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Move over disrupted sleep, headaches and sluggishness, the next generation of drinks are here and they’re nohangover guaranteed. Alcohol alternatives are becoming increasingly popular thanks to a cultural shift to look after our mind and bodies and steer away from the weekend binges. Countless brands are launching into the alcohol-free market, backed by existing alcohol connoisseurs. In this case, sober is the new sexy. There are now plenty of low-alcohol and alcohol-free potions to choose from, so that you can enjoy a crafted delicious beverage and still wake up hangover free. We’ve selected a few of our favourites to try this new year, to help get you on the right track to a more sustainable drinking habit.


Torres Natureo De-Alcoholised Muscat, 0% ABV A big name when it comes to Spanish wine, Torres have turned their hand to alcohol-free varieties to complement their main range. Made from Muscat grapes, the Torres Natureo de-alcoholised Muscat is fresh and fruity on the palate, whilst its 0% alcohol properties make it a great apéritif. From £5.99, available at

Ginger Dram, Highball Cocktails, 0% ABV

CleanGin, Cleanco, 1.2% ABV

Husband and Wife duo Red and Kate Johnson from Exbury in Hampshire developed Highball cocktails in Autumn 2019, after seeking alcohol free alternatives to their favourite cocktails. The small range of Highball Cocktails are delicious, convenient and suitable for both social occasions and to enjoy at home. The Ginger Dram delivers the zest and warmth of ginger, spice and orange, pairing perfectly with the rich flavour of whisky with only 78 calories per bottle.

Founded by British entrepreneur and television personality Spencer Matthews, Cleanco., create spirits using a traditional distillation process, to produce sophisticated grown-up drinks, with a fraction of the alcohol and calories. In 2019 they launched their CleanGin, which has all the crisp botanical-driven taste of some of the world’s greatest gin cocktails, but with over 30 times less alcohol.

From £1.99 per bottle, available at

INNERJI Tropical Lime Antioxidant Revitaliser Mixer We recommend pairing the CleanGin with the new Tropical Lime antioxidant revitaliser from INNERJI, the UK’s first ever caffeine free, carbonated energising tonic. Combined with B1 and B12 vitamins and made with the super-herb Jiaogulan which is found deep in the mountainous regions of the far east, INNERJI is a vegan and gluten free caffeine alternative perfect for any occasion and to be drunk at any time of day, on its own or in a cocktail. From £13.00 for six 250ml cans, available at

From £25, available at