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C O N Q U E R R E L A X AT I O N W I T H B E S P O K E L I V I N G S PA C E S At Conquest we’ve been designing and handcrafting fine fitted furniture here in Hampshire for over fifty years. We are pleased to offer design consultations by phone or video. We are the UK’s leading bespoke fitted furniture company.

To bring your ideas to life simply call 023 9237 0654 | www.conquest-uk.com SHOWROOMS IN FARLINGTON AND HIGH WYCOMBE



Dear Readers, Welcome to the January/February edition of Beautiful South Magazine.

Cover photo by Ricky Howitt Sales team: info@beautiful-south.co.uk Designer: design@beautiful-south.co.uk Editor: editor@beautiful-south.co.uk Tel: 01730 260746 www.beautiful-south.co.uk Address: Beautiful South, Unit 1 Viceroy Court, Bedford Road, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 3LJ

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Give yourself a huge pat on the back for getting through last year, you did it. Now with a new year finally upon us, we open our arms to welcome positivity, growth and prosperity. This edition celebrates new beginnings, putting your mental and physical health and wellbeing at the top of your priority list. To begin, we discuss how important it is to look after our Mental Health, by communicating with friends, family, colleagues and GP’s about how you’re feeling. From inspiring your fitness attire to transforming your body, we show you the ‘in’ sportswear and the virtual home workouts that are quickly taking over the health and fitness movement. For the taste buds, enjoy our Veganuary article and Brunch feature, the new staple of the modern weekend lifestyle. Our Tipple Talk celebrates the delicious alcohol

alternatives that are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to a cultural shift to look after our mind and bodies. It was a pleasure to interview the Manager, Steve, of P&G Wells in Winchester, one of the oldest independent bookshops in the country. We also chat with Anabel, founder of Make Room with Anabel, to learn how to declutter and organise efficiently. 2021 deserves a spruce up, so get inspired by beige and neutral colours in our Interiors feature and also learn how to revamp your home with small and big home improvement tips. There’s so much to explore inside, not forgetting our Gentleman’s Notebook and Healthy Haircare features too. So without further ado, we hope you enjoy this edition and wish you a brilliant start to the year ahead!

Denise Lloyd Denise Lloyd, Managing Director

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SPECIAL FEATURE The Art of Decluttering & Organising


INTERIORS Return of Beige




INTERVIEW P&G Wells Bookshop


FOOD & DRINK Sober is the New Sexy Bonkers for Brunch


SPECIAL FEATURE The Hawk Conservancy Trust


OUTDOOR LIVING Refresh & Redesign




PRODUCER PROFILE Dunwell Calligraphy


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Beautiful South, Unit 1 Viceroy Court, Bedford Road, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 3LJ

By appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales supplier of crystal glass John Jenkins & Sons LTD T/A William Yeoward Crystal Hampshire England




style EDIT

Nike Run Division Zip Wool Running Top, £89.50 available at Nike retailers

Lulu Lemon Running Leggings in Blue Cast, £128. Available online at Lululemon.co.uk


Beautiful South Magazine have found some wonderful workout clothes that could make you actually excited to exercise. Whether you’ve adapted to at-home workouts, are visiting the gym or are simply looking to get a few more walks around the block in, it’s time to stay stylish and feel your very best. After the Christmas period, so many of us focus on being healthy and getting fitter. Exercise is proved to eradicate stress, improve your mental health and boost your energy levels all at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? It’s 2021 and time to say goodbye to baggy t-shirts and mismatched socks. Simply have a look at our latest Style Edit to feel inspired. From sports bras and swimmers, to leggings and trainers, we’ve selected a handful of options to match your preferred workout style...

Nike Icon Clash color-block Dri-FIT stretch-knit sports bra, £35 available at Nike retailers

Adidas Ultra Boost in Vapour Pink, £159.95 available at Adidas retailers

The Pangaia Lightweight Recycled Organic Cotton Sweat Shirt in grey marl, £102 available online at Thepangaia.com

Reebok One Series Training Socks in Lemon Glow, Pixel Pink and Violet Haze, £12.95 available at Reebok retailers

Adidas By Stella McCartney mesh-paneled Climalite sports bra, £50, available online at Net-a-porter.com

W E ’ R E L OV I N G AC T I V E - W E A R B R A N D S W E AT Y B E T T Y. From yoga clothes, to running gear, winter coats and general loungewear, they have you covered for all activities and can help motivate you to move. If you are not familiar with them already, Sweaty Betty is a British brand that has been running for 20 years, first opening in Notting Hill in 1998. With over 50 stores now in the country, Sweaty Betty is on a mission to empower women through fitness and beyond by creating beautiful, technical activewear. And, they are doing a brilliant job as

Sweaty Betty Super Sculpt Soft High Waisted Yoga Leggings in Blue Abstract Animal Print, £85 available online at Sweatybetty.com or at the Chichester branch


the quality of Sweaty Betty’s products are fantastic, lasting for years. If you enjoy exercising at home, or something you’re looking to do as you ease yourself into a little more movement, then Sweaty Betty run online fitness classes that are available and free for everybody. With workouts ranging from yoga to HIIT, their website holds a whole host of workout classes to suit your time frame and fitness level. It really doesn’t matter what ability you are, we feel inspired to work out with Sweaty Betty. Plus, you look the part too! The clothes make you want to stretch that little further and be that little more flexible. Be sure to visit their website at Swettybetty. com, and pop into your local branch on Chichester High Street when you get the chance.

7 | Beautiful South | January /February 2021 | THE STYLE EDIT

8 The Green, Rowlands Castle, Hampshire, PO9 6BN

All makes of vehicles Serviced & Repaired. Halls Garage – The Journey... There will be few in the village of Rowlands Castle, who do not remember Halls Garage. Part of the village since before the second World War, this family run garage has grown, modernised and adapted with the village around it, while still retaining the feel of a friendly and welcoming local business.

Radical changes in the motoring industry have meant radical changes in the workshops. The size has more than doubled and the equipment has changed completely, as have the skill sets and abilities of the staff, yet the personal relationships with their local customers remain strong.

The size has more than doubled, yet the relationships with their local customers remain strong. It is quite the norm, to be sat in the reception and to hear customers being greeted by their names, by staff who know them and their cars well. The petrol pumps may have gone and the front of the garage changed, but the heart of a village garage still beats strongly. This is complimented by modern capability and the garage offers servicing, MOT, repairs, air conditioning service & repair, diagnostics and tyres.

Call us on: 023 9241 2244 to make an appointment

Specialising in German vehicles, but Halls are equipped and skilled to deal with all makes of vehicles.

Cars Sales at Halls Garage: Halls Garage are proud to be an RAC Approved Dealer. Our cars benefit from 6 months RAC Warranty and 1 year Breakdown cover for your complete peace of mind. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and providing the right vehicle for you at affordable prices.

Sales | Servicing | Repairs | Diagnostics | Tyres | Air Conditioning Ap

German Car


• Specialist Repairs • & Maintenance


ov D

Air Conditioning Service & Repair Vehicle Diagnostics Tyres, Balancing & Tracking

FREE Local Collection & Delivery of your vehicle, just call and ask!


l ea

All makes of vehicles Serviced & Repaired

Discount to all NHS, Police Force & Armed Forces

Or Book Online 24/7: www.hallsgarageservices.com/book-online



HOME FITNESS If we learnt one thing from last year, it’s that you do not need a fancy gym, expensive weight machines and a surplus of extra time to reach your fitness goals. Virtual home workouts are quickly taking over the health and fitness movement. People now understand that you don’t need to take hours out of your busy schedules to work out; a factor which often sways us to postpone a gym class or two. At-home fitness allows for time flexibility, to do before work, during your lunch break or when you clock off. Last year saw fitness guru Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, encourage millions of Brits of all ages to get active, whilst personal trainers like Courtney Black offered their intense HIIT Worrier programme for free via Instagram’s Livestream feature to 100,000’s. Big brands such as Nike and CorePower Yoga now also offer their training apps free of charge, from HIIT and boxing to Yoga and Pilates, there is something for everyone to get those good endorphins flowing.

b o o king o ut sp a ce a nd t i m e e ac h d a y in yo ur h o m e a wa y f ro m t h e re s t o f t he f a mi l y t o r ea l l y g e t y o ur b ur p e e s qua t t hr ust s on i s a m us t . However, with more of us working from home than ever, it can be difficult to separate work from home living. To overcome this, we recommend having a designated time and space to work out which is separate from your workstation. Choose an area that you can manoeuvre comfortably in and that has no risk of injury and a place to prop your phone or laptop as you follow the workout. Whether it’s pushing the coffee table aside or transforming the dining room into a home studio, booking out space and time each day in your home away from the rest of the family to really get your burpee squat thrusts on is a must.


SIMPL E ST E P S No Gym does not equal less effort: sure, we all have our off days, but just because you’re not at a gym does not mean the workout should be taken less seriously. Make a schedule and stick to it: creating a sustainable schedule that fits around your work and social life will keep you on top of your fitness journey and motivated to reach your goals. Create a studio sanctuary: with the winter weather permitting us to workout inside, it’s important to choose a designated space away from distractions and obstacles. Mix it up: Not every session has to be high intensity, mix your HIIT workouts with some low-impact routines that help strengthen your core like Pilates or yoga. Invest in equipment: Using cans of baked beans are not a long-term option. Invest in some varied weights, a resistance band and a decent exercise mat to give you that at-home-gym feel.

Resistance band, from £18.99 Available at www.myprotein.com

Pilates & Exercise Mat, from £14.99 Available at www.corebalancefitness.co.uk

Dumbbell Set from £14.99 Available at www.argos.co.uk

Shampoo and Conditioner: Contrary to some belief, washing your hair every day can cause more damage than good, as it strips the natural oils and protein that protect your hair and scalp. Depending on hairstyles, experts recommended washing your hair 2-3 times a week. For coloured hair, choose sulphate free products, to avoid stripping the colour. A shampoo and conditioner duo that is hot on the market comes from hair diagnostics Olapex. Featuring bond maintenance technology, the professionalquality formulas work to repair and protect colourtreated, or damaged hair. The Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo (250ml) and Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner (250ml) is available at www.lookfantastic.com from £52.

Hair Mask:

Hair care goes beyond the shower. For many, once we find our hair care routine, we often tend to avoid shying away for quite some time. However, experts say that our hair changes every seven years, shedding and growing without us taking much notice. It’s important to treat your locks with the same care you dedicate to your skin, so we have compiled a few tips on how to upgrade your hair care rituals.

Brush, glides through afro and curly hair without pulling or snapping. From £22, available at www.cultbeauty.co.uk.

Heat Protection:

Experts often say one of the simplest, yet most important haircare factor is down to the type of brush we use, which often can be far from suited for our hair types, causing daily breakage and damage. After all, we use it every day, so investing in a decent hairbrush is paramount to avoid frizz and split ends.

Keratin is a fibrous, structural protein and the main building block for our hair which is also found in our nails and skin. Trichologist Lisa Caddy explains that Keratin can suffer when exposed to harsh external factors like heated straighteners and blowdryers. To avoid this breakdown, use a heat protection spray and choose a lower heat setting on your appliance.

Bristle brushes are good for fine hair to gently detangle whilst creating a brilliant shine, like the Denman D81M Medium Finishing Brush with Mixed Bristles, sold for £12 and available at www.lookfantastic.com. A wide-tooth paddle brush, like the Charlotte Mensah Medium Size Paddle

The ghd Heat Protect Spray (120ml) protects against the heat of hairdryers, stylers and tongs while leaving hair with a ‘no product’ feel. Starting at £11.50 from www.johnlewis.com.


Conditioners are great for regular maintenance, but sometimes you just need that extra salon feeling. Hair masks quickly became a thing of 2020, as the nation made the most of the work-from-home life by rocking a hair mask as we tackled emails. Oils like coconut and olive oil have been used for beauty benefits for centuries and are great to apply on your mane once a week before washing. To really treat yourself, try making a Moringa, Honey and Avocado hair mask. Add 1 tablespoon of moringa oil, 1 tablespoon of honey, and 1 ripe avocado to a blender and blend till soft. Apply over the whole head and leave for 30 minutes before your usual wash routine. Not only does it moisturize and condition, it detangles, promotes healthy hair growth, protects against breakage, and nourishes the scalp.



WINTER WALKS From the South Downs Way to the Jurassic Coast, here in southern England we are truly blessed to have such an extensive choice of walking routes and hiking opportunities on the doorstep. Last year, the Nation fell in love with walking and truthfully, we can’t think of a better way to get fit and improve your health all whilst experiencing Britain’s

great outdoors first hand! Whether you want to go it alone, join friends and family or make it a group activity, hiking is one of life’s simple pleasures. Although Christmas may be over, but winter is far from finished, so there’s still plenty of time to invest in some comfortable yet stylish walking attire that will keep you snug.

Here are our top picks...

Berghaus Men’s Cornice Interactive Jacket from £225, available at www.berghaus.com.

Merrell Men’s Ontario Suede Mid hiking boots from £130, available at www.merrell.com.

The North Face Mens Cornice II 1/4 Zip Fleece from £50, available at www.cotswoldoutdoor.com

Top Tips... Wash your face morning and night You probably already know this, but it’s important to wash your face twice a day. In the morning, it’s a great way to shock your body into wakefulness, and at night, it’s a great way to clear the skin of any pollutants and traces of dirt that might otherwise transfer onto your pillow and back onto your skin.


this winter Protecting your skin from the cold with our Top Tips and favourite products

Clear away dead skin sells Exfoliating your skin is crucial to keeping it healthy, especially during the colder months. Using a light exfoliator will help to clear dead skin cells and remove blackheads and traces of dirt which can clog up the pores. Keep skin hydrated Moisturiser is a fantastic way to rehydrate your skin during the winter, especially when the cold weather can dry it out. Find a moisturiser suitable for your skin type (dry, oily or combination) and use twice a day after you wash your face to protect your face from the harsh weather.

Exposure to the cold weather can cause havoc with your skin during the winter months, creating dryness, redness and sensitivity that can leave skin irritated. There are ways to protect your skin from the winter though, and we’ve sourced some tried and tested methods and fantastic products to help you do so.

1. Natural and organic beauty pioneer Sue Stowell launched Willow in 2007 with the help of her daughters Bonnie & Tamryn. They set out to provide a range of natural and organic products that would be kind to your skin and the environment. £25, available from www.willowbeautyproducts.co.uk and SenSpa in the New Forest. 2. Barbershop Botanicals in West Meon have a fantastic range of products including Face Wash, Beard Oil and Shave Sets. Beard Care Gift Set £45, available from their HQ , from HÄLSA Cosmetics in Petersfield, Farside Barbers in Winchester, Wild Things in Alresford and Cobbs Farm Shop in Winchester. Visit www.barbershopbotanicals.co.uk.

3. Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Brightening & Exfoliating Daily Cleanser specifically tackles dark spots and discolouration, whilst its active ingredients purify the skin, battle environmental pollutants and improve overall visible clarity. From £28, available at www.kiehls.co.uk.

found inner peace in organisation and its benefits it can have on us, physically and mentally. With a nudge from her parents, Anabel started to discover how therapeutic decluttering can be. Anabel’s work-life and passions have always required organisation as a core skill, working in retail, hospitality and as a science lab manager. It wasn’t until October when Make Room with Anabel launched, born from a desire to integrate Anabel’s skills, knowledge and passions alongside her busy working-mum life.

Her holistic approach focuses on creating a space aligned with the client’s needs and that brings them calm and joy, enhancing their mental wellbeing whilst physically restoring peace within the space. Having a scientific background allows Anabel to use her technical expertise to classify and assemble items in a way which utilises and maximises your existing space. Last year saw a surge in love for Decluttering and Organising. Internet sensations like Marie Kondo have taught millions the insightful ways of Japanese organising whilst addictively bingeworthy series, including Netflix’s ‘The Home Edit’ offer tips and tricks on how to de-clutter and efficiently organise our space. For consumers in modern society, the instant ability to buy new things often leaves us with a surplus of items we do not need, or indeed love. Instead, these often-one-off purchases are stored away in a cupboard and mentally labelled ‘I must get around to using that’. In part, it can be difficult as an individual to decide what to keep, donate or throw away, especially if a form of emotional attachment has formed. Newly launched in October 2020, Make Room with Anabel is a professional decluttering and organising service with a holistic approach. Founder Anabel, who is based in Waterlooville, Hampshire, has had a love for the organisation since a young age. She explains that, like most, she grew up as a messy teenager, but Anabel soon

Her hands-on work ethic and love for DIY plays a big part in putting the finishing touch on each space makeover. Anabel’s services include inperson and video call (Skype/Zoom/WhatsApp), to guide you through the decluttering and organising process, leaving you feeling refreshed, calmer, happier allowing for free time, money and energy to use on the things that really matter to you. Anabel is a member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers), registered with ICO (Information Comissioner’s Office) and fully insured. Whether you’re welcoming a new baby, downsizing or need help with bereavement, Anabel can help you create a space that looks nice and works well for your dream life. To find out more about Anabel’s services, please visit www.makeroomwithanabel.com. To book your initial consultation, call 07787 889576 or email hello@makeroomwithanabel.com. Follow Facebook & Instagram: @makeroomwithAnabel.


6 STEPS... 1. Breathe: It is vital, it creates space, calms the mind and body and makes us present.

2. Visualise: Imagine how you would like your

house/workplace to look like, how you would like to feel in it, what would make your everyday life easier, etc.

3. Start small: Think which areas would be

the most manageable, would help relieve the most anxiety or give you the most gratification. Break it down in small chunks.

4. Declutter first: Use the following categories to help you decide where an item belongs. Keep – Archive – Donate/Gift/Sell – Upcycle/Repurpose – Recycle – Discard. Keep these in mind when organising.

5. Celebrations – Make sure you take a breath and a few moments to celebrate your milestones! That feeling of satisfaction will be the fuel that keeps you going.

6. Ask for help – Above all remember that you don’t have to do this by yourself !

and many other lovely natural products

1 The Square, Petersfield open Mon-Sat 9:00-5:30 halsacosmetics@gmail.com 01730 260 060

Professional Declutterer & Organiser Helping you enjoy the life you desire Create a calm, organised and happy living or working space aligned to your specific needs. Free your mind and time to focus on the things that are most important to you. I offer personalised practical help and support for decluttering and organising Homes & Offices, House Moves, Downsizing, Baby Arrival, Bereavement and much more…

Free phone/video consultation - let’s talk: 07787 889576 or email: hello@makeroomwithAnabel.com visit www.makeroomwithanabel.com

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Free phone/video consultation plus first session (3 hours) for only £90 Beautiful South | January /February 2021 | 15




nce considered as dreary and uninspiring, the beige interior trend has had a makeover. Say goodbye to bland and lifeless rooms, and hello to a new way of styling neutrals. Beige has recently and rapidly gained traction, becoming a chic alternative for design enthusiasts. It has well and truly replaced grey as the minimalist’s favourite neutral. After years of grey hues dominating the interior design world as the neutral go-to, people are turning towards warmer, homely hues, embracing a colour scheme of off-whites, sands, champagnes and terracottas. From beautifully layered minimalist tone-on-tone designs to classic elegance bursting with accessories, beige works well with just a variety of interior styles.

Whether you’re into minimalist Scandi, earthy boho or are simply looking to play around with your current setup, it’s easy for you to incorporate this style into your own living environment.


Textures As we know, there can be a fine line between beige looking boring, and beige looking brilliant. The excitement is within the layers and the built up juxtaposition of textures. After some inspiration? Update your bedsheets to natural-linen fabrics and cover your bed in wonderful, woollen throws. Swap your plastic wash-baskets for woven or seagrass alternatives. Decorate vases with large, dried bouquets of flowers or pampas grass and adorn floors with textured faux-fur rugs. Together

this helps elevate the different neutral textures and tones, creating a cosy and peaceful space. Have a browse on Made.com for some serious interiors inspiration. They have a whole host of textured items to suit this trend. Our current favourites are their Havana Seagrass Laundry Basket (£79) and Tropeka Armchair in Faux Sheepskin (£179).

Colour Schemes Beige colour schemes have recently been trending as they feel welcoming and refined. It is sunny, sandy and warm. An epitome of elegance and class,

“NATURAL ACCESSORIES WITH INTERESTING SHAPES OR IMPERFECT DETAILS ADD COMPLEXITY TO PLAIN BEIGE SURFACES.” beige evokes the feelings of subtle sophistication. However, beige on beige, on top of more beige, can appear lacklustre and dull. When it comes to building colour in your living space, there are a few routes you can go down. For the boho desert and modern Mediterranean interior style, think about introducing warm shades such as terracotta, burnt orange and deep reds. A second option could be to mix and match neutral bases. Go for a tonal look and layer up varying tones of beige, sand, ochre, khaki, taupe and cream. Give richness to a pale beige scheme with chocolate brown accents and dark wood furniture for a more elegant feel. A final suggestion would be to keep things monochrome, by incorporating white, grey and black. Be bold and select black accents for lighting, table legs and accessories. This helps your living environment to look clean and contemporary, with sharp contrasts throughout the room.

Natural Materials Beige goes hand in hand with natural materials. Sometimes you just can’t beat the basics, keeping your flooring and furnishings simple and uncomplicated. Why not pair beige with lots of beautifully grained woods to add richness and tactility to pared-back spaces. On top of this, choose natural accessories with interesting shapes or imperfect details to add visual complexity to plain beige surfaces. The current trend is incorporating bamboo furnishings and rattan finishes. Boho beige uses rattan and ricker to Products featured: Havana Seagrass Laundry Basket (£79) and Tropeka Armchair in Faux Sheepskin (£179) both from www.made.com Thacker Bamboo Layered Shade (£55) from www.habitat.co.uk

create a natural, rustic and shabby-chic space. We’re loving bamboo lighting at the moment. Habitat has an array of designs in, and our current favourite is the Thacker Bamboo Layered Shade (£55). Inspired by organic forms and made from bamboo, the light is carefully crafted into an eye-catching design and will add texture to your beige space.

Say goodbye to bland and lifeless rooms, and hello to a new way of styling neutrals.


M E N TA L H E A LT H Communication is the key to human happiness and good mental health, but many of us lack the opportunity of having good social contact because we live alone or feel disconnected from those we live with and have had to deal with the extra pressures of the pandemic.


he huge social changes we have all experienced in the last year have put everyone under pressure in one way or the other. Restrictions on our freedom to move around, visit and meet up with friends and family, work and financial issues have all combined to edge some of us close to breaking point, or at the very least to induce feelings from low mood to mild depression.

“A good way to start the day can be to do a quick mental Gratitude List to help lift your mood.�

Some of us are fortunate to have friends and family we can talk to when we are feeling particularly low, but not everyone has those strong connections. So it is good to know that the NHS has recognised the need for mental health support, and are offering Talking Therapies, or psychological therapies, that are confidential treatments delivered by fully trained and accredited NHS practitioners, who

can help with common mental health problems like stress, anxiety and depression. These talking therapies can be accessed via the NHS website, or a GP can refer patients, or they can refer themselves via the website without the referral from a GP. The Mental Health Foundation, a UK charity, is another very useful resource and support organisation whose mission is to help people to

thrive through understanding, protecting, and sustaining their mental health. The majority of us have been on a dramatic anxiety roller coaster ride in recent times.

“Research has shown that just by moving our facial muscles into a smile can stimulate feel-good hormones.” We all crave certainty, and we have had to make major adjustments to the way we live and see our future. The freedoms we have taken for granted in the past have been curtailed because of the pandemic, but we can use this experience to redefine our lives and re-programme the way we think and even feel. Most of us now understand the value of our connections with family members, friends and business colleagues. The higher levels of joy we are feeling now when we connect with our nearest and dearest, are making each encounter seem special. It is these relationships that often sustain us through times of stress and tragedy, and we have all been able to learn how to value them much more. Making time to keep in touch with family and friends, on the phone or face time calls, by letter or sending a special card, knowing how these things can brighten your day and those you connect with. So as we move into this new and hopefully better year of 2021, these relationships and connections can be the cornerstone to our own good mental health.

“We can use this pandemic experience to redefine our lives and re-programme the way we think and even feel.”

Learning to be happy with the smaller things in life - having a coffee with a friend, going for a walk as a family, discovering the joys and beauty of our surroundings, living closer to nature, making time to really relax alone or with others and ensuring you get enough sleep. Research has shown that just by moving our facial muscles into a smile can stimulate feel-good hormones. According to experts in the field of happiness, it isn’t completely dependent on the way we experience our lives. It can be more about seeking well-being and balance in all aspects of our lives and about creating more positive experiences than negative ones. A good way to start the day can be to do a quick mental Gratitude List to help lift your mood. Find things that make us happy by immersing ourselves in our hobbies, music, creating a beautiful garden, baking cakes for family and friends or reading a good book.

Simple relaxation techniques such as learning to breathe more deeply and becoming more present in the moment with mindfulness can really help us to deal with the added pressures of life. Improving our fitness levels with more time outdoors - forest bathing and connecting with nature, even wild swimming for the daring who don’t mind the cold water or playing your favourite music and dancing as though no one is watching you! But most important of all - if you feel that you could do with someone to talk to about your stress levels, anxiety and low mood, then seek help and advice from your GP.

For further information and help: NHS Talking Therapies: www.nhs.uk/talkingtherapies Mental Health Foundation: www.mentalhealth.org.uk

Celebrating the History of Winchester’s Oldest Book Shop P&G Wells is not only one of the oldest independent bookshops in the country but also lays claims to being Winchester’s longest-running retail business, trading since the 1700s. Beautiful South’s, Lily Lloyd chats to Current Manager Steve Scholey to discover the rich history of the Bookshop… As Steve explains, The Wells name has been associated with the shop at 11 College Street for nearly 200 years, since 1834 when Joseph Wells started as an apprentice to the previous owner. Joseph managed the shop from 1845, going on to become sole owner from 1866 to 1890. After his death, Joseph’s sons Philip and George refitted the shop, installing the current frontage with its display windows in 1891, one of the shops most recognisable features which makes everyone stop and look. The ‘new’ front staircase added in 1911 extended the shop into the former living space on the first floor.

to maintain the traditional style and period features such as the mahogany counter and bookshelves which have been in use for over a hundred years. “We change the window regularly adding new books as they come in and mounting themed displays. During the first lockdown we even had a thank you note from a customer telling us how much they enjoyed the changing displays.” Steve shares.


Phillip Wells and his family kept the bookshop running across several generations. His granddaughter Monique and her husband Jan Fuchs ran the business from 1948 for nearly four decades until 1982, expanding the shop and its children’s department. Since 1983 a partnership with Winchester College has enabled the shop to continue to trade under the name of P & G Wells.

“Bookselling has changed significantly in recent years,” said Steve, “and so must we as a business. We have improved our IT systems and introduced a new website, giving us a platform to offer better customer service across all our operations.” P&G Wells not only operates from the College Street shop but has a branch at the University of Winchester, supplies schools direct, and offers pop-up bookselling at schools, festivals and other events across Hampshire and further afield.

P&G Wells is one of 130 UK bookshops to have signed up to Bookshop (www.Bookshop.org): a new online platform launched in November to help independent bookshops take on Amazon and allow loyal customers to continue supporting their local book shops.

Over the next few decades, the shop was run by Matthew Huntley and then Crispin Drummond, who managed P&G Wells up until early in 2020. Since April, Steve Scholey has taken on the role of looking after one of Winchester’s best-loved shops. As it has not been an easy time to take over the shop during lockdown, the immediate priority for Steve and his team was to continue getting books into the hands of the shop’s loyal customers, including delivering to their door by bicycle, if they were unable to collect from the shop.

Giving an Old Shop New Life Despite the current challenges this past year, Steve explains how the team have been working hard to add a breath of fresh air to the historic building. A priority throughout this process has been

For more, visit www.pgwells.co.uk | 01962 852016 Follow Facebook: PGWellsBookshop Instagram: @pgwellsbookshop Twitter: @bookwells






Move over disrupted sleep, headaches and sluggishness, the next generation of drinks are here and they’re nohangover guaranteed. Alcohol alternatives are becoming increasingly popular thanks to a cultural shift to look after our mind and bodies and steer away from the weekend binges. Countless brands are launching into the alcohol-free market, backed by existing alcohol connoisseurs. In this case, sober is the new sexy. There are now plenty of low-alcohol and alcohol-free potions to choose from, so that you can enjoy a crafted delicious beverage and still wake up hangover free. We’ve selected a few of our favourites to try this new year, to help get you on the right track to a more sustainable drinking habit.


Torres Natureo De-Alcoholised Muscat, 0% ABV A big name when it comes to Spanish wine, Torres have turned their hand to alcohol-free varieties to complement their main range. Made from Muscat grapes, the Torres Natureo de-alcoholised Muscat is fresh and fruity on the palate, whilst its 0% alcohol properties make it a great apéritif. From £5.99, available at www.waitrosecellar.com

Ginger Dram, Highball Cocktails, 0% ABV

CleanGin, Cleanco, 1.2% ABV

Husband and Wife duo Red and Kate Johnson from Exbury in Hampshire developed Highball cocktails in Autumn 2019, after seeking alcohol free alternatives to their favourite cocktails. The small range of Highball Cocktails are delicious, convenient and suitable for both social occasions and to enjoy at home. The Ginger Dram delivers the zest and warmth of ginger, spice and orange, pairing perfectly with the rich flavour of whisky with only 78 calories per bottle.

Founded by British entrepreneur and television personality Spencer Matthews, Cleanco., create spirits using a traditional distillation process, to produce sophisticated grown-up drinks, with a fraction of the alcohol and calories. In 2019 they launched their CleanGin, which has all the crisp botanical-driven taste of some of the world’s greatest gin cocktails, but with over 30 times less alcohol.

From £1.99 per bottle, available at www.highballcocktails.com

INNERJI Tropical Lime Antioxidant Revitaliser Mixer We recommend pairing the CleanGin with the new Tropical Lime antioxidant revitaliser from INNERJI, the UK’s first ever caffeine free, carbonated energising tonic. Combined with B1 and B12 vitamins and made with the super-herb Jiaogulan which is found deep in the mountainous regions of the far east, INNERJI is a vegan and gluten free caffeine alternative perfect for any occasion and to be drunk at any time of day, on its own or in a cocktail. From £13.00 for six 250ml cans, available at www.innerjidrink.com

From £25, available at www.clean.co



Family run business with a wealth of experience

Doors handmade locally in our Bishops Waltham factory


UP TO 15% DISCOUNT *On orders placed during Jan/Feb 2021

2 into 1 Conversion Specialists

Skandoor’s expertise in converting two single garage doors into one extra wide tailor-made door, will make access easier than ever.

High quality garage doors Fully insulated, reduced draughts Extensive warranty included Full range of colours Bespoke made to measure locally Simple key fob operation All come with bottom safety edge system as standard & required by law

Contact us today for a FREE survey: 01962 600777 info@skandoor.co.uk | www.skandoor.co.uk Check out our reviews on Handmade in Great Britain


THE TRACY AND HEPBURN STORY 6TH–16TH JAN 2021 @7.30, 10TH @ 2.30


20TH-30TH JAN @ 7.30PM


1ST - 6TH FEB @ 7.30PM

10TH–20TH FEB @ 7.30PM


www.titchfieldfestivaltheatre.com • 03336 663366


for Brunch


ot quite breakfast yet not quite lunch, Brunch is a staple of the modern weekend lifestyle. This mid-meal phenomenon is the perfect combination of two out of our three main meals of the day and can range from sweet to savoury, little or large. Usually consumed around 10-11 am, Brunch sets the tone for a relaxed day, as there’s no real rush to get up. It’s late enough to build up a healthy appetite, whilst also satisfying our stomachs as an early lunch, putting us in a good temper to fuel through the afternoon.

Since then, Brunch has come a long way. So why is it so popular? Thanks to Popular Culture and television with series like Sex and the City, the concept of Brunch has been associated with a glamorous lifestyle of leisure; to enjoy on the weekends as a means to catch up with friends. More recently, the foodie social media trend has become a platform to boast your brunch to those across the world, especially using the ever so cliché boomerang.

The perfect social gathering at which to share stories of Saturday night’s debauchery. Brunch originally began as a Sunday affair, with English writer Guy Beringer credited as the first person to propose the idea of a meal in between breakfast and lunch in his 1985 essay “Brunch: A Plea.” He states: “brunch would serve as the perfect remedy for Sunday morning hangovers - and it could be the perfect social gathering at which to share stories of Saturday night’s debauchery”.

You always need an excuse to Brunch, so we have categorised each one for you to rationalise your spending…

1. Day-to-day Brunch This is for your meetings, catch up with friends or a quick grab-and-go. Smoothie and Acai bowls are a statement dish here, topped with a variety of fresh fruit, granola, seeds, nuts, peanut butter and more. The rise of the avocado, especially amongst millennials, has meant that it is more often than not you’ll find a plate of smashed avocado on sourdough bread with a poached egg on top, followed by a healthy pressed juice of some sort.

2. Hangover Brunch One of the things the Brits are known for, your traditional English Sunday Brunch. The whole shebang is required for this; to be shared across the table in a buffet sort of style. Bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, hash browns, beans, eggy bread, black pudding and more, nothing is off-limits here. Not forgetting the plenty of fluids to replenish your body including orange juice, coffee and maybe even a Bloody Mary to see you through to the other side.

3. Boozy Brunch From curing a hangover to causing a hangover, the Bottomless Brunch Boomers are glorified across social media. Essentially, a Bottomless Brunch is where you pay for your meal and a time slot to enjoy an unlimited amount of prosecco or cocktails for an hour or two. From fluffy American pancakes topped with bacon and drizzled in maple syrup to eggs benedict, the choice is endless, with burgers even making it onto the bottomless brunch menu. Basically, any substantial meal that will help soak up the fizz. What’s clear is that Brunch represents a culinary pillar of our society and if this hasn’t already persuaded you to book a brunch for this weekend, then schedule a time in the near future to sleep in a while longer, catch up with friends and enjoy some delicious food.

Kutchenhaus, Petersfield’s new high-quality German kitchens is now open! “Kutchenhaus” was established in 2004 to allow homeowners to buy the highest quality German designer kitchens, at the lowest possible price, without sacrificing quality or service. The new Petersfield showroom is the third of two successful Kutchenhaus franchises opened by Andy Barwell and Paul Turner, following the Chichester branch opening in 2017, Romsey branch in 2018. There are now over 30 Kutchenhaus franchises in the UK! Our successful team welcome you to visit the new showroom nestled in the heart of Petersfield town centre, at 33 High Street, with parking close for your ease. John Le Masurier, the Petersfield Showroom Manager has over 20 years in the industry and commented, “We are really looking forward to meeting and serving new customers and have been blown away by the unbelievable generosity

and warmth received from other businesses in the area. We are extremely fortunate to be in a wonderful position in the centre of such a vibrant market town and can’t wait to have the opportunity to add our support to the High Street.” Our expert designer brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and will utilise industry-leading software to help you create your fabulous new kitchen in 3D. Whether you have ideas of your own or a blank canvas, our friendly team will work with you to achieve the perfect layout, appliances, storage and functionality that suits your kitchen lifestyle.

“Whether you have ideas of your own or a blank canvas, our friendly team will work with you to achieve the perfect layout.” So, whether you opt for supply only or our fully encompassing installation service, we are there with you from the initial consultation right through to the finished project as we offer a full design package.

Book your appointment or visit the Petersfield Showroom, call 01730 231200 or email showroom@petersfield.kutchenhaus.co.uk For more detailed information, visit www.kutchenhaus.co.uk and find us on Trust Pilot! Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 9.30 am – 5 pm, Closed on Sundays. @kutchenhaus_chichester @kutchenhauskitchenschichester @kutchenhaus

Largest German kitchen retailer in the U.K

Supply only or fully installed Free design service Factory built rigid carcases Finance options available

Kütchenhaus Petersfield 33 High Street, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 3JR Call us on: 01730 231200 or email: showroom@petersfield.kutchenhaus.co.uk For more detailed information about kütchenhaus kitchens: www.kutchenhaus.co.uk Beautiful South | January /February 2021 | 25

It was almost a revelation when I realised my father may have left us the answer with the wildflower meadow created in his memory. share this together. Most importantly, adopters will be helping to preserve the future of the Trust so it can continue its renowned conservation, research and educational work to protect the world’s bird of prey populations. Created in 1995, the seven-acre meadow is an integral part of the visitor experience. Serving as a display arena and highlighting the importance of wild habitats and biodiversity for birds of prey, it has become a special place for many people whether it be for memories of watching beautiful birds fly across the wild flowers; the setting for wedding photos; or a place to remember time spent enjoying nature with a loved one.

The Hawk Conservancy Trust: The Hawk Conservancy Trust, which undertakes conservation and research work throughout the UK and overseas, usually raises much of its money through the operation of its visitor centre near Andover in Hampshire but last year’s lockdown periods and ongoing operational restrictions as a result of Covid-19 have led to a drastic reduction in the number of visitors able to purchase tickets.

Created in 1995, the seven acre meadow is an integral part of the visitor experience. Thinking hard about ways to address the shortfall, Ashley Smith, son of the Trust’s late founder Reg is hoping the solution lies with the legacy of a wildflower meadow planted at the Trust in memory of his father 25 years ago. Ashley said: “We have a really supportive community who have recognised our work to

conserve birds of prey over the years, of which we’re really grateful, yet we have never been in a position to feel forced to simply ask people for money to secure the future of the Trust. It was almost a revelation when I realised my father may have left us the answer with the wildflower meadow created in his memory.” Instead of just appealing for donations, Ashley and the team have devised a campaign to offer people the chance to adopt a plot of Reg’s Wildflower Meadow. For £100, supporters can become a Guardian of the Meadow, either for themselves or as a gift, choosing their plot from among the six areas named after the wildflower species that thrive there and form the stunning backdrop to many of the spectacular bird flying displays. If £100 seems a stretch for some at the moment, given the difficult financial pressures many are under there is the option to fundraise for a plot or simply club together with friends and family to

The meadow is part of the Hawk Conservancy Trust’s bird of prey visitor centre at Weyhill near Andover, Hampshire. Rated Hampshire’s number one attraction by TripAdvisor, it is also home to the National Bird of Prey Hospital™. More information on the Guardians of the Meadow appeal and online adoption options can be found at www.hawk-conservancy.org/support-us/ meadow-appeal Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @HawkConservancy

Operating throughout Hampshire, West Sussex and surrounding counties ensure the team can be reactive to emergency call outs, for when the unexcepted happens.

Based in Drayton, Portsmouth and with over 20 years of experience, The Complete Property Group (South) Ltd are a team of highly skilled multi-trade field operatives, surveyors, administration team and dedicated supply chain, who work collaboratively on commercial and residential projects. The Complete Property Group are a onestop-solution for all your damp and roofing issues. They pride themselves on their ability to meet the needs of all customer situations, demonstrating a personal understanding and providing you with professional reporting right through to the practical delivery of the work undertaken.

From basic through to troublesome damp issues, their Damp Proofing services include waterproofing, timber preservation, ventilation, condensation and black mould control. So, whether it’s penetrating damp, rising damp from the ground or even tanking a cellar; whatever your problem might be, the team are here to help.

They pride themselves on their ability to meet the needs of all customer situations. Their Roofing Services mean they can carry out guaranteed repairs on all minor or major roofing works including garages, cellars and basements whilst still meeting your time restraints and budget.

To discuss your property’s damp proofing or roofing needs or to book your FREE survey, call 02393 870220 or email info@thecompletepropertygroup.co.uk. For more information, please visit www.thecompletepropertygroup.com. @thecompletepropgroup @thecompletepropgroup @The Complete Property Group (South) LTD

The quality you expect… and the service you deserve The Complete Property Group (South) Ltd offer a one-stop shop solution for all your damp and roofing issues Providing you with professional reporting right through to the practical delivery of our work for you Damp Proofing Services

Black mould, penetrating damp, rising damp from the ground or even tanking a cellar; whatever your problem might be, we have a team managed by our qualified preservation surveyor to assist you

Roofing Services



Our primary aim with roofing is to preserve your property by carrying out guaranteed repairs on all minor or major roofing works

Garages, cellars and basements can also be converted by our specialists

All work includes fully project managed service from start to finish



Call us today on 02393 870220 to book your FREE survey carried out by our qualified staff Or email us: info@thecompletepropertygroup.co.uk Visit: www.thecompletepropertygroup.com Beautiful South | January /February 2021 | 27

Timber Windows of Winchester 81 High Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9AP Tel: 01962 676 304

Whether your home is a country cottage, a Victorian semi, a modern townhouse or a converted barn, we have a range of traditional and contemporary timber windows and doors that will complement it perfectly.   Please visit us to explore our range of beautifully crafted timber doors and windows, and expert advice on enhancing the value and beauty of your home. www.timberwindows-southern.co.uk

Timber Windows of Horndean 69 London Road, Horndean, Waterlooville, PO8 0BW Tel: 02392 570 340



M: 07733 220670


28 | Beautiful South | January /February 2021

Dream Doors Gosport has been helping customers create inspirational door swaps, kitchen makeovers and full kitchen installations since 1999. Gosport was the first and original showroom. There are now almost 100 nationwide! We pride ourselves on providing the very best kitchen designs, keeping in line with ever changing styles and trends.

We are a small, friendly, family run business dedicated to insuring the very best customer service.


The average homeowner replaces their kitchen approx. 3 times only in their lifetime due to the costs and disruption involved. Our service

offers the most competitive price with the absolute least amount of disruption and we fully projected manage it so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

dedicated to insuring the very best customer service. Please give us a call on 023 9250 3655 drop us an email at sales@dreamdoors.co.uk or, even better, pop into our showroom for a cup of tea and a chat with Jason or Steve at: Unit B1, Heritage Business Park, Heritage Way, Gosport, PO12 4BG.

We provide doors, worktops, all appliances, sinks, taps, glass splashbacks, tiling, electrics and everything and anything else in-between. We are a small, friendly, family run business




See what our customers have to say...

CALL US NOW FOR A FREE ESTIMATE: 023 9250 3655 www.dreamdoors.co.uk



Or visit our showroom: Unit B1, Heritage Business Park, Heritage Way, Gosport, PO12 4BG

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2021 is all about revitalising, refreshments and new starts - the ideal time to consider revamping your home, indoors and outdoors. Big or small, a New Year’s renovation project is a great way to breathe new life into your living environment and there are plenty of ways to update your home without the messy overhaul or vast expense of remodelling. From small changes, or a whole new project, Beautiful South Magazine can share some inspiration on where to start. Once completed, these touches go a long way to improving your indoor and outdoor living space.

“Lighting is an essential aspect as it enhances the aesthetic appeal and creates the ambience of a living space.”

REFRESH… Rather than bidding farewell to your sofa or dining chairs, you can reupholster your furniture to immediately update your home. By adding new fabric to an existing armchair or sofa can create a chic modern style that will look as good as new. Easier additions, such as swapping in new throws or cushion covers each season is a great way to give your living room a fresh feel.

REVAMP… You don’t need to fork out on expensive redecorating fees to revamp. Whether you gloss your walls, kitchen cupboards or even front door, adding new pops of colour to your home can make it feel like an entirely new space. Other small touches you can update your home with can include: updating a kitchen backsplash with new tiles, replacing doorknobs, light switches and handles or even styling your walls with artwork and prints. The possibilities are endless.

RADIATE… But choose your colours carefully, consider the natural light sources, avoid dark colours in rooms that are already dark. Of course, lighting is an

essential aspect of interior design, as it enhances the aesthetic appeal and creates the ambience of a living space. Lighting can also make a huge difference to your outside space, try re arranging garden features and strategically place lights to form focal points to your garden, illuminating a sculpture, water feature or seating areas.

RE-ESTABLISH… Speaking of the outdoors, the growth in the ‘outside room’ industry has been enormous in recent years with a huge range of options to select from, including restored shepherd’s huts, tree houses, fully insulated summer houses, purpose built and fully insulated and plumbed outside rooms for work, play or even as additional guest accommodation. Harmonise your indoor-outdoor living with Bi-fold or clear glass sliding doors to help make the connection, leading to a new outdoor living/dining space. Whatever you choose to do, step inside your home as though you are a visitor and think about that first impression. Consider how the rooms flow together and brainstorm what small changes you could make that will make a big difference in creating a fabulous home.

NEW SHOWROOM NOW OPEN! Your garden is a special place

Block Paving & Patios • Fencing • Brick & Stonework Tarmac & Shingle Driveways • Hedge Cutting • Jet Washing Tree Surgery • Turfing & Artificial Grass • Operated Digger Hire

Local family run business, established in 2005 For a no obligation quote, or to find out more, call: 02393 110343 or 07923 379109 Email daniel.gatcum@live.co.uk For more information visit: www.dglandscaping.co.uk

Cabinetmakers of fine bespoke kitchens and furniture


Treat yourself to one of our beautiful Kitchens in 2021 EW T N EN ER M D GE N U NA A M

Make sure your quality garden time is spent in the best possible conditions with our expert landscaping.


Open a trade account today to receive great deals! Great prices on doors, joinery and flooring FREE DESIGN SERVICE - CONTACT US TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

EVERYTHING YOU NEED LOCALLY FROM STOCK Showroom visits by appointment only: Petersfield Business Park, Unit 11, Bedford Road, Petersfield GU32 3QA 01730 710419 | petersfield@howdens.com | www.howdens.com Open: Monday – Friday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm, Saturday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm


handmade in hampshire



Independent, Leading Specialists in Reupholstery, with over 40 years experience. Update your colour & style whilst keeping your furniture. We undertake all aspects of upholstery work & Repairs. Kitchens | Bedrooms | Studies Furniture | Bathrooms Telephone us to make an appointment to visit our Showroom & Workshop on: 023 9248 6478 sales@stephenanthonydesign.com www.stephenanthonydesign.com

Covering Hampshire and surrounding areas. Find us on

Contact us for a free quotation: 07846 599558 epmupholstery@hotmail.co.uk www.epmupholstery.co.uk Open Monday-Friday 8:30am - 17:00pm

TO ENHANCE YOUR OUTSIDE SPACE... We have a team of experienced carpenters and tradesmen that create high quality garden rooms. We are proud to offer you a creative service, designed to fit your purpose and budget.

Garden Office | Summer House | Gym | Hot Tub/Pool Room | Home Bar | Cinema/Games Room | Granny Annex Do you have a project in mind? To find out how we can help you, contact us today: 07967 341112 | info@southdownsgardenrooms.co.uk | www.southdownsgardenrooms.co.uk

Inside & Outside Furniture Restoration Specialists Established & Trusted for over 25 Years


Showcase your company directly into 32,000 affluent homes locally www.beautiful-south.co.uk



Garden Furniture • Paint Stripping Fencing, Railings & Gates • Wet Paint Spraying Powder Coating • Furnishings • Fireplaces Specialist in Aluminium & Cast Iron Garden Furniture

Contact Mr Picketts on 01243 574 573 02392 752 483 or 07525 128 628 enquiries@mrpicketts.co.uk www.mrpicketts.co.uk

Our distribution covers: Petersfield • Buriton • Liss • Meon Valley Hambledon • Droxford • Ropley • Alresford • Winchester • Emsworth Rowlands Castle • Havant • Hayling Island • Old Portsmouth • Southsea

Book today to be included in our Jan/Feb edition. Telephone us on: 01730 260746 info@beautiful-south.co.uk The closing date for our next edition is 5th February 2021


ince 2014 the Veganuary campaign has inspired more than one million animal produce consumers, across 192 countries, to switch to a vegan diet for January. Many of them will not return to eating meat, fish, dairy, eggs and any other foods from an animal source. The campaign works with businesses to drive up vegan food provision in shops and restaurants and works with more than 600 companies each year, with more than 1200 new vegan products and menus launched for Veganuary 2020. The previous year saw the launch of more vegan products than any nation as the number of vegans in Great Britain quadrupled between 2014 to 2019.

Why Athletes, Chefs and a

Nature Conservationist, are all backing the switch to more

plant-based foods The environmental impact of consuming animal produce has become more visible through the media and campaigns such as Veganuary. With more television programmes that feature vegan cookery such as ITV’s ‘Living on the Veg’ 10-part vegan cookery series which aired early in 2020, fronted by the dynamic duo Henry Firth and Ian Theasby. Many other celebrity chefs have taken on board the growing interest in eating more plant-based foods, including two of our favourite foodies The Hairy Bikers. The loveable duo’s new book ‘The Hairy Bikers’ Veggie Feasts’ has recently been published. The book is vegetarian focused, and it is this first step away from meateating that can make the transition to a fully animal-produce-free diet easier for many. Chris Packham, our much loved Hampshire based wildlife TV presenter, wildlife conservationist and writer, decided to ditch the dairy from his already meat-free diet in 2019 and is one of the Veganuary Ambassadors and commented:

“As I’ve become more aware of the impact our diet has on the environment - and of course the species that live in it - I’ve become increasingly concerned to minimise the negative aspects of that impact.”

Many athletes are also reaping the benefits of switching to a vegan diet including professional rugby player Anthony Mullally, Olympic volleyball player Dustin Watten and world champion pole athlete Michael Donohoe. Netflix worked with well-known film producer James Cameron to create ‘The Game Changer’ - a film about the benefits of a vegan diet for athletes, that shows how they can enjoy high performance on a plant-based diet. For more information on Veganuary, including signing up to take part, recipes, eating guides, nutrition trips and where to find vegan restaurants and to shop for vegan food visit veganuary.com

Lifestyle Vegans For fully committed vegans, it is not just about eating plant-based foods; it can be a total lifestyle choice that includes sourcing cosmetics, toiletries, clothing, footwear and other non-food items that are free from animal products.

Vegan Events As we settle down to the dark days of winter, we can look forward to some exciting, fairly local vegan events coming up in 2021. VFestUK, a huge new vegan camping, music and food event is planned for 11th-13th June at the Dinton Pastures Country Park, near Wokingham, Berkshire, close to the north Hampshire border. This huge new vegan camping event will feature outdoor activities, live shows, headline acts, celebrity chefs, global speakers, amazing stalls and international vegan food. Fleet Food Festival will have a Vegan Village at their event between 19th and 20th June 2021. Both Southampton and Portsmouth host annual vegan events, usually in November.


s handwritten correspondence a thing of the past? Not if I can help it! My name is Gabrielle, and I am the one-woman-enterprise behind Dunwell Calligraphy, a Southampton-based art studio specializing in calligraphy, engraving, and pyrography. Believe it or not, calligraphy is everywhere. From shop signs to logos, you’d be hard-pressed not to find some element of the ancient art in your (preCOVID) commute. Despite the ubiquity of it though, it still took me a while to find it myself. There was no magical calling to calligraphy for me. Nor was there a burning desire to create beautiful writing. I didn’t have a “Eureka!” moment. I simply needed something to do in my spare time, so I consulted Google, looked at lists that covered “hobbies for introverts”, and the rest, as they say, was history.

That fateful Google search was in October 2018. I was quite taken with the art of fancy writing, and very quickly my supplies ballooned from a handful of pens I kept in an old mug on my desk, to an entire home office of inks, nibs, paints, and drills. It wasn’t until in December 2019 that I started making the shift from hobby to small business. Now, a little over two years later, Dunwell Calligraphy has launched (during a pandemic, no less), and now offers not only traditional pen and paper services, but custom engraving and woodburning too.

Receiving an envelope, invitation, or gift featuring these arts shows just how much the recipient means.

In the age of everything being digital and instant, there is something so sentimental about calligraphy. It is slow and deliberate, with each letter of each word being formed in a unique, specific way.

Because calligraphy, and by extent, calligraphic engraving and pyrography, are such time-intensive arts, receiving an envelope, invitation, or gift featuring these arts shows just how much the recipient means. People often think that you have to be naturally creative to take up calligraphy. Another common misconception is that you have to have nice handwriting. Thankfully, neither of those are true! Calligraphy is accessible and can be very affordable too if you don’t get beguiled by the huge palette of colours and pigments and pens along the way! Calligraphy is not limited to weddings or elegant parties, either. Another benefit of calligraphy and engraving is that they are portable arts, able to be done on location. Whenever events are allowed again, consider having an on-site artist to elevate it to new heights. To work with Gabrielle, whether for your special event or on-site for in-person customization, you can visit her website, www.dunwellcalligraphy.com, email her at gab@dunwellcalligraphy.com, follow her on Instagram @dunwellcalligraphy, or give her a call on 07586 590 383

Offering a forward thinking and friendly approach to all accountancy

Johnston Wood Roach Limited are a firm of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisors. Our sister company JWR Audit Limited are Registered Auditors and work alongside Johnston Wood Roach Limited. Our accountancy practice started in 1992 and with 28 years experience we are all very proud to say that our client base has grown solely due to our reputation and client recommendation. We are here to take the worries away from you, by offering a forward-thinking approach to all accountancy. We are friendly, approachable and communicate in a way which is easily understood by all, from sole traders to corporate organisations.

Chartered Accountants

With over the 28 years in business we have grown to where we are today solely by client recommendations Directors Crystelle Johnston, Kate Wood and Jamie Roach work within the practice alongside our team of 20 professional staff. We offer a fixed fee audit, accountancy, bookkeeping, payroll and tax solution and we mean it when we say “there is no business too big or too small that would not benefit from talking to us”. We deal with all sizes of businesses and offer all of the solutions that you would expect from a high-quality professional team.

There is no business too big or too small that would not benefit from talking to us.

With regular newsletters and email updates to clients, our proactive interaction and communication help keep both you and us happy and up to date.

Accountancy Services: • Accounting and Audit • Taxation • Company Secretarial • Payroll • Bookkeeping Services • Consulting Services • Ad Hoc Financial Reporting • Research and Development • Charities • New business formations

Free Initial Consultation Offered

To find out more about us, visit: www.jwraccountants.co.uk email: Crystelle@jwraccountants.co.uk or telephone: 023 92269977 Johnston Wood Roach Limited, 24 Picton House, Hussar Court, Waterlooville, PO7 7SQ Beautiful South | January /February 2021 | 35

Quob Park Estate Vineyard · Winery · Orchard · Potager

170 acres set in a Natural Clos in the heart of the Hampshire Countryside



ESTATE Vineyard · Winery · Orchard · Potager

Join our Vine To Wine Club Quob Park Estate’s Exceptional English Sparkling Wine is Comparable to Champagne and Better Value for Our Members

Whilst we pause Our Club Launch as we are unable to receive visitors,

Enjoy Your FREE Club Try-All with a 33% Discount on all Your Sparkling Wines, plus a FREE Vineyard Tour & Tasting Ticket*


£59 £39

£44 £28

£39 £26

£39 £26

£39 £26

£39 £26

£54 £36

*All prices include delivery and Club Membership Discount of at least 33%, and with Your First Wine Purchase, You will receive a FREE Tour & Tasting Ticket worth £20 for use within 30 Days of Our Club Relaunch

Not Satisfied? 100% Money Back Guarantee

Following Relaunch Our Club Exclusive Experiences will include...

Rosé Winemaker for the Night

Cheese & Wine Tasting

Perfect Picnic

Chocolate & Wine Tasting

Sparkling Afternoon Tea

Enjoy Your FREE TRY-ALL, Join or Gift Membership of Our Club visit: www.quobpark.com/enjoy, scan QR code, or call 01329 836720. Use Code ‘GIFT33’ to start to Enjoy Your FREE Club Try-All, Membership Terms & Conditions Apply

Subscriptions from £30 per month or Pay Annually with 2 Months FREE

Cambridge Garage

“I’m in Pain”


Can Chiropractic Help Me? CHIROPRACTORS TREAT: • Back, neck, shoulder & leg pain • Headaches • Pain down the leg & sciatica • Numbness in feet, arms & fingers • Joint, posture & muscle problems • Pregnant ladies, babies & children Digital X-rays on site


Parts and Labour Guarantee • Authorised Warranty Centre Dr Peter Coote BSc MSc DC Doctor of Chiropractic

Health Pass Voucher for only £20* This Health Pass voucher entitles you, your friends or family to: Private consultation • Thorough Spinal Examination • Neurological & Orthopaedic Tests • Full report of findings • Referral to a specialist if needed *


volvo servicing

This voucher offer expires on 28th February 2021.

Call us today for an appointment on: 02392 373 311 www.activehealthchiropractic.co.uk 86 Northern Road, Cosham, PO6 3ER

Save on Parts & Labour at Cambridge Garage Specialist Car Service Centre Our Services Include: volvo Dealer Specification Servicing Dealer Level Diagnostics Wheel Balancing and Tyres MOT Testing Centre Air Con Service Free Collection and Delivery Courtesy cars available upon request

Call us: 01730 260666 | petersfieldcarservicing.co.uk Cambridge Garage, 7 Petersfield Business Park, Bedford Rd, Petersfield GU32 3LJ

Open: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-1:30pm


Great for: Space saving Kerb Appeal Ease of Use 0800 468 1982

Garolla can save a lot of space inside your garage. Rolls up vertically into a box. Takes only 8 inches of headroom! Opens vertically so you can park up close to the door. Remotely open/close the garage even from inside your car.

LIMITED OFFER - was £1354 e Sav 9 £45

023 9298 8459



Phone Lines Open 7 Days a Week

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*Offer valid for openings up to 2.6m wide & inc: 2 remote keys, 55mm White slats, Internal manual Override

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Just my cup of tea In 2019, Polestar revealed the 2, its first fully electric, high-volume model. It arrived in the UK during 2020 and comes with 402bhp / 660Nm, all-wheel drive, a 78kWh battery pack and a WLTP range of 292 miles. The car has a saloon-look body style, but is actually a five-door hatchback with a slightly elevated ride height. This gives it a unique profile while still offering decent family practicality. With a price of around £50,000, you would rightly expect a svelte and plush interior and the Polestar 2 delivers in most areas. The front layout is simple but attractive, with well-chosen materials that give the 2 an inviting feel. Wood trim and fabric help make the interior default vegan-friendly, but you can choose leather upholstery as an optional extra.


Mounted in the middle of the minimalist dashboard, the 11-inch portrait infotainment screen is the world’s first to get Android’s in-car infotainment software ‘Android Automotive OS’. It offers Google Assistant, Google Maps and apps, so offers a good experience if you’re an Android smartphone user, while Polestar claims Apple CarPlay will be coming at a later date. Boot space is a reasonable 405 / 1,095 litres and the powered tailgate aids practicality. There’s a further 35-litre space under the bonnet for charge cables and windscreen wash, etc. There is just the one very well equipped ‘trim’ level for the Polestar 2 at launch. Power from the 78kWh battery bank drives two electric motors sending power to all four wheels. Each produces 201bhp and 330Nm of torque. The result is an impressively quick family hatch that can zip from 0 to 62mph in 4.7 seconds. Drive is direct and seamless, with the Polestar 2 topping out at 127mph. As with all electric cars, most owners are expected to home-charge or work-charge most of the time. If you use a 7kWh system, recharging to 100 per cent will take around 11 hours. However, Polestar’s approved wallbox it

will supply power at 11kW which will recharge to 100 per cent in about five and a half hours. A 150kW DC rapid charger will top up to 80 per cent capacity in about 40 minutes, while a 50kW rapid charger will take around an hour to get to 80 per cent. The Polestar 2 certainly grips well as it carves through longer corners, giving the driver plenty of confidence. You can tell the battery pack gives the car a low centre of gravity, but the steering is numb and lifeless. The Polestar 2 is a genuinely likeable electric car with a useful range, slick infotainment, good performance and great build quality, along with a certain cool factor that will aid its departure from showrooms. Testing the Google Assistant, I asked it to tell me a joke and it responded…”I don’t really like coffee, it’s not my cup of tea”.

I have to say, the innovative Polestar 2 is my cup of tea. By Wayne Gorrett

man Kitchens

use of ashy showrooms and not charging hefty premiums for their brand. Ben tells us that this 4 COM M U NI T Y allows him to supply N and t a £60,000 kitchen for F O KEN OFthe well under half price A and still provide a perfect T RS service. ORDE RING U Quality, affordability andDservice are paramount to Ben, Hayling RIL PROMOTION as shownHappy by the fact that hisAP company recently won Best Kitchens ethos has always been to hire, Ben in Customer Service 2017 award from Houzz. His clients provide a complete kitchen solution for all its would describe Human Kitchens as a company customers. Some customers may they not can have the rowing up really work with, aresources company they getan great qualitynew fromkitchen financial to fit entirely also spent and a company theyaget a greatMakeover end result, service that is with why whom we offer Kitchen too. Over the years our expertise in this field has without having to spend the earth. ere he won us awards with Houzz. Careful attention is on the design to ensurethis: our customers are A happytaken customer, David Farr, confirms gn. feeling they have a brand new kitchen! "We can'tleft thank Ben that and his team enough for the fabulous job they did on our kitchen. We worked wanmore, with with Ben for a few weeks beforehand, explaining the . He's had a vision we had. He was able to help us by introducing as worked with Island suppliers andinmaking suggestions that enhanced the whole project. From n industry. Originally from Hayling start tooffinish were treated courteously and with patience by every team Hampshire, Ben did most his we growing member we met. teamfrom - can't igh quality, up made-to-measure in Italy and has also spent a Old fashioned service from a fully professional Originally Hayling recommend them higher." Island in Hampshire, Ben lity kitchenslot at the fraction of the of time in Barcelona where he did most of his growing up Project Date: April 2017 vice. He says: developed a keen eye for design. in Italy and has also spent use a high-street retailer to source a lot of time in Barcelona mpossible) to purchase the size and r After Makeover where he developed a keen Healso nowbe runs eye for design. materials could lowHappy quality;Kitchens based in Swanmore, Before makeover with offices in West Sussex and the Test Valley. He now runs Happy Kitchens based in would be veneer." Swanmore, with offices in West Sussex and He’s had a successful career in kitchen design the Test Valley. He's had a successful career and has worked with some of the ‘big names’ in in kitchen design and has worked with Made', hand-crafted kitchens they some of the 'big names' in the UK kitchen the UK kitchen industry. industry.


2019 and 2020 from Houzz. His clients would describe Happy Kitchens as a company they can really work with, a company they get great quality from and a company with whom they get a great end result, without having to spend the earth.

Dealing with Covid-l9

Happy Kitchens

your OLD kitchen a NEW kitchen

fraction of the cost of buying a new kitchen

Happy Kitchens specialise in bespoke, high

ur quality from quality, made-to-measure kitchens and Ben Happy Kitchens specialise in bespoke, high wanted to offer top quality kitchens at the sive. You will find in most cases fraction of the cost, together with excellent quality, made-to-measure kitchens and Ben customer service. He says: tchens on Houzz, and I decided to go with them as the reviews were encouraging not the quality of the product." "There are a lot of customers who would use wanted to offer top quality kitchens at the fraction a high-street retailer to source their kitchen hey were a small, local company. From the outset, Ben was extremely professional of the cost, together with excellent customer and find it difficult (if not impossible) to purchase the size and style they wanted to fit and understands exactly what the client wants. slashing the price of their handservice. He says: their space. The materials could also be low quality; for instance, rather than being real minimum by avoiding the use of oak, it would be veneer." Afterand makeover premiums forwere theirall brand. Ben tchen team fantastic; punctual, hardworking, incredibly tidy most “There are a lot of customers who would use a Ben is proud of the high quality 'British Made', hand-crafted kitchens they provide. a £60,000 kitchen forthe wellquality under high-street retailer to source yfitreally cared about of theirtheir work.kitchen We areand really thrilled with our new He explains: Ben continues: "If someone wanted to buy a kitchen of our find and it difficult (if not impossible) to purchase the ervice. kitchen it has totally exceeded our expectations. quality from the High Street it would be far the size and style they wanted to t their space. The “I think, our craftsmen are amongst too expensive. You will find in most cases that you arefrom paying for the name, not best in the world. They come abrand luxury Joanne McCarthy materials could also be low quality; for instance, the quality of the product." yacht fitting background. Fitting luxury yachts rather than being real oak, it would be veneer.” est in the world. They come from 4 involves working to unusual layouts and specific luxury yachts involves working customer requirements, whilst achieving a perfect Ben is proud of the high quality ‘British Made’, uite unique as we are able to offer top quality products, requirements, whilst achieving finish. There is a world of difference between a hand-crafted kitchens provide. When Ben He wasexplains: asked how people would describe him he replied: ence a craftsman and ain the they tted between by the best professionals business. Change craftsman and a kitchen fitter. A kitchen fitter "Passionate, I think would be the best word." chen, but as soon as there is a slight oom with a makeover or design and install a new “If someone wanted to buy a kitchen of our can fit a kitchen, but as soon as there is a slight e right with theyour room, problems whichever suits needs or price curve in the wall or something is not quite right quality from the Highrange. Street it would be far too If you are considering a newwith kitchen, Human Kitchensbegin. would love to hear can wonderful out of that situation, as the room, problems A craftsman expensive. You will find infrom most cases that you you. are paying for the brand name, not the quality of make something wonderful out of that situation, as opposed to being stopped by it.” the product.”

2017 2018

Happy Kitchens set to overcome this by slashing the price of their hand-made kitchens. They keep overheads to a minimum by avoiding the


Quality, affordability and service are paramount to Ben, as shown by the fact that his company won Best in Customer Service award for 2017, 2018,


Ben Says:

“Our customers and our employees are of utmost importance to us andhissafety for all is our first company won Best in Customer Service award for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 adhering from concern. We are regularly reviewing and Houzz. His clients would describe Happy to Government and NHS advice on Kitchens as a company theyhow can reallythe work virus with, a company they get great quality from can be managed andandcontained, and we have a company with whom they get a great result, without having to spend the robust plans in placeend which we adapt to the earth. latest Government advice as it changes and the Dealing with Covid-19 Happy Kitchens ethos has always been to to evolve. Ben Says: situation continues Happy Kitchens set to overcome this by slashing the price of their hand-made kitchens. They keep overheads to a minimum by avoiding the use of flashy showrooms and not charging hefty premiums for their brand. Ben tells us that this allows him to supply and fit a £60,000 kitchen for well under half the price and still provide a perfect service.

provide a complete kitchen solution for all its customers. Some customers may not have the financial resources to fit an entirely new kitchen that is why we offer a Kitchen Makeover service too. Over the years our expertise in this field has won us awards with Houzz. Careful attention is taken on the design to ensure our customers are left feeling that they have a brand new kitchen!

"Our customers and our employees are of utmost importance to us and safety for all is

our first concern. We are regularly reviewing Our Coronavirus Planning is constantly examining and adhering to Government and NHS on how the virus can be managed and how we can limit the advice impact of the virus within contained, and we have robust plans in place which we adapt are to the latest Government to our Restore and the service we offering advice as it changes and the situation customers. continues to evolve. Our Coronavirus Planning is constantly

examining how we can limit the impact of We have put in place a series of steps and the virus within Restore and the service we are offering to our customers. We have measures to keep our colleagues safe, and put in place a series of steps and measures to keep colleagues safe, and allowing allowing us to continue toourserve our customers. us to continue to serve our customers. We Before Makeover We are keeping our are employees informed keeping our employeesfully fully informed about steps to take for containment and about steps to take for on our containment and management premises as well as during any customer or supplier site visits. management on our premises as well as during We have implemented social distancing any customer or supplier site visits. measures at all of our sited in line with Government guidelines. We have implemented increased hygiene measures at all of our sites and sourced relevant hygiene equipment and materials as recommended by Government guidelines. Any employee who is experiencing coronavirus symptoms, or is required to isolate under Government guidelines for any other reason, has been instructed not to attend work and to follow the latest Government advice on next steps.

M Befo


I found Ha and I liked

The Hap important

After Makeover I fo We have implemented social distancing measures an at all of our sited in line with Government guidelines. We have implemented increased Happy Kitche hygiene measures at all of our sites and sourced top quality p relevant hygiene equipment and materials as best professio with im recommended by Government guidelines. Any bedroom We are focused on working with our and bedroom customers to establish these requirements. employee who is experiencing Please keep us updated on yourCoronavirus requirements." symptoms, or is required to isolate under Reid Government guidelines forHany K IBenjamin TC E N other S H Oreason, W N - has MR & MRS Managing Director Quality, affordability and service are been toinstructed attend work and to follow paramount Ben, as shown by the not fact thattowww.happykitchens.uk the latest Government advice on next steps.

Ben continues: "I think, our craftsmen are amongst the best in the world. They come from a luxury yacht fitting background. Fitting luxury yachts involves working to unusual layouts and specific customer requirements, whilst achieving a perfect finish. There is a world of difference between a craftsman and a kitchen fitter. A kitchen fitter can fit a kitchen, but as soon as there is a slight curve in the wall or something is not quite right with the room, problems begin. A craftsman can make something wonderful out of that situation, as opposed to being stopped by it."

B E S P O KHapp E

We are focused on working with our customers to establish these requirements. Please keep us updated on your requirements.” Benjamin Reid Managing Director.

To book your FREE home visit, call 01962 460169, email info@happykitchens.uk or visit www.happykitchens.uk UK Happy Kitchens Ltd, Orchardlee, Swanmore, Hampshire, SO32 2QZ


your k




Bespoke Kitchen Fitting & Kitchen



spoke Kitchen Fitting & Kitchen Makeovers

Made-To-Measure Kitchens 30%After off*Makeover ore Makeover On Kitchen orders taken during July


30% off*

ppy Kitchen team were all fantastic; punctual, hardworking, incredibly tidy and most tly they really cared about the quality of their work. We are really thrilled with our new kitchen and it has totally exceeded our Iexpectations. ound Happy Kitchens on Houzz, and decided to go with them



as the reviews were encouraging Joanne McCarthy nd I liked that they *On were a small, local company. FromJanuary the outset, Ben was extremely professional kitchen orders taken during & February 202l and understands exactly what the client wants.

ens are quite unique as we are able to offer products, available in any size, fitted by the onals in the business. Change your kitchen and h a makeover or design and install a new kitchen m, whichever suits your needs or price range.



The Happy Kitchen team were all fantastic; punctual, incredibly tidy and most 2017 2018 2019hardworking, 2020 mportantly they really cared about the quality of their work. We are really thrilled with our new kitchen and it has totally exceeded our expectations.

Happy Kitchens are quite unique as we are able to offer quality available byD Ethe S FA R R , H AYtop LING I S L A products, N D - KJoanne I TC H E McCarthy N A CinHany I E V Esize, D F fitted OR UN R £25,000 best professionals in the business. Change your kitchen and bedroom with a makeover or design and install a new kitchen 5 py Kitchens are quite able to offer top and your HAND CR Aunique Fbedroom, T E as D weKare I Twhichever C H E N S suits &quality I N products, T Eneeds R I O or R Sprice range.

able in any size, fitted by the best professionals in the business. Change

kitchen and bedroom with a makeover or design and install a new

T : 0 8 0 0 0 3 0 67 7 9

Change much as little en and bedroom,•whichever suitsas your needsor or price range.as Free W W W. H U• M A Nno K Iobligation TC H E N Squotation . CO. U K

you'd like

2017 2018

• We can even colour match your existing units

Q U I R I E S @ H U M A N K I TC H E N S . C O . U K H E A D OVisit F F I C Eour S WANEW N M O Rwebsite E , H A M P S Hwith IRE


appy Kitchens on Houzz, and I decided to go with them as the reviews were encouraging that they were a small, local company. From the outset, Ben was extremely professional and understands exactly what the client wants.


Make your OLD kitchen a NEW kitchen Kitchens for aMade-To-Measure fraction of the cost of buying a new kitchen

interactive mood board

Telephone: 01962 460169 E: info@happykitchens.uk W: www.happykitchens.uk


Just wanted to thank you and all of your staff so much for all you have done for my Mum. She sounds like a new person, a whole new lease of life at 86 is truly fantastic.

Downs House, Reservoir Lane, Petersfield GU32 2HX Tel: 01730 261474 Stroud House, Rothercombe Lane, Stroud, GU32 3PQ Tel: 01730 265691 info@southdownscare.co.uk or visit www.southdownscare.co.uk

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FREE quotations Finest materials & Excellent craftsmanship 25 years experience Friendly personal service

Natur al St one | Gra n ite | Qu a rtz | S la te | M arble Visit us at: 194 Havant Road, Drayton, Portsmouth, PO6 2EH

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ed ss sh sine i l u s b sta ille b year E An loov r 45 AL! r te r ove LOC a W fo OP SH

We are passionate about the quality of our tiles & bathrooms that we sell, but more importantly we offer the best customer service along with competitive pricing.


Our in-house tile experts hand-pick our tiles from across the globe ensuring that we stay on trend with the market but also keep up to date with our traditional tiles.

Experts in beautiful tiles and bathrooms to enhance your home Free Measure & Design Service • Free Advice • Free Local Delivery Installation Service Available


Bathroom • Kitchen • Feature Walls • Inside & Outside • Victorian Flooring • Extra Large Tiles

T: 02392 645645 | 4 Stakes Hill Road, Waterlooville, PO7 7HY Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm, Saturday: 9am – 4pm, Sunday: 10am – 3pm

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