diagnosed with secondary breast cancer have to live with uncertainty and fear

of the unknown on a daily basis. Many of them continue to work, bring up families, and attend the hospital for regular treatments, follow-ups, and investigations. Many will experience symptoms

from their disease, mainly fatigue. Despite these daily challenges, most of them live well with their disease and stay positive. I love my job as I get to meet such wonderful strong people who never cease to amaze me and make each day count!”

“Coping with secondary breast cancer is physically and emotionally demanding. It is important to take care of yourself and get support. Although there may be long periods between treatments when the cancer is under control, coping with secondary breast cancer is physically and emotionally demanding. Therefore, it is important to take care of yourself and get support.

Melissa from Hampshire: living with Secondary Breast Cancer “When you’re diagnosed with an incurable cancer, your life as you once knew it, changes, as does your outlook! You want to protect your family, especially your children. My eldest was 17, and my youngest was 5! With the amazing support from my specialist nurse and the excellent treatment I’m currently on, I don’t live with cancer. Cancer lives with me, my way! I’ve been living with this disease for nearly four years now, and I do not intend to let this disease consume me! I’m living the best life possible being a mum, which I adore! I try not to think about time or statistics; I’m making mine as I go along!”

“I’ve been living with this disease for nearly four years now, and I do not intend to let it consume me!”

For help and support, please get in touch with one of the charities below.

Macmillan Cancer Support The Macmillan Support Line offers confidential support to people living with cancer and their loved ones: 0808 808 00 00 (7 days a week, 8am – 8pm) or visit

Cancer Research UK If you have questions about cancer, you can speak to a nurse: 0808 800 4040 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm) or visit

Breast Cancer Now If you have a query about breast cancer or breast health, or you need support: 0808 800 6000 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 4pm. 9am – 1pm Sat) or visit

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Introducing a New Property Experience As a fiduciary estate agent it’s about putting our client’s interest ahead of our own. With a duty to preserve good faith and trust. We focus on delivering unbeatable service with an experienced team. Dedicated to you as an individual, not as another transaction. Marketing strategies tailored to achieve maximum exposure, with a goal, plan, and strategy. Bespoke buying and selling service helping our clients with every aspect of their move.

Steve Johnston 07718 497879

Powered by Keller Williams, the world’s largest estate agency Brand, across 50 countries and 5 continents.


If you would like to know more, and see how we can help you on your property journey, get in touch today.

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The Property Puzzler June 30th saw the much-debated Stamp Duty Holiday draw to a close. Undeniably the tax relief had a huge impact on the UK property market, but now the holiday is over, who are the real stamp duty winners and losers? A simulative measure introduced to keep the housing market afloat through pandemic stricken Britain, the Stamp Duty Holiday meant the tax was exempt on the first £500,000 of a purchase price. With potential savings amassing to tens of thousands, estate agents reported a surge of interest as buyers and sellers rushed to complete before the scheme ended, and in many parts of the country, demand outstripped supply.

8–18 SEP @ 7.30PM & 11, 12, 13 @ 2.30PM. NO PERF 13 SEP

Whilst it is evident the holiday inflated the market and drove prices up, with UK house prices rising 13.4% in the year to June, the fastest rise since November 2004, did the tax holiday translate to a ‘discounted’ home, or will we be paying over the odds for years to come?


A boom in house prices has been one of the most unexpected but welcome consequences of the pandemic. Whilst first-time buyers remain exempt from stamp duty on the first £300,000 for an extended period of time, the holiday pitted first-time buyers and budget buyers against those motivated by the discount, such as buy-tolet landlords and those buying second homes. For those buying on a budget, it is possible that any discount from the removal of stamp duty was eroded by higher house prices. Propelled prices have also resulted in 1.8 million homes being lifted into a higher stamp duty bracket, pushing homes once in their budget out of reach for many buyers. Removing the tax relief incentive should, in theory, help those struggling to find affordable homes as prices start to cool as rates revert. With this said, there is no doubt that the chancellor’s decision resulted in a welcome boost to the market and, in turn, had positive knock-on effects for the wider community and related industries, including builders, conveyancers, estate agents, finance providers and retailers. For the wider economy and sellers, a boom in house prices has been one of the most unexpected but welcome consequences of the pandemic, and the latest Zoopla House Price Report shows that despite the stamp duty coming to an end and moderating demand, it remains elevated compared to ‘normal’ market conditions, as demand is driven by a post-pandemic search for space and changing priorities.

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620R By Wayne Gorrett In motion, some cars mince along while others sashay by. But few, in their passing, can drop the mic with such sensory overload as a McLaren – particularly the brutal 620R. The McLaren 620R is essentially a 570S GT4 race car with treaded rubber and number plates. It is a final ‘Hurrah!’ for the automaker’s successful Sports Series range of brand-entry cars. Production of this £250,000 620R was limited to just 225 units, the last of which left the Woking factory in March. Stripped of creature comforts and honed for hooning on the track, the 620R packs 120bhp more than its GT4 motorsport cousin.

The 620R is breath-taking, exhilarating and

A few Fridays ago at McLaren’s Ascot hub, I had a couple of hours to become acquainted with this orange, road-legal race car over the finest – and worst – roads East Berkshire has to offer. Ducking below the dihedral doors and slithering into the 620R is a challenge compared to getting in and out of, say, an Aston Martin DB11 or an Audi R8. But, it’s worth it just to see those jaws drop as you park up and pop up the doors. You can never get tired of that! Aircon, a stereo and sat-nav are all no-cost options, and I would recommend the aircon – to heck with the weight. Full credit must go to the person at McLaren with an overdeveloped sense of humour to place a £3,640 Bowers & Wilkins 12-speaker audio system on the options list. Beyond 50mph, a £7 pair of builder’s ear protectors would be a better choice. With a trembling digit, I prodded the start button and, swamped beneath a sonorous cacophony of delicious noise, tried to relax and temper my breathing. The sat-nav was preset for a 162-mile adventure. I awoke the seven-speed auto cogbox to ‘D’ and gently squeezed the accelerator.

The 620R is close to terrible on the road in terms of noise and refinement – but oh, so much fun! The cabin is filled with buzz and vibration at even modest speeds, and the residual soundproofing keeps out noise about as well as a used shower curtain. On regular public roads, the 620R is breath-taking, exhilarating and truly terrifying – all three emotions overlapping each other. It deploys the same 3.8-litre V8 engine as the 570S but cranked up to produce 620bhp, 50bhp more than the 570S. Grip is tenacious, balance is superb, and body-roll barely exists. Simply point the nose, and the rest follows – including most of you. You sense the car’s lightness and lack of inertia. At everyday road-legal speeds, the 620R feels as if it has barely woken up, with grip levels from the standard Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres high enough to preclude any sane attempts to ascertain their limits. It’s a good thing it’s easy to outpace and out-noise your fellow motorists since the vast wing removes a significant amount of rearward visibility. The McLaren 620R is remarkably capable and is a fitting farewell to the impressive Sports Series of McLarens.

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Contributors Issue 31 September/October 2021

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Bathrooms Despite being one of the smaller rooms, Bathrooms have quickly become a focal point in the home; a place of relaxation, tranquillity and cleanliness. Bathrooms are the first place you visit when you wake up and one of the last before you sleep, so they deserve to be treated with the same love that other prized rooms inside your home receive, to set you in a good mood for the day ahead or relax your mind before bed.

Adding colour to a bathroom can be an excellent way to compliment eccentric stones and exciting tiles,

Design The Natural Outdoors - Incorporating natural woods, potted plants and eco-materials helps create a relaxing feel by bringing outside world indoors. Injecting Colour - Adding colour to a bathroom can be an excellent way to compliment eccentric stones and exciting tiles, bringing it all together with gold features; if you’ve ever visited the famous ‘Sketch’ in London then you’ll be able to gather inspiration from its modern quirky 18thcentury designs. Warm blues or pinks show off your personality and create an inviting place to get ready each morning. Details in the Dark - Dark colours are making a strong comeback in the interior design world. Perhaps one of the trendiest things of this season, dark features are no longer boring or intimidating, instead they can wonderfully contrast against feature colours and tiling.

A well-designed bathroom is a thing of beauty and can also boost the value of your home. From lighting to flooring, features to accessories, colour, texture and of course, the tubs, basins, sinks and showers – there’s a lot of elements to consider.

You don’t need to install a brand-new bathroom to achieve your #bathroomgoals. Decor

July/August 2021

You don’t need to install a brand-new bathroom to achieve your #bathroomgoals. Stripping your COMPLIMENTARY current bathroom back to its canvas and adding • INTERIORS • HEALTH & BEAUTY • GENTLEMAN’S NOTEBOOK • THE INTERVIEW • FOOD & DRINK • OUTDOOR LIVING • PRODUCER PROFILE new features and STYLE accessories can take your bathroom to meh to mwah! To create a calm ‘sanctuary’ feel on a budget, use warm earthy PRODUCER PROFILE: tones throughout your bathroom accessories to contrast against bold black accents for handles and hangers, that will help deliver a mixed soft industrial appeal.


Introducing the colour



With so many products for haircare, beauty and hygiene, our bathrooms can often feel cluttered. Try utilising your storage space and reducing the amount of products you have on display. Only leave the products out that are appealing to the eye and help tie-in with the true sanctuary feel to provide a welcome antidote.

Products featured: Opposite page: H&M Home Stoneware soap dispenser, £9.99, available at Above: MADE Jovi Knurled Solid Brass Toilet Roll Holder, Black Nickel, £29, available at Westlab Bathing Epsom Salt 1kg, £4.99, available at Next Black Round Wall Mirror, £60, available at Neal’s Yard English Lavender Bath and Shower Gel 200ml, £14, available at Image opposite page: Good House Keeping / Elsie Larson, image top right Stylist / Home Catalog.

Managing Director Denise Lloyd Designer Zoe Mirza Proudly published by Hampshire Media Group Ltd, trading as Beautiful South. Sales team: Designer: Editor: Tel: 01730 260746 Address: Beautiful South, Unit 1 Viceroy Court Bedford Road, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 3LJ Hampshire Media Group Limited cannot accept responsibility for unsolicited submissions, manuscripts and photographs. While every care is taken, prices and details are subject to change and Hampshire Media Group Limited takes no responsibility for omissions or errors. We reserve the right to publish and edit any letters. All rights reserved

Emma Houghton

Sarah Starr

Lily Lloyd

Emma is a 5-star Aesthetics Clinic of the Year, Owner and Managing Director. Her biggest passions are solving client dilemmas and giving the highest standard of customer service and treatments. You will often find her studying in her downtime to evolve her techniques and Ensure she’s up to date with the most innovative products antiageing solutions.

Sarah is a Fine Artist, specialising in portraiture. She creates one-off bespoke family and pet portraiture from her studio in Hampshire. Working closely with her clients, they discuss small nuances and mannerisms, so that Sarah can gain an understanding of the subject’s personality and life, to create a portrait with their unique and undeniable essence.

Lily is based in London working as a PR and Social Media professional for national consumer and lifestyle clients. Her writing topics range from health and beauty to fashion and lifestyle. In her free time she enjoys bottomless brunches and walks in the countryside with her dog Barney.

Beautiful South has 32,000 copies printed with 29,000 distributed directly into ABC1 homes, and a further 3,000 at pick up points, including superstores and Hampshire Farmer’s markets throughout the following areas: Petersfield, Winchester, Alresford and the Meon Valley, Havant, Rowlands Castle, Hayling Island, Emsworth, Old Portsmouth and Southsea.

Where to find a copy of Beautiful South… Winchester Theatre Royal Winchester Mail Boxes Etc - Winchester Alresford Horse & Groom Susie Watson Designs Old Portsmouth A Bar Bistro Sparkies Emporium Emsworth Driftwood Café Blue Bell Inn The Brookfield Hotel Hampshire Health Clinic Treagust & Co Estate Agents H. H. Treagust & Sons Southbourne Farm Shop

Nyewood John Jenkins Southsea David Antony Hair Southsea Bathing Hut Roux at 27 Charlotte Cornelius G Boutique Hotel Garage Lounge Blossom Boutique Buckwells of Southsea Hayling Island The Langstone Hotel Hayling Christian Centre R J Morris Jewellers

Petersfield Cloisters Café The Natural Apothecary TIME to be ME Sew Creative Lavant Rowe Velvet and Rose Rebecca Barnes Interiors COOK One Tree Books Café Madeleine’s Kitchen Nicky Wells JP Hair Design Rowlands Castle & Havant Pavilion Tea Room, Stansted House The Robin Hood Public House

The copy deadline date for our November/December edition is 8th October 2021

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